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Publishers Weekly Announces New Benefit Program for Indie Publishers

New York, NY – April 5, 2011 – Publishers Weekly has forged an agreement with the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) to offer IBPA members new benefits. The “PW Select Program” for IBPA members costs $99 and applies to new and existing IBPA memberships. The program includes a complimentary six-month subscription to Publishers Weekly digital edition, a free listing in PW Select and inclusion in Publishers Weekly’s influential Spring Announcements issue. Plus, Publishers Weekly’s editorial staff selects 25 titles to be independently reviewed for PW Select; all reviews, positive or negative, are published in the quarterly supplement.

According to Publishers Weekly publisher Cevin Bryerman, “Working in conjunction with the IBPA is a natural. Independent publishers profit from the news and information Publishers Weekly puts out each week and on a daily basis through its e-newsletters. PW Select is the new quarterly supplement that focuses on self-publishing and showcases selected self-published books and authors. Publishers Weekly gains an important audience in IBPA members.”

Florrie Binford Kichler, president of the IBPA, says, “IBPA is very pleased to offer its members these new benefits from Publishers Weekly and PW Select. Small and independent publishers can move fast. Having informative, timely resources such as the ‘PW Select Program’ at hand can help independent publishers spot trends, act and react fast.” She adds, “With the explosion in self-publishing, self-published authors are finding that marketing is all the more important to their success. The IBPA helps anyone who wants to get their work out there.”

The IBPA was founded in 1983 as the Publishers Marketing Association. In 2008 the nonprofit trade organization changed its name to the Independent Book Publishing Association, continuing to serve its 3,000 members through education and advocacy within the publishing industry and through its popular cooperative marketing programs.

Publishers Weekly is the international newsmagazine of the book publishing industry. Founded in 1872 and published continuously since then, the weekly trade magazine publishes five newsletters, including PW Daily, four blogs and a robust Web site, mobile edition and app. Publishers Weekly reviews more than 8,000 books each year, in addition to featuring author interviews and news about bookselling, marketing, merchandising and the publishing trade, along with regular columns on rights, people in publishing and bestsellers.

PW Select focuses on self-publishing and includes reviews of self-published books, author interviews, feature articles about self-publishing and a paid announcements listing of recently self-published titles. Titles selected for review are chosen independently by Publishers Weekly’s editorial staff, as are self-published authors selected to be interviewed. The next deadline for inclusion in PW Select is April 30, 2011.

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