Enter to win a copy of Marriage Vacation

From Younger, the TV Land show taking place inside the book publishing industry.

There are countless TV shows that claim to have episodes based on events that are "ripped from the headlines," but TV Land's Younger is the first to feature plotlines taken from the headlines in the world of book publishing. Whether a George RR Martin stand in, a or a dramatized and over-the-top Twitter marketing campaign, Younger is a point of connection with people who love books and people who create them.

Marriage Vacation is a new book written by Younger character Pauline Turner Brooks and published not only by the fictional Empirical Press from the show, but also by the very real Simon & Schuster in real life. (Read about how the book came to be here.)

Simon & Schuster and Publishers Weekly are proud to give you a chance to win one of 50 copies of Marriage Vacation, a book that will appeal to fans of Younger, or anyone who loves fiction about re-engaging with the life you missed out on.

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