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  • Apple Books Category Bestsellers, April 25, 2021
    The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy - 9781101002322 - (Penguin Publishing Group) 8.
  • Ship in a Bottle
    Prahin (Elbert, the Curious Clock Tower Bear) avoids distractions in this story that, like the river it features, flows steadily forward.
  • Songs in Ursa Major
    In the summer of 1969, “heir apparent of folk rock” Jesse Reid is supposed to perform at a famous festival on an island off the coast of Massachusetts that bears more than a passing resemblance to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • What a Happy Family
    Suhani, meanwhile, is gunning for a spot as a chief resident and discovers that her cruel ex now works at her hospital and might have a say in her future—but can’t bear to tell her husband the whole story, and her unwillingness to share makes him question their marriage.
  • International Booker Prize Shortlist Announced
    We have a meditative journey into a family’s history that becomes a profoundly moving story about the way time eventually bears us all away."
  • Opening Minds: A Parents' Guide to Teaching for Thinking at Home
    The heart of Wassermann’s guidance comes in the form of hundreds of activities, grouped by reading ability: there’s a list of questions to ask both pre-readers and middle grade students to help them form hypotheses, as well as lists of age-appropriate topics to compare, such as a bear a
  • Building Self-Esteem: How Learning from Shame Helps Us to Grow
    For instance, he recommends “braving and learning to bear those situations that stirred up anxiety” by “setting realistic and attainable goals” that lead toward a feeling of “pride in achievement.”
  • Compassion, Determination, and Justice: The 2021 Kweli Color of Children's Literature Conference
    Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians who is Bear Clan from Sugar Island, kicked off Saturday’s events with a greeting in Ojibwe and thanks to Laura Pegram, executive director of Kweli Journal.Boulley next shared a teaching from her youth: “I was always taught that when I braided my hair, each
  • How Academic Publishers Must Step Up Now
    Social scientists have brought their critical thinking and research methods to bear on helping society adapt and learn, from cultivating a sense of social identity to mapping the mental health impacts of lockdown and social isolation, to reengineering workforces to work from home, redesigning supply chains,
  • Wild Souls: Freedom and Flourishing in the Non-Human World
    But she fails to go deep in her advice, and some solutions seem unlikely (she imagines feeding endangered polar bear populations plant-based food).
  • You're So Dead
    Alabama teen Plum Winter, who’s queer and white, can’t bear to spend spring break home alone, so when a courier delivers a voucher for travel to the inaugural Pyre Festival, she believes it’s a sign.
  • The Awesome Power of Picture Books
    It was the rhythm and pacing of Bill Martin Jr.’s language in Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
  • Middle Grade Snapshot: Spring 2021
    And the editors we spoke with are excited to see this work bearing fruit.
  • Sleeping Bear: A Thriller
    When Army veteran Cassie Gale goes missing on a solo camping trip along Alaska's Yukon River in Sullivan's impressive debut, her father, former intelligence officer Jim Gale, immediately organizes a search party of friends and family to augment the state's thin law enforcement resources.
  • Evangeline Goes West
    It’s inevitable that Jared catches up with Evangeline just as her relationship with Chase takes off, but after the leisurely opening, the blazing finale—which features abductions, gunfights, and bear attacks—feels out of left field.

Page 18 of 798
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