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  • Where Teddy Bears Come From
    A glass of milk, a cuddle with mom and a bedtime story don't help a small gray wolf fall asleep; what he needs is a teddy bear.
  • Where Does the Brown Bear Go?
    , Weiss introduces a cat, a monkey, a camel, a stray dog, a seagull and a brown bear.
  • Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories
    Readers turn from ``Bears Discover Fire,'' a meditative tale that blends the irreconcilable sadness of the loss of a loved one with the weirdness of the very literal title, to the delightfully silly ``They're Made Out of Meat,'' a dialogue between two odd aliens about t
  • Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel
    Knowing when to defend himself and when to run away comes in handy when the teen encounters a black bear in the woods, rescues his friend from her drunken, gun-toting father and is ambushed by a gang of racist thugs after he protects a bullied Mexican peer.
  • Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears
    The central narrator, Maritole, emerges to tell her personal story of "pushing the bear," a dark heavy burden of anger, impending madness, physical distress and, above all, doubt in herself and her heritage as she perseveres in the grueling walk.
  • The Bear Flag: A Novel of the Birth of California
    Cat throws her considerable energies into the community's struggle for existence and the state's struggle for official recognition, becoming a prime mover in raising the bear flag over the Republic of California in 1846.
  • How Hide a Polar Bear: 7
    Merry verses, easy for toddlers to memorize, describe the phenomena: "A polar bear/ will only go/ where there is/ lots of ice/ and snow./ Its fur is/ alwayswhite,/ you know,/ so it will/ hardly. . . even show.''
  • Adrift: An Odd Couple of Polar Bears
    “Karl and Hazel are not friends,” writes Olien (The Blobfish Book) of her polar-opposite polar bear protagonists: Karl is gregarious (and maybe smells “a little” like old fish), while Hazel’s bookish shyness comes off as aloof and judgmental.
  • Bearsie Bear and the Surprise Sleepover Party
    On a cold evening as "the wind hissed and howled," a chilly Moosie Moose knocks at Bearsie Bear's door to ask if he may sleep over.
  • Bearing Life: Women's Writings on Childlessness
    Grouped in three sections--"Facing Choice," "Knowing Loss" and "Bearing Life"--the poems, essays and fiction of such well-known authors as Margaret Atwood and Grace Paley appear here alongside the works of lesser known and previously unpublished writers.
  • Tunes for Bears to Dance to
    Numb and lonely after his brother's death, Henry is befriended by a bigoted new employer, who attempts to involve the boy in an act of cruelty against a Holocaust survivor.
  • The Bear and the Paving Stone
    Horie weaves fables out of everyday existence in these three captivating tales of relationships and lives revisited.
  • My Cross to Bear
    Back in 1971, the Allman Brothers Band lost Duane Allman—by any standards one of rock’s greatest guitarists—to a motorcycle accident, and a year to the day later, Berry Oakley, the band’s bassist, died the same way.
  • Greeks Bearing Gifts
    Set in 1957, bestseller Kerr’s twisty 13th Bernie Gunther novel (after 2017’s Prussian Blue) finds the former Berlin cop employed as a lowly mortuary assistant in Munich.
  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
    Johnston (A Thousand Nights) draws from Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale," and perhaps as much from too-common present-day headlines, in the fearless story of a 17-year-old Ontario cheerleader getting a sense of her new normal after being drugged and raped at cheer camp.

Page 45 of 799
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