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  • BEA 2016: Kami Garcia: Marking a Year of Milestones
    That was fun to play with.”When she heads back home to Annapolis (hopefully after sampling some Chicago pizza), Garcia will finish writing The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos (Macmillan/Imprint, Jan. 2017).
  • BEA 2016: Jane Hamilton: Succession and Its Aftermath
    .), about young Mary Frances “Frankie” Lombard’s life at an apple orchard, was triggered when Hamilton’s agent suggested she write a memoir about the apple orchard she herself lives on in Wisconsin.
  • BEA 2016: Noah Hawley: Always Write
    The show was successful and my agent very smartly sent out the partial manuscript; we sold it and then suddenly I had to finish it while we were making the second year of Fargo.
  • BEA 2016: Kristina Riggle: A Novel of Note
    “I love writing about families so much that I thought, one way I could meet my agent’s challenge would be to take on a family and make it across generations,” she says.
  • BEA 2016: Louise Penny: Penny Wonderful
    “Every book I write,” she tells Show Daily, “even when it gets to the fifth draft and I am ready to show it to another human being, be it my editor or my agent, I don’t know if it’s any good, and I’m terrified.
  • BEA 2016: A Rather 'Adult' Adult Breakfast
    His agent, his shrink, and the head of Doubleday, his editor Bill Thomas, all agreed, he said.
  • BEA 2016: Blackstone Audio Expands into Print
    “This move allows us to position ourselves a little better, so that we can go to literary agents and compete for all rights out of the box,” he explains.While Blackstone made its print debut last fall, Stanton says that summer 2016 marks a serious ramp-up of titles for the list,
  • BEA 2016: Gayle Forman Pens First Adult Novel
    When I wrote my second novel, If I Stay, I didn’t have an agent or editor.
  • BEA 2016: Is A Flat Royalty Rate Possible?
    Jonathan Lyons, a literary agent and lawyer, said he too would be interested to talk about a flat royalty rate or profit sharing with publishers.One point of contention between the two publishers and Guild was over the length of contracts and the reversion clause.
  • BEA 2016: Sparks Still Flies After 20 Years
    He is with the same agent, Theresa Park, now his business partner, who picked up his manuscript decades ago from the proverbial slush pile and sold it to Jamie Raab, then at Warner Books, now president and publisher, Grand Central Publishing.
  • Peeko Press Launches at BEA
    “Wherever Mom is, that’s where we want to be,” says Gildea.Both Gildea and Conrad come out of the world of licensing and will continue to manage licensed brands separately—Conrad is the licensing agent for the kids’ computer game Animal Jam, for example—in addition to heading up Peeko Press.
  • Chili Peppers as Weapons
    To this day, Roach attributes the start of her book career to her agent, Jay Mandel, who called her, suggesting she turn ideas from her Salon column into a book.Writing that first book, Stiff, was an experience Roach calls “terrifying”: “A book is both incredibly liberating—you can
  • Book Deals: Week of May 9, 2016
    Claudia Gabel took North American rights to three books from agents Lucienne Diver at the Knight Agency (who represented Caine) and Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary (who represented Aguirre).
  • Cartoonist R. Crumb Returns with 'Art and Beauty' in July
    Zwirner first met with Crumb’s agent before visiting the artist at his home in France, and the two hit it off.
  • SCBWI Conference Attendees Raise Funds for Diversity
    It was prompted by WNDB committee members Linda Sue Park, Miranda Paul, and agent Marietta Zacker’s report to attendees, who hailed from a five-state region in the Heartland, about the two-year-old organization, its mission, and its activities to the SCBWI’s general assembly on Saturday mor

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