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  • The Power of a Rave Review
    “Several agents asked to see the manuscript, and within a week of sending it out, I had more than one offer of representation...I think the Critic’s Report might be what helped me finally garner the interest of agents,” Rubin said.
  • PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit: How to Reach New Readers
    Other sessions include Lessons from a Faith-Based Publicist; Discoverability: Retail Strategies in a Time of Transition for Christian Publishing; A Marketer’s Lesson on How to Serve Diverse Audiences; and Lessons from Literary Agents in the Christian Sphere.
  • Bibliotheca Calls Out Amazon for Meddling in the Library E-book Market
    “If authors and agents are voicing concerns about library lending, where are they getting their data from?
  • Knowing Your Worth: Finding Value in Self-Publishing
    Authors must determine for themselves whether or not this is so before they shop their book to agents, editors, and publishers.
  • Jenny Slate's New Book Is a Box of Treats
    and “A psychic recently looked right into the eternal cosmos and then returned to me with this elegant yet cryptic message: Grow up,” you can get a sense of the deliciousness and originality of Little Weirds.And you will understand when her agent, Claudia Ballard of William Morris Endeavor,
  • Taking a Closer Look at the Hong Kong and China Printing Industry
    These answers will determine the extent of the migration and the long-term impact on the U.S. book industry and China’s print manufacturing.”Depression in the print segment, Currie says, will then exert an upstream disruption to paper mills and agents in Hong Kong and China.
  • New Titles from Self-Publishers: August 2019
    Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 99 self-published titles below.
  • Religion and Spirituality Books Preview: Sept. 2019
    FBI agents Leah Riesel and Jon Colbert team up to track down a killer on the loose in Galveston, Tex., who is killing law enforcement officials using injections of snake venom.Memo
  • AAP Suit Seeks to Block Implementation of Audible Captions
    Under Captions, Audible will transcribe a book’s audio in order to create text that will run along with the audio.When news of the program first leaked in mid-July, publishers and agents expressed strong concerns that Captions engaged in copyright infringement.
  • Beijing Book Fair 2019: Digital and Children’s Content Reigns
    Having sat through a dozen or so meetings pre-arranged by her agent, Rucker found that “there is a potential customer for every title—adult and children—that I have in my catalogue.
  • Is Regan Arts Back in Business?
    Did the author use an agent?
  • Do Publishers Suddenly Hate Libraries?
    In a memo to authors and agents last month, Macmillan CEO John Sargent all but blamed libraries for depressing book sales and author earnings.
  • Book Deals: Week of August 19, 2019
    The new deal marks the 11th and 12th novels from Bell, all edited by Perez and all agented by Becker.
  • Q & A with Laurel Snyder
    My agent told me that when you give somebody a magic wand, they can wish for anything, so the realistic threats in their lives become weaker.
  • 2019 Fiction Readers Summit Elevates Authors: A Photo Essay
    “Not only do they learn from each other, but friendships are forged that will only better the community of Christian fiction.”Karen Barnett, author of the Vintage National Parks series (WaterBrook), added: “As authors we get isolated, or we go to conferences where we talk with editors and 08/13/2019

Page 58 of 627
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