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  • In Praise of Jerusalem and the New Book Forum
    The editors, agents, and publicists are “angel investors,” Dohle continued, noting that even though “this is a business of failure...
  • Adrienne Brodeur Relives a Lie-Laden Childhood In 'Wild Game'
    She adds, “I was sent on the journey to write the book when I realized I did not want to mother the way my mother had mothered me.”Brodeur had rented space for Aspen Words in the New York offices of the Book Group, a literary agency, and became friends with agent Brettne Bloom
  • Licensing Hotline: May 2019
    When MetroStar Media took over U.K. licensing in 2016—it is now the lead agent for the property and named Spotlight to the sub-agent role—the first order of business was to expand the property into apparel.
  • Q & A with Jasmine Warga
    The book was due in two weeks, but I sent my idea to my agent and editor, and both were on board with me completely scrapping and rewriting the book in verse.What did that rewriting process look like?
  • Star Watch: Keeping Up with Gabriella Page-Fort
    “There’s no question this work gets easier with experience,” said Page-Fort, explaining that each book has new things to teach her about how to reach readers.The Star Watch win is something that not only helped Page-Fort gain the attention of editors and agents, such as Japanese agent05/21/2019
  • D-Day Remembered and Reimagined
    Guiet’s father, Jean Claude Guiet, was an American agent assigned to occupied France during WWII.
  • Street Noise Books Readies a New Line of Nonfiction Graphic Books
    SNB will also release Stupid Black Girl: Essays from an American African Living in New York by Aisha Redux with art by Brianna McCarthy, a collection of narrative essays.The initial list of titles did not come through agents and Frances is working with authors to develop the list.
  • Some Pig: A Filmmaker-Turned-Author Shares Stories from a Regenerative Farm
    After meeting the Chesters and viewing their films about the individual farm animals (including Saving Emma, Worry for Maggie, about one of their dairy cows; and The Guardians, about the farm’s sheepdogs), literary agent Cathy Hemming contacted Jean Feiwel, senior v-p and publisher at Macmi
  • BookExpo 2019: Children’s Galleys to Grab
    AlgonquinGalleys to look for include The Dark Lord Clementine by Sarah Jean Horwitz, in which the sole heir of the Dark Lord Elithor, 12-year-old Clementine Morcerous, has been groomed since birth to be Evil Overlord; How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian, about a young woman’s journey to
  • Watching the Stars: Spotlight on Dan Haring and MarcyKate Connolly
    She is obsessed with stars, so when her agent pitched the concept along with Haring's illustrations, she was instantly hooked.
  • Book Deals: Week of May 13, 2019
    Robert Gottlieb at Trident Media Group brokered the deal.For more children’s and YA book deals, see our latest Rights Report.Correction: This piece initially reported that Meredith Barnes was the agent on the Nayeri deal; it was Volpe.
  • Cara Wall's New Book Keeps the Faith
    I love ensemble pieces and was riveted from the beginning.”For her part, Wall says she was ready to find an agent.
  • Hotel Bohemia: PW Talks with Fiona Davis
    I read Howard Blum’s wonderful In The Enemy’s House, a nonfiction account of FBI agents trying to break the codes of Russian spies.
  • Q & A with Isabel Quintero and Zeke Peña
    Quintero: When my agent, Peter Steinberg, sent out the book it went to auction—there were six editors interested.
  • BISG Annual Meeting Tries to Make Sense of the Supply Chain
    At one time, she noted, “audio rights were no big deal, but interest in audio has spiked.”Ginger Clark, a literary agent at Curtis Brown, cited the popularity of podcasts and the rise of podcast deals as evidence that consumers are moving from reading books to listening to books.

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