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  • Honorée Fanonne Jeffers Breaks the Mold with Her Debut Novel
    The magazine sent the finalists’ work to a number of agents, and Sarah Burnes at the Gernert Company made Jeffers an offer of representation.
  • Anthony Doerr Knows the Power of the Book
    “Wendy Weil was my original agent,” he says.
  • In Conversation: J. Albert Mann and Lisa Yoskowitz
    Lisa Yoskowitz: Yes, it felt like fate delivered this manuscript to my inbox—though really, it was your agent, Kerry Sparks :) Mann: When I first sent the novel to Kerry, the title was different (Missing Minnesota), but the premise was the same.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: PW Talks with Ed Brubaker
    A grizzled former-undercover FBI agent, Ethan Reckless spends his days surfing, laying low in a condemned movie theater and (somewhat reluctantly) working as a for-hire private detective.
  • Lessons Learned from a Unique Publishing Journey
    Sometime during the weeks that followed, while I waited to receive an editorial letter, my agent called me unexpectedly.
  • Children's Job Moves: April 2021
    Erin Farley has been promoted to design assistant, from art department coordinator.Miranda Paul has been promoted to agent at Erin Murphy Literary Agency, from associate agent.Sarah Yung has been promoted to assistant editor in PW's children's book department; she was previously editorial assistant.J
  • Perusing the Papers of a Spanish-language Publishing Legend
    And they detail his friendly but tense relationship with legendary literary agent Carmen Balcells.
  • Colm Tóibín Is Looking for the Mann
    And he did it.”That second novel was 1992’s The Heather Blazing, and Tóibín and Straus worked together until Straus became an agent in 2002.
  • Writers Orgs Form #DisneyMustPay Joint Task Force
    We urge all authors to review their statements to make certain they are in order.”A Disney Company representative, responding to PW, said that the company "continues to work directly with agents and authors to resolve any issues or any outstanding payments."
  • Meet the Judges of the 2020 BookLife Nonfiction Prize
    Four accomplished authors are serving as guest judges for the 2020 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest.
  • Q & A with Jenny Lee
    I had told my book agent at the time and she said, “Write it now; it’s a great idea.”
  • When Publishers Try Their Hands at Cards
    He and his agent and editor “talked about what might happen next with, as we affectionately refer to them, the paper products people,” he said.
  • More Stars in the Sky: PW Talks with Xueting Christine Ni
    Finding a publisher made me feel like I was doing an agent’s job, and a commissioning editor’s job in the selection and negotiation of the stories, and then a translator’s job of bringing them all into English, and an editor’s job of collating them into a form which showed the cornucopia
  • Fast-Growing Independent Publishers, 2021
    And series are an essential component in its business model, publisher Rachel Del Grosso says, explaining, “When we are approached by any author or agent, the first thing we’re looking at is how many titles the author is bringing to the table.
  • Religion Publishers Are Opening Doors and Minds
    Religion and spirituality publishers are increasing their efforts to sign BIPOC authors, and they’re aware that opening doors means opening their own minds to new—and sometimes rightfully angry—voices from outside their own life experiences.

Page 12 of 627
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