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  • Q & A with Jenny Lee
    I had told my book agent at the time and she said, “Write it now; it’s a great idea.”
  • When Publishers Try Their Hands at Cards
    He and his agent and editor “talked about what might happen next with, as we affectionately refer to them, the paper products people,” he said.
  • More Stars in the Sky: PW Talks with Xueting Christine Ni
    Finding a publisher made me feel like I was doing an agent’s job, and a commissioning editor’s job in the selection and negotiation of the stories, and then a translator’s job of bringing them all into English, and an editor’s job of collating them into a form which showed the cornucopia
  • Fast-Growing Independent Publishers, 2021
    And series are an essential component in its business model, publisher Rachel Del Grosso says, explaining, “When we are approached by any author or agent, the first thing we’re looking at is how many titles the author is bringing to the table.
  • Religion Publishers Are Opening Doors and Minds
    Religion and spirituality publishers are increasing their efforts to sign BIPOC authors, and they’re aware that opening doors means opening their own minds to new—and sometimes rightfully angry—voices from outside their own life experiences.
  • Be the Change You Want to See In Kids' Books
    I want to make sure kids fully own their power as agents of change.
  • New Titles from Self-Publishers: April 2021
    Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 86 self-published titles below.
  • James Ellroy Gets to the Scene of the Crime
    I swear this is not a revised memory of any kind.”Ellroy recalls that he used a Writers Market reference guide to find an agent, went with “the guy who sounded the most aggressive,” and sold the book to Avon for $3,500 minus commissions.
  • Four Questions for Joanna Cotler
    As my pile of paintings began to grow, I decided I wanted to do a wordless dog book, but when I showed that to my agent, Elena Giovinazzo at Pippin Properties, she told me that I needed to find the story I wanted to tell.
  • Licensing Hotline: April 2021
    Jokar Brings Meoshi World Publishing to the AmericasJon Rosenberg, president of Jokar Productions, has been retained as the agent representing Korean property Meoshi World for publishing and stationery in the Americas.
  • Agents of Color See Changes, Challenges in Christian Publishing
    BIPOC agents say they’ve seen significant increases in interest—and deals—with Christian publishers since summer 2020 for books by authors who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.
  • Compassion, Determination, and Justice: The 2021 Kweli Color of Children's Literature Conference
    Boulley also participated in We Need Diverse Books’ mentorship program and #DVPit, both of which allowed her to eventually connect with her agent, Faye Bender at the Book Group.
  • U.S. Book Show Gears Up
    “Publishers Weekly has a deep, organic relationship with book publishers, librarians, booksellers, agents and those most deeply committed to the health and flourishing of the industry,” said Krista Rafanello, senior marketing director of Publishers Weekly and the show manager of the U.S.
  • Obituary: Constance C. Greene
    With encouragement from the group’s instructor, Greene wrote to Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Phyllis McGinley—a family friend—asking if she might recommend a literary agent.
  • Four Questions for Paula Yoo
    I had a phone call with my book agent, Tricia Lawrence, and she said this should be a nonfiction narrative for young adults because of books like The 57 Bus and authors like Steve Sheinkin and Deborah Heiligman.

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