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  • Dog Trainer and Novelist Victoria Schade On Her New Book and the Puppy Bowl
    And I'm going back and forth with my agent, Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary, who one day just said, "Who Rescued Who."
  • Q & A with Sara Pennypacker
    My agent will have to say, “No, I really think that what you think is a picture book isn’t.”
  • New Lee and Low Survey Shows No Progress on Diversity in Publishing
    In children's literature, where the hashtags #ownvoices (which spotlights books where the creator and protagonist share a cultural background and marginalized identity) and #DVpit (which was designed to help creators from diverse backgrounds query agents and editors) have popped up over the past f
  • “It’s the Work”
    In the same way, what my characters see, and how they see it, what they notice and what they don’t, is a big part of who they are.”With two books written and his BookLife Prize win, Bragg is in a prime position to draw the attention of agents and publishers, but he’s
  • New Titles from Self-Publishers: January 2020
    Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 70 self-published titles below.
  • Adam Hochschild Has a Thing for Stories of Rebels
    When Hochschild’s agent, Georges Borchardt, submitted King Leopold’s Ghost, nine editors passed on it.
  • Unsung Hoops Heroes: PW Talks with John Feinstein
    That’s why there are players in the NBA each year who are signed as undrafted free agents.
  • Writing in the Dark: Spotlight on Meg Gardiner
    Gardiner’s latest, The Dark Corners of the Night, is the third book in her UNSUB series about FBI agent Caitlin Hendrix.
  • Rights Report: Week of January 20, 2020
    In this middle grade novel of unfinished business, secret identities and found families, the protagonist is thrown into a historical mystery that uncovers the secrets of her new home, Mount Pleasant (a wedding gift from Benedict Arnold to his bride, Peggy Shippen), and the infamous Agent 35
  • Religion and Spirituality Deals: January 22, 2020
    Literary agent Natasha Kern represents Austin.Zondervan Re-Ups with Jennifer FulwilerLisa Jackson at Alive Literary Agency sold world rights to Stephanie Smith, associate publisher at Zondervan, to Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive by Jennifer Fulwiler.
  • Dreamspinner Press Restructures as Authors Cry Foul
    “Communications with the office would either go unanswered or require multiple follow-up emails and would include assurances that ‘the money has been sent’ despite my agent not receiving it,” she said.
  • Authors Rally Around the ACLU In a New Anthology
    And that is exactly what they did for Fight.That a book of essays about court cases could prompt a major publisher to spend six figures—as Avid Reader editor Jofie Ferrari-Adler did when he bought the book from Chabon and Waldman’s agent, Dan Kirschen of ICM, in 2019—and print 34,000 co
  • Harlequin’s Carina Press to Launch Queer Romance Line
    August will bring Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters (a 2019 RITA Award-winner), a female frenemies-to-lovers romance set during a snowy road trip to Quebec.Carina Adores is accepting agented and unagented submissions.
  • Rights Report: Week of January 13, 2020
    Emilia Rhodes at HMH has acquired, at auction, The Ravens by Kass Morgan (l.) and Danielle Paige, first in a series about two girls in a southern sorority where the powerful, seemingly perfect sisters are keeping a secret—they're all witches.
  • How to Be a Ghostwriter
    When my agent, Anita Diamant, who represented Andrews, proposed I try to keep the books alive, I studied every published Andrews novel to capture her essence, syntax, vocabulary, and unique approach to character.

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