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  • BookExpo 2019: Mac Barnett’s Creative Hat Trick
    My agent, Steve Malk, and I both have a deep interest in the history of picture books, and one day we were talking about Brown, and the idea came up of doing a picture book biography of her.
  • BookExpo 2019: How Far Will John Hodgman Go for Fame?
    This hasn’t stopped him from pursuing the limelight and the status that comes with “minor celebrity,” as he describes it.The bestselling author, actor, podcaster, one-time literary agent at Writers House, PC guy on Mac ads, and The Daily Show Resident Expert and Deranged Billionaire is back
  • BookExpo 2019: The New York Rights Fair Returns
    It is absolutely essential that there is an opportunity for them to meet with agents and editors in New York,” she says, adding, “It also must be said that many of the U.S. publishers who publish translated fiction are not based in .
  • BookExpo 2019: New York Rights Fair Program
    Gabriella Page-Fort (moderator), editorial director, Amazon Crossing; Peter Borland, v-p, editor-in-chief, Atria Books; Claire Sabatie-Garat, literary agent, the Italian Literary Agency; Marleen Seegers, owner and foreign rights agent, 2 Seas Agency; Barbara Zitwer, owner,
  • BookExpo 2019: Finding an Audience for Books in Translation
    “Yet, when it comes to international literature, especially literature in translation, most have no direct connection with other important links in that chain—foreign publishers, agents, producers, and other booksellers.
  • YA Addresses #MeToo
    A year later, she shopped it to agent Brianne Johnson.
  • Seeing Double: An Indie Success Story
    “In the very beginning, I was dead set on getting an agent and having my work published through a big publishing house,” she says.
  • A Haunted House Mystery: PW Talks with T. Marie Vandelly
    I was a real estate agent for a while, and I remember stigmatized properties being discussed at great length.
  • New Titles from Self-Publishers: May 2019
    Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 95 self-published titles below.
  • In Praise of Jerusalem and the New Book Forum
    The editors, agents, and publicists are “angel investors,” Dohle continued, noting that even though “this is a business of failure...
  • Adrienne Brodeur Relives a Lie-Laden Childhood In 'Wild Game'
    She adds, “I was sent on the journey to write the book when I realized I did not want to mother the way my mother had mothered me.”Brodeur had rented space for Aspen Words in the New York offices of the Book Group, a literary agency, and became friends with agent Brettne Bloom
  • Licensing Hotline: May 2019
    When MetroStar Media took over U.K. licensing in 2016—it is now the lead agent for the property and named Spotlight to the sub-agent role—the first order of business was to expand the property into apparel.
  • Q & A with Jasmine Warga
    The book was due in two weeks, but I sent my idea to my agent and editor, and both were on board with me completely scrapping and rewriting the book in verse.What did that rewriting process look like?
  • Star Watch: Keeping Up with Gabriella Page-Fort
    “There’s no question this work gets easier with experience,” said Page-Fort, explaining that each book has new things to teach her about how to reach readers.The Star Watch win is something that not only helped Page-Fort gain the attention of editors and agents, such as Japanese agent05/21/2019
  • D-Day Remembered and Reimagined
    Guiet’s father, Jean Claude Guiet, was an American agent assigned to occupied France during WWII.

Page 64 of 627
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