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  • Book Born in Blackout
    Executive editor Steve Geck at the Greenwillow imprint at Harper Children's was actually negotiating with agent Holly McGhee by phone over a debut book by Katherine Hannigan when the the lights went out and the phones crashed.
  • Texas Love Story a Big Deal
    She bought North American rights from agent Barbara Braun at Barbara Braun Associates and plans to publish the first novel next summer.
  • PW: Corrections and Clarifications
    And agent Susan Rabiner rightly informs us that The Physics of Star Trek sold over 100,000 in hardcover, not 40,000 as mentioned last week.
  • Edward Knappman Dies at 67
    Knappman was a veteran literary agent and NEPA, which he ran with his wife Elizabeth Forst-Knappman until selling it in 2010 to Roger Williams, specialized in nonfiction.
  • Untold Korean War Story
    A Navy officer who led a secret mission behind North Korean lines to prepare the way for General Douglas MacArthur's invasion at Inchon during the Korean War left his own account in a safe deposit box when he died three years ago, and Pu
  • David Jackson
    Along with literary agent Marie Brown, he organized the first book fair in Harlem (the Lewis Michaux Book Fair at the Studio Museum in Harlem) in the 1970s.
  • Janet Silver Joins Zachary Shuster Harmsworth
    Silver, who took an editor-at-large post at Nan Talese after the Houghton cutbacks (and was then a casualty of layoffs at Random House), is taking on the post of agent and editorial director at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.
  • E-book Writer for Print
    This made it easy for Davidson to secure an agent, which she did, in the person of Ethan Ellenberg, who was able to raise her rate.
  • Jogger Book Is Scribner Auction Win
    The case was a newspaper sensation at the time, and there is still keen media interest; the agent holds first serial rights.
  • Crown's Big Comix Buy
    He bought world rights from agent Lydia Wills at the Artists Agency, in a six-figure bid that covers the following: A Boondocks Omnibus, a collection of the strips, for next summer or fall; The Huey Book of Hate, a collection of pet peeves about current politics and culture, by
  • Rayo Preempts Latina Cop's Book
    The story also said she had more serious fiction in mind, and Alegria promptly called the reporter, who put him onto the author, who put him onto her agent—and in no more than a week and a half, he had preempted Unsettling by Lynda Sandoval, the often comic story of a Latina
  • "Covering" Racial Differences
    He paid agent Betsy Lerner at the Gernert Agency what she called "a very handsome six figures" for the book, in which Yoshino goes after the ways in which people of minority cultures are encouraged, or ordered, to hide their cultural trademarks: an African-American woman prohibited from
  • Huffington Redux
    Miramax editor Susan Mercandetti signed for world rights from agent Arthur Pine and aims to publish next spring.
  • TV Quiz Queen To Tell Tale
    It will be called Memoirs of an Unfit Mother, and British-based agent Ed Victor made the North American rights sale, for about half a million dollars.
  • The Men Behind 9/11
    It was a world rights sale made by editor-turned-agent Paul Bresnick and was being sold vigorously by Harper's Brenda Segel in London.

Page 114 of 632
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