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  • Rewriting the Rom-Com Rules: Close-up on Addie Woolridge
    For example, a story where the main character falls down the stairs and covers the love interest in coffee because they wanted to wear unwalkable designer shoes to a job they aren’t really qualified for.
  • Cover and Title Revealed for 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' 16
    Amulet Books, an imprint of Abrams Children’s Books, has announced the title and cover of the 16th installment in Jeff Kinney’s global bestselling series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • U.S. Book Show: Padma Lakshmi Teaches Kids About Healthy Eating
    Having grown up in both the United States and India (where she spent her childhood summers), Lakshmi saw this book as an opportunity to take their weekly jaunts to the local farmer’s market and create a story that celebrates her Indian heritage, family and their shared love of food.Planting
  • U.S. Book Show: Elizabeth Warren Wants Girls to Persist
    “The win is in the trying,” Warren insists, disclosing that "best of all," the story ends “with Polly snuggling down under the covers and dreaming big.
  • Noteworthy YA Series Come to an End This Season
    All of my books are a combination of different stories that I’ve started, but didn’t finish or fully plot.
  • To Serve Mankind?: PW Talks with Sam Kean
    A lot of the stories happened during the Cold War, and I think there was a sense that we have to defeat the Soviet Union, whatever it takes.
  • In Focus: Retelling the History of Indigenous People
    Our recent acquisitions cover a gamut of genres: an intense queer YA love story, a YA that mixes an exploration of grief with both metaphysics and legend, a middle grade fantasy, a memoir, and a middle grade about a girl and a hedgehog.
  • Book Buzz: Graphic Novels (Adult)
    And he only takes cases that are interesting to him, or appeal to his sense of justice, regardless of how much money is being offered.”When asked how he creates the atmosphere of a vintage crime story in his work, Brubaker told PW that the idea for the Reckless books sprang from the
  • U.S. Book Show: Around the Booths
    Download a free screen saver of award-winning cover art.Barefoot BooksBarefoot Books is an award-winning, independent children’s publisher based in Concord, Mass., with a mission to share stories, connect families and inspire children.
  • Q & A with Emiko Jean
    It’s so funny, because that wasn’t where the story started.
  • Licensing Hotline: May 2021
    With all the things they have in development, we thought there could be a much bigger story to tell.
  • Q & A with Nicole Melleby
    Both of our characters were adapted from our characters in our short stories for the anthology; the characters are next to each other on the back cover of the jacket for the anthology, and we saw them together and we
  • Cover Reveal: 'Coming Up Cuban' by Sonia Manzano
    These come together to create one story of hope.
  • Lessons Learned from a Unique Publishing Journey
    She gave me a warm welcome to her team and worked diligently to help us create a book cover that we all loved.
  • Four Questions for Ellen Oh
    They tell the stories.

Page 14 of 437
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