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    The third narrative strand covers Finkel's increasingly involved ties to Longo, as the two share confidences (and also lies of omission and commission) via meetings, phone calls and hundreds of pages of letters, leading up to Longo's trial and a final flurry of deceit by which Longo a
  • The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories
    These stories cover a wide range of the strange and supernatural, from outer space invasions and dark ancient rites to lost civilizations and cannibalism.
  • Half Wild: Stories
    With lush and loving attention to detail, MacArthur’s collection of 11 stories covers 40 years of life in rural Vermont.
  • Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories
    This origin story is also a treatise on restaurant management, with chapters on corporate culture, the marketing efforts behind opening a new location, and a who’s who covering every aspect of the operation, including the hot dog supplier, the furniture maker, and their graphic designer.
  • Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs
    Die-hard fans of McCurry will find these stories of biographical interest but photographers will be disappointed at what little attention is given to technique.
  • Insatiable: Porn -- A Love Story
    Also covered in great detail are the preparations that go into shooting each scene.
  • Navy Seals: Their Untold Story
    The authors claim that this is the only history of the SEALs that covers the entire period of the SEALs' existence, and they tell the story through a series of vignettes selected to capture the essence of the SEAL combat experience.
  • Football's Best Short Stories
    Ranging through the complete history of football, veteran sports-story anthologist Staudohar (Golf's Best; Baseball's Best) presents a collection of 22 stories that covers the game in all its forms: college and professional, amateur and school-boy.
  • At the Mouth of the River of Bees: Stories
    In her first collection of short fiction, Johnson (The Fox Woman) covers strange, beautiful, and occasionally disturbing territory without ever missing a beat.
  • Kiss Me Someone: Stories
    This concise, disturbing collection by Shepard (The Celestials) covers several decades of the author’s work, often focusing on troubling experiences of women in the northeastern United States.
  • Little Lamb's Christmas Story: A Finger Puppet Play and Read Story [With Puppet]
    Bound into the back cover, a plush finger puppet peeks through the die-cut pages of the Snuffleheads series titles Little Lamb's Christmas Story and Little Donkey's Christmas Story, both by Kathryn Smith, illus. by Amanda Wood.
  • The Deportees and Other Stories
    The opener, “Guess Who's Coming for the Dinner,” covers familiar ground—a self-proclaimed “modern” father is taken aback when his daughter invites a “black fella” to dinner—but Doyle's wry sense of humor saves the narrative from triteness.
  • Instructions for a Funeral: Stories
    This superb new collection covers similar geographic, characterological, and thematic ground, yet finds Means at his most compassionate and mischievous.
  • Incendiary Girls: Stories
    The 11 stories in Scheer's debut collection cover similar territory—magical realism, disease and the human body—and most are based in contemporary settings, but all are told in remarkably varied voices.
  • Dead Girls and Other Stories
    In her debut collection, Geminder covers a range of subjects and injects them with her own brand of liveliness and creativity.

Page 7 of 278
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