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  • And Yet They Were Happy: Stories
    The "far-flung family" episodes consist of an anecdote about ancestors building a covered wagon and heading west, and one about the king's daughter who has married "the clever yet dirty craftsman."
  • Bad Haircut: Stories of the Seventies
    Amid the current glut of '70s nostalgia, Perrotta has fashioned a moving cycle of stories that looks past the era's celebrated kitsch to still relevant social and cultural issues and the timeless mysteries of growing up.
  • Tom and Francine: A Love Story
    Unfortunately, the relentless beat of the rhyme and the heavy-handed moral ("You've taught me, Tom, what I've learned from no other:/ It's not fair to judge any cat by his cover./ In this shallow world it is equally true/ That it's wise to help character
  • 13 Stories about Harris
    And in the book’s shortest story, the child’s mother stands before a wall covered in colorful scribbles: “That’s why they call permanent markers permanent,” she says.
    The particularly graceful cover illustration, of a child tenderly embraced by an angel, should lure readers.
  • Havana Salsa: Stories and Recipes
    Each vignette is a mere tidbit, a taste of Carballo's life, covering her family's eccentric friends, her years in an American convent boarding school, her early romances, right up to her escape to the U.S. after Castro came to power.
  • Manhattan: Mapping the Story of an Island
    Also covered are some of Manhattan’s other notable stories: how the city got its street grid and famous subway; memorable natural disasters that befell it; and vignettes of how prominent skyscrapers and bridges were built.
  • War of the Whales: A True Story
    Horwitz’s riveting story illuminates the many challenges continuing to face environmentalists working with marine mammals.
  • Awake in the Dark: Stories
    Nayman, a clinical psychologist, writes in a didactic tone that makes these stories read like earnest moral essays on already heavily covered themes.
    Nevertheless, the depth and big-picture perspective of Witherington's work will succeed in bringing serious Bible students a fresh appreciation for the New Testament story.
  • Rock Springs: Stories
    The stories in this collection read like textbook exercises in classic short story form: in each, a lifetime of sadness is suddenly crystallized around a momentan image, a discovery, a confrontationafter which a life has been irrevocably, if at first imperceptibly, changed.
  • Popcorn: Hollywood Stories
    In an author's note, Hollywood insider Cameron designates her stories as "`friction'--the abrasion of reality against dream," and claims, "None of them is true, but all are accurate."
  • SHELF LIFE: Stories by the Book
    Covering almost every genre of fiction, including mystery, SF, fantasy and realism, these well-crafted stories by familiar authors offer sharply drawn characterizations and intriguing premises.
  • Shamara and Other Stories
    Vasilenko's collection of urgent and politically suggestive short stories and two novellas covers the spiritually and geographically vast terrain of contemporary Russia.
  • Cover Reveal: New Fairy Tale-Forward Series from Melissa de la Cruz
    It’s always hard to let go of a cover you’ve fallen for, but we couldn’t be happier with this final version, so bold and iconic—a truly ‘fairytale’ ending to our cover journey.”

Page 19 of 740
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