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  • Love Flute: Story and Illustrations
    Goble writes with a poetic energy, a graceful enthusiasm of ``love songs carried by the breezes into the tipi circle from the surrounding pine-covered ridges and grassy hills.''
  • Anthem: An American Road Story
    Their cover letter to prospective interviewees explains that the goal of the film is "to compose an `anthem' about the promise and sickness of this country."
  • The Story of Muhammed Ali
    Ali's triumphs and setbacks are covered, including the bitter irony of being welcomed home as an Olympic Gold Medalist and local hero while being refused service at a Louisville lunch counter.
  • Losing Jon: A Teen's Tragic Death, a Police Cover-Up, a Community's Fight for Justice
    Parrish debuts with a riveting personal story about a tragic death.
  • The Christmas Story: The Brick Bible for Kids
    Each page contains a Lego illustration, with the author’s customized details (the three magi, for example, wear head coverings, and one sports a snowy-white beard), and a few lines of straightforward text.
  • Galley Talk: A Whole Nother Story
    To top it all off, intermittent chapters of “unsolicited advice” on vehicle safety, choosing a doctor, tattoos, and gift-giving provide enough satire to have readers laughing out loud from cover to cover.
  • Love, Struggle and Change: Stories by Women
    ese 12 stories by and about women cover a wide range of topics, including pregnancy and childbirth, romantic relationships both heterosexual and lesbian, and such political issues as society's treatment of the handicapped and the environment.
  • Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd
    The offerings cover a range of nerdy terrain: tensions within geek communities (the coeditors' story about a Star Wars fan who hooks up with a Star Trek fan at a convention; Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith's piece involving a divisive Buffy character); the gulf between online
  • Cretacea & Other Stories from the Badlands
    Without that, unusual sexual practices look like decoration or a gimmick covering technical shortcomings.
  • What You Call Winter: Stories
    It covers all the ground between six-year-old Jude Almeida, who in the story “The Crow and the Monkey”witnesses his godmother's wild antics at the New Year party, and 77-year old Roddy D'Souza, who in the title story is haunted by visions of his dead father.
  • The Best American Short Stories, 2010
    Russo likens selecting 20 from the roughly 250 submitted stories to "literary waterboarding" and evokes a metaphor from one of his favorite picks of the collection: stories are like jars of bees, and "we choose the tales that sting us good, leaving us surprised and sore...
  • The Searinged World: Sacred Stories of the Americas
    Spanning “north to south, east to west, and back again,” the entries cover a range of locales as well as varied topics and themes, including cosmic tales of creation and destruction (“ ‘Spider Grandmother,’ Hopi tradition”) and the heroic trials of twin brothers visiting the underworld (
  • Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories
    Even the endpapers are covered with portraits of the dogs, as though LaMarche's love for them has overflowed beyond the bounds of the stories.
  • A Self-Publishing Story
    Her upcoming duology, Anna: One Love, Two Stories and Theo: One Love, Two Stories, will be published in the U.S. in April 2018 by Head of Zeus.
  • War Stories for Younger Readers
    The text covers not just America's entry into the war, but all of World War II.

Page 22 of 740
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