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  • Cover Redesign: 'Hot Flush' by Rosy Fenwicke
    It also lets us add more details about the main character.Design Note 2: The main character has some superpowers in this book related to estrogen, so I added the chemical makeup of estrogen in the sky to give a hint at this science-related story element.Design Note 3: An illustrated
  • Cover Reveal: 'Enemies' by Svetlana Chmakova
    Svetlana Chmakova’s middle-grade graphic novel Enemies is slated for next September, and PW has the exclusive cover reveal.
  • Cover Redesign: 'Chance or Circumstance?' by James R. Mapp
    To submit a book for a free cover redesign, email us at Note 1: The compass is important to the story’s plot and theme, so adding it front and center helps pull everything together.Design Note 2: Since the subtitle is very important to selling the
  • Book Cover Redesign: 'Don't Tell Anyone'
    This month, Michele Argyle at Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of Don’t Tell Anyone by Laurie Boris, who said the new cover “works on so many levels.”Design Note #1: Adding two subtitles gives readers a clearer sense of what they can expect from this family secrets mystery
  • Standout MG and YA Covers This Month | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Howard Just Gets It First Graders Who Shop → Standout MG and YA Covers This Month Elizabeth Bluemle May 18th 2012 2 Replies Tweet Once in
  • Covering the Plague: AIDS and the American Media
    In this thorough, often gripping study, Kinsella, a former Los Angeles Herald-Examiner editor, shows how the media and medical experts fumbled the AIDS story.
  • 'Steam Train, Dream Train': The Evolution of a Cover
    “In the cover, I try to get across the essence of the story as much as I can, and find an element from the story that will intrigue viewers and provoke them to want to know more about the story and look into the book – something that is mysterious, cute, o
  • Tattered Cover to Open Children's Bookstore in Denver Suburb
    A large mural created by a local artist will be the centerpiece of the store, and architectural elements will evoke the experience of getting lost in a story.
  • The NYPD Tapes: A Shocking Story of Cops, Cover-Ups, and Courage
    In this scathing exposé of America’s largest police department, Rayman, a writer for the Village Voice, reveals how a whistleblowing NYPD officer turned the trend of manipulating crime data for political gain on its head, daring to sue the department to halt the practice.
  • Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America
    NYU history professor Eustace (1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism) delivers an immersive account of the fallout from the 1722 killing of a Seneca Indian hunter by two white fur traders in Pennsylvania.
  • Anatomy of a Cover: Romance Novels 2015–2016
    And when you melded romance into chick lit, it became all about high heels.”Given that sameness, here’s the challenge: each cover must distinguish itself from the competition, both in-house and across publishers, while fitting in with a particular brand or series aesthetic—all while reassuring read
  • Disney Publishing Launches 'unRequired Reading' Cover Contest
    Readers are telling our stories visually."
  • Cover Reveal: Trenton Lee Stewart's 'The Secret Keepers'
    Lighthouse keepers seem like the loneliest people in the world, yet provide light in the darkness – there are so many rich layers.”Calling the results of Caplan and Sudyka’s work on the book’s cover “terrific and ravishing,” Stewart praised the design’s visual interpretation of his story’s themati
  • Nancy Werlin: The Anatomy of a Book Cover | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Selling Books in One Line or Less Book Culture MashUp Jane Austen Fight Club → Nancy Werlin The Anatomy of a Book Cover Elizabeth Bluemle August 5th 2010 17 Replies Tweet 
  • Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover
    Soon they form an intimate connection, with many deep emotional developments that propel the story.

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