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  • Nonfiction
    The authors conclude that any speech is "all about you in conversation with the audience"; they stress the importance of knowing your audience and their language, achieving rapport with repetition and with stories, and making an immediate connection with a creative introduction.
  • Fiction Book Reviews: 11/9/2009
    Witty dialogue and likable characters keep the pages turning, but Center glosses over the depth of emotion inherent in carrying your sister’s baby to the point that you forget at times that Sarah is pregnant.
  • Fiction Reviews: 1/25/2010
    Kalla’s medical experience doubtless informs the rigorous operating room scenes and the abrasive hospital politics, but while this should appeal to fans of medical TV dramas, the overdose of familiar coincidences, revelations, and personal demons makes this feel more like a rerun than a new episode.
  • Nonfiction Reviews: 9/14/2009
    to please you?”)
  • Nonfiction Book Reviews
    Rather than continue to try to contain Iran by means of “a broad-based Arab alliance,” an approach that’s been failing for decades, Takeyh argues that the U.S. must instead “conceive a situation whereby Iran... sees benefit in limiting its ambitions.”
  • Fiction Reviews
    Or should she embrace her gifted inner artist?
  • Fiction Book Reviews: 6/15/2009
    Peter Decker and his wife, Rina (after The Mercedes Coffin), Rina finds that some jury duty should include hazardous duty pay.
  • Nonfiction Reviews: Week of 5/11/2009
    He proposes a broad approach that emphasizes the political, economic and legal fronts in this long war, cautioning—as has Defense Secretary Robert Gates—that “the military should not... be the tip of the spear.”
  • Fiction Reviews: Week of 9/11/2006
    His reluctance to "fully occupy" his real estate career ("it's really about arriving and destinations, and all the prospects that await you or might await you in some place you never thought about") illuminates the preoccupations of the boomer generation; for Frank, an
  • Fiction Reviews: Week of 10/9/2006
    Kockroach, however, doesn't lapse into despair, but instead demonstrates the relentless survival instinct of his species by learning how to get by in the human world.
  • Audio Reviews: Week of 7/30/2007
    This is appropriate, since, after all, Carpenter is supposed to be the one telling us this witty, well-plotted, highly entertaining shaggy dog story.
  • Nonfiction Reviews: Week of 8/28/2006
    A Royal Affair: George III and His Scandalous SiblingsStella Tillyard.
  • Nonfiction
    Although at times rambling and self-pitying, these knowing oral histories are an emotional boon for birth mothers and adoptees struggling to make sense of troubled pasts.
  • Fiction Reviews
    Mun is careful not to lean on the '80s ambience, and Joon's voice, purged of self-pity, sounds clear and strong on every page.
  • Fiction Reviews: Week of 7/10/2006
    The Uses of EnchantmentHeidi Julavits.

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