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  • Children's Book Reviews: Week of 4/2/2007
    Roll up the rug before you read this book aloud—it will get everyone up and dancing.
  • Web Exclusive Reviews: Week of 9/22/2008
    Basham is straightforward and practical (if occasionally overbearing), complete with infomercial-quality promises like “Using your PR savvy to increase household cash flow.”
  • Children's Book Reviews: Week of 12/11/2006
    But Cleveland's dreams are dashed when his coach announces that the league's white teams had refused to play their team and instead had formed their own whites-only tournament.
  • Web Exclusive Reviews: 9/7/2009
    Da Capo Lifelong, $19.95 (256p) ISBN 9780738213569 Just a month after her wedding, 31-year-old Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; two years later, she was bitter, isolated, and addicted to both pain medication and self-pity.
  • Web-Exclusive Reviews: Week of 6/18/2007
    "Do you see your work as a job, a career, or a calling?")
  • PW Select October 2012: The Reviews
    Instead, he leaves us with a society populated by misfits who engage our sympathies not at all.
  • Nonfiction
    Ever cheery, never self-pitying, her memoir is by turns insipid and sweet.
  • PW Star Watch 2016 Honorees
    Noting that production isn’t for everyone, because you can’t be afraid of numbers and you can’t let dates slip, Black says, “I’m the first person to see a sample book when it arrives at the office—how cool is that?”
  • Reviews Annex: Nonfiction
    S. should use its control of Iraqi oil to break OPEC, and employ Iraq as a base ("only a short reach from the throat of Syria and Iran") for the war on terrorism.
  • Reviews Annex: Nonfiction
    19 WEEKS: America, Britain, and the Fateful Summer of 1940Norman Moss.
  • Fiction Reviews: Week of 11/19/2007
    The language and imagery of the novel are shockingly direct in detailing the pitiful lives of drug abusers, perverts and a forgotten population that just isn't “much welcome nowhere in the world.”
  • Nonfiction Reviews: 6/15/2009
    That's a miracle that should always be routine.
  • Nonfiction
    I'm Proud of You: My Friendship with Fred RogersTim Madigan.
  • Nonfiction
    Born in 1961 and nine when her father died, Burns felt she got no sympathy from her mother, who worried that her daughter would use people's pity to become manipulative.
  • Nonfiction Reviews
    Journalist Wilson, founder of the International Newspaper Network, tells the stories of these families with a clarity that never lapses into sentiment or pity.

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