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  • The Honeybee Man
    In her children's book debut, Nargi presents a leisurely but diverting look at the life of a Brooklyn beekeeper.
  • Personal Space: Home & Garden Books 2018
    More than ever, says publisher Charles Miers, “these books have to have real purpose, and relevance, and reusability.”Here PW looks at forthcoming books that tackle subjects as diverse as butterfly garden cultivation and disaster preparedness, all with an undercurrent of self-expression.Lela Nargi is
  • Color Me Compartmentalized: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
    Lela Nargi is the author of several books about knitting, as well as articles for Twist Collective, Interweave Knits, and Knitscene.Return to the main feature.
  • Home Is Where the Everything Is: Home & Garden Books 2021
    Lela Nargi is a freelance journalist and author living in Brooklyn.Below, more on home and garden books.Changing the View: PW Talks with Justina Blakeney The Los Angeles interior designer and author of ‘Jungalow’ (Abrams) wants to help readers “create a home that feels healthy and sup
  • Good Housekeeping: New Home & Garden Books 2019
    Lela Nargi is an author and freelance journalist in Brooklyn.
  • Our Homes, Ourselves: Home & Garden Books 2018
    Millennials, West says, “are looking for a whole new model.”Lela Nargi is a freelance journalist in Brooklyn, N.Y.Return
  • Almost Human: Pets and Animals Books for Fall 2014
    We’re really good at talking about material things but we’re really bad at talking about emotion,” said David Brooks, op-ed columnist for the New York Times, in a 2011 TED Talk.
  • Popular Neuroscience: Books About the Brain for 2016
    A neuroscientist blends history, case studies, and new science—some of which he’s had a hand in researching—in an effort to show readers that they don’t have to be slaves to their seemingly unchangeable brains.Lela Nargi is a Brooklyn journalist who writes about science, parenting, food, and tr
  • Well and Good: Health and Wellness Books 2019–2020
    In a brief history published in 2010, the New York Times traced the modern use of the term wellness to the 1950s, just after the World Health Organization equated health with “physical, mental, and social well-being.”
  • When Mars Met Venus: Self-Help Books 2018–2019
    Like the makers of infant onesies and designated his-or-hers grooming products, the self-help industry has been a stalwart soldier along what others might call an anachronistic gender divide.
  • Squad Goals: Sports Books 2020
    In sports publishing, stories about the men of an alphabet soup of professional leagues—the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and more—proliferate.
  • Moonstruck: Books for the Lunar Landing 50th Anniversary
    July 20 will mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first space mission to put people on the moon.
  • Pass the Pacifier: New Parenting Books for 2017
    For the moment, parenting books have spoken: the pressure is off.Lela Nargi has written about parenting for Parents, Time Out New York Kids, Working Mother, and UrbanFamily, where she was founding editor.Below, more on the subject of parenting books.Humor and Engagement: PW Talks with
  • Maker’s Mark: Hobby and Craft Books 2019–2020
    In its six chapters, it manages an impressive feat: it nails every prominent craft trend of the season.Lela Nargi is a freelance journalist in Brooklyn who’s written several books about craft.CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misspelled Rob Shaeffer's name.Below, more on the subje
  • Hobbies & Crafts 2015: Spinning a Good Yarn
    To get back to the question of who the American crafter is, the answer for the moment seems to be: everyone.Lela Nargi is a Brooklyn journalist whose craft books include Astounding Knits and Knitting Around the World (both from Voyageur in 2011).Below, more on the subject of hobbies

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