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  • You Should Pity Us Instead
    In this dazzling debut collection, Gustine shows tremendous range, empathy, and spark.
  • Publishing’s Virtue
    Basically, with an appeal to decency: you should buy our goods because it’s the right thing to do.
  • How It Feels to Be Self-Published Me
    In the New Year, I will continue to urge others to find their authentic voice (or as the late poet Jayne Cortez wrote, “Find your own voice & use it, use your own voice & find it”).
  • A Gift Certificate Conundrum | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Credit Squeeze Or Isn’t Paying the Bill On Time Enough A Peek Inside ‘The Hunger Games’ with Movie Producer Jon Kilik → A Gift Certificate Conundrum Josie Leavitt March 28th 2012 26 Replies
  • Writers to Watch 2016: New Debut Fiction
    But Amy Gustine, the author of the story collection You Should Pity Us Instead (Sarabande, Feb.), finds writing directly from personal experience confining.
  • Excerpt: The Hero or Heroin of This Story
    You can, but then you have to recycle it inside your lungs, better to take short pulls,” “How long should I hold it in?”
  • It’s Not a Boy Read or a Girl Read | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Cheats for Tired Brains Pat the Seat Next to You Christopher Paul Curtis and Jack Gantos Here’s Crystal Allen → It’s Not a Boy Read or a Girl Read Josie Leavitt December 1st 2011 21 Replies
  • All Hail Geraldine McCaughrean | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Cheap Threadless Shirts with Reader Appeal This Place Matters → All Hail Geraldine McCaughrean Alison Morris March 27th 2009 8 Replies Tweet Last Satu
  • How I Accidentally Wrote a Bestseller
    Or if they did, they took pity.
  • A Sudden Blow
    Once people heard me talking they said, Oh you should be on TV!
  • Young Adult Fiction Is Not All Doom and Gloom | ShelfTalker
    Post navigation ← Mr Popper’s Penguins The Book the Movie the DVD Things I Shouldn’t Do → Young Adult Fiction Is Not All Doom and Gloom Josie Leavitt June 6th 2011 51 Replies Tweet
  • The Piracy Problem
    After posting her antipiracy views on Tumblr, she says, she heard “over and over” from pro-piracy readers, “You should be happy people are reading your books.”
  • Children's Book Reviews: Week of 5/12/2008
    Holt, $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8050-7903-6 Beginning with a direct address—“What would you do if someone told you.../ your voice doesn't matter/ because you are a girl?
  • Children’s Book Reviews: Week of 11/5/2007
    It is now in you that they will live”).
  • PW Picks: Books of the Week, July 6, 2015
    Wild and witty, McClure uses menses and cum alongside various intoxicants to summon the kind of depravity that can undo structures of power (the entirety of the poem “Straight Dudes” challenges “Why are you/ still here”).

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