cover image Rising Strong

Rising Strong

Bren%C3%A9 Brown. Random/Spiegel & Grau, $27 (266p) ISBN 978-0-8129-9582-4

Brown (Daring Greatly) wrestles with that moment when we fall%E2%80%94and, as she argues, the brave person attempting to live wholeheartedly will always fall. Encouraging readers to be curious about their emotions, Brown guides them through the process of accepting vulnerability and emerging from the shadow of shame and fear. With a fresh perspective that marries research and humor, Brown offers compassion while delivering thought-provoking ideas about relationships%E2%80%94with others and with oneself. Her writing is down-to-earth and entertaining, and it is easy to recognize one's own self in Brown's stories, examples of which include a tension-filled almost-argument between Brown and her husband that blessedly turned into a moment of understanding, dealings with a sloppy and demeaning hotel roommate that moved Brown to self-scrutiny, and a botched work project where taking responsibility for failure created a space for respect and teamwork. This book is about owning your story and choosing how to actively engage with the world. With Brown's excellent guidance, it's easy for readers to become as invested in her story as they are in their own, and, more importantly, to move beyond preconceived stories about themselves. (Aug.)