cover image Cruising Through the Louvre

Cruising Through the Louvre

David Prudhomme. NBM, $22.99 (80p) ISBN 978-1-56163-990-8

Rather than focusing on one specific artist or masterpiece, as in previous volumes of NBM’s Louvre Collection graphic novel series, this book celebrates the experience of the Louvre itself, in subtle, soft pencils and pastels. Seen through the thoughtful eye of protagonist Prudhomme, the Louvre is a city of its own, filled with celebrities, quirks, familiar and oddball traditions; a microcosm of civilization exists among its myriad visitors. The gentle lines of Prudhomme’s art reproduce the masterworks in delicate detail, but his people are the stars: a man napping on a bench, a class gathered around their teacher, a woman intently sketching a statue. Modern technology is also part of the experience: Prudhomme talks loudly on his cell phone while strolling the galleries, and the Mona Lisa is barely glimpsed from behind cell phone screens taking her photo. With its intimate eye on the human act of appreciating art, this book revels in the Louvre as a shared adventure that complements and illuminates its famous art. (Feb.)