cover image SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

Christine Comaford. Penguin/Portfolio, $26.95 (272p) ISBN 978-1-59184-648-2

In her latest book, consultant Comaford (Rules for Renegades) offers sound advice for making merely acceptable business teams great. Using neuroscience research, the author defines two major states of being: “Smart State,” in which intelligent and thoughtful decisions are made; and “Critter State,” in which people behave in ways that are reactive, rather than proactive. Comaford then examines the myriad reasons teams hit speed bumps. Using major U.S. companies as examples, she shows readers how to achieve clarity, accountability, and develop a sustainable culture. Finally, the author outlines an action plan for readers and discusses how to transform even the bleakest of corporate cultures. Comaford deftly weaves in marketing prompts for her book throughout, with “Twitter Takeaways” at the end of nearly every chapter (and a request to use the hashtag #SmartTribes), as well as references to relevant information on her Web site. Despite some annoying buzzwords, the author provides an effective roadmap for business success. Agent: Jim Levine, Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. (June)