cover image Negalyod: The God Network

Negalyod: The God Network

Vincent Perriot, trans. from the French by Montana Kane. Statix, $39.99 (208p) ISBN 978-1-78773-470-8

In this elegiac fantasy set in a postapocalyptic, exquisitely drawn wild world, Jarri Tchapalt vows vengeance against the urban territory Station 3703 after its sky patrols murder his entire herd of dinosaurs. Alongside priest Kam and Kam’s daughter, Korienze, Jarri is drawn into a rebellion against the serpent god Namarari and the city Network’s Central System, which uses access to water to control the populace through terror, dehumanization, and religious myths. A surprising discovery about the true and benign purpose of the network, disguised beneath its cruel surface, pits Jarri against Korienze. Their conflict reaches its climax in a thrilling aerial raid. Perriot’s script is capable, though the clever twist is slightly weakened by its revelation about halfway into the story. What readers will pick this up for, though, is the lithe and detailed artwork, reminiscent of Mœbius. The colors of the landscape bloom with harsh golden desert tones, metallic blue and grays for the city, and the vicious, fierce reds of firepits. This combo of dinosaurs and Wild West–styled dystopia makes for an offbeat epic with European flair. [em](Nov.) [/em]