Welcome to the inaugural PW coverage of the Chinese children's book market. Here, we talk with 10 Chinese publishers about the growing industry, three literary agencies on the rights scene, and check out the country's buzzing social media marketing platform. All this, plus a quick look at some of the biggest children's publishers in town and the best-selling children's titles, originals and translated, for 2016. Our coverage also includes major titles that will be promoted by these 10 publishers at the upcoming Bologna Book Fair.

An Overview of the Children’s Book Market in China

Juvenile & Children Reading Experience Wonderland: A New Business Model

A Brief Look at Some of China’s Biggest Children’s Publishers

A Quick Survey of Bestselling Titles in China

Trends in the Rights Market

Social Media Marketing Takes Center Stage

A Gallery of Hot Titles from China

Profile of 10 Children's Publishers in Alphabetical Order:

21st Century Publishing Group

Anhui Children’s Publishing House

Beijing Dandelion Children’s Book House

Children’s Fun Publishing Company

China Children’s Press & Publication Group

Hunan Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House

Jieli Publishing House

Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House

Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House

Zhejiang Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House

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