PW Comics World: More To Come

Heidi MacDonald, Eisner-nominated writer of The Beat; Calvin Reid, senior news editor for Publishers Weekly Magazine and editor of PW Comics World and producer Kate Fitzsimons present More To Come: PW's weekly comics podcast.

613 More to Come 613: Liz Frances Interview
Meg talks to Liz Frances, founder and director of the Brooklyn-based small press Street Noise Books about her move from the corporate publishing world to start up an indie with a passionate mission to showcase underrepresented voices.
04/08/2024 Listen
612 More to Come 612: MoCCA Arts Fest 2024
A look back at MoCCA Fest 2024; how Steve Ditko became a Disney Legend; the high physical cost of cartooning in Japan; the latest digital comics news; and advertisers discover anime.

Note: This episode has been edited from its original form in the light of recent events.
04/02/2024 Listen
611 More to Come 611: Jonah Newman plus MoCCA interviews
Cartoonist/editor Jonah Newman talks with Heidi about his new queer and baseball-themed semi-autobiographical YA graphic novel, 'Out of Left Field', and about making the book, his real life story, and working for Scholastic. Plus, Meg Lemke talks with indie comics publisher Avi Ehrlichman of Silver Sprocket, and comics creator Evan Dahm ('Vattu', 'Island Book') at MoCCA Fest 2024.
03/25/2024 Listen
610 More to Come 610: Comics Retail and Middle Grade Graphic Novels
A talk with Brigid Alverson about her retailing and the middle grade graphic novel features in the most recent issue of PW; plus a tribute to the late Akira Toriyama of Dragonball; ‘The Atlantic’ magazine’s Great American Novels List and the three graphic novels on it; Marvel’s launch of new X-Men series at SXSW; Scout Comics’ new investor; and comics at the Oscars.
03/18/2024 Listen
609 More to Come 609: Four Women in a Hotel Room at ComicsPro
In a special crossover episode, Heidi MacDonald and Brigid Alverson talk to comics retailers Siena Fallon, COO/managing partner of Ultimate Comics, and Sarahti Gassmalla, manager at Fantom Comics to talk about the recent ComicsPro meeting, what's hot in comics shops, and why Wednesday is new comics day.
03/11/2024 Listen
608 More to Come 608: Heidi Goes to ComicsPRO
Heidi MacDonald is one of the first journalists at the annual meeting of ComicsPRO, the comics retailer association; plus turmoil over payment at Scout Comics, Oni Press and EC Comics new partnership, Abrams’ launches a new children’s graphic novel imprint, manga’s WcDonalds meme comes to life, and Manga Week at
03/04/2024 Listen
607 More to Come 607: James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook
Calvin interviews comics creators James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook, the artist and colorist that worked in collaboration with the late artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz to create his acclaimed graphic memoir ‘7 Miles A Second,’ originally published by DC/Vertigo in 1996 and later by Fantagraphics in 2013. The book is now available from Romberger and Van Cook’s Ground Zero Books.
02/26/2024 Listen
606 More to Come 606: Will Marvel and DC Team Up Again?
A potential Marvel and DC collaboration; the ALA’s GNCRT Adult and Kids Graphic Novel Reading Lists; the French comics market's sales boom; James Tynion’s Tiny Onion media venture; the Warner Bros/Funimation content debacle; the MCU is back; and revisiting our Brian “Box” Brown interview.
02/19/2024 Listen
605 More to Come 605: Box Brown interviewed
Heidi talks to Brian "Box" Brown about his cartooning career, including his Andre the Giant graphic novel, his time running Retrofit Press and his current comic strip, Legalization Nation. He also talks about his career path and changing direction in an industry without a safety net.
02/12/2024 Listen
604 More to Come 604: The 2024 Angouleme International Comics Festival
A salute to the winners of the 2024 Angoulême International Comics Festival awards; judges for this year’s Eisner Awards; the Chengdu Hugo awards debacle; business news—ICV2 Direct, Kadokawa/DSTLRY, Depuis/Kodansha, and the cancellation of Diamond’s Retail Summit.
02/05/2024 Listen
603 More to Come 603: A Graphic Adaptation of The Comet by W.E.B. Du Bois
Calvin moderates “The Comet Cometh”, a panel discussion on Tim Fielder’s forthcoming graphic adaptation of W.E.B. Du Bois’ celebrated 1920 Afrofuturist short story “The Comet,” featuring Afrofuturist scholars Reynaldo Anderson and Julian Chambliss. Part of Carnegie Hall's, “Dancing On the Precipice” festival, the panelists explore Du Bois’s life and career as a Black scholar, Pan African activist and Afrofuturist and the creation of the graphic novel.
01/29/2024 Listen
602 More to Come 602: Spring 2024 Comics and Graphic Novel Preview
The most anticipated graphic works coming in the spring; AnimeNYC 2024 sells out in 2 hours, and partners with Japan Society; comics journalism category dropped by Eisners awards; comics retailers speak; Diamond Book speaks too; Superman’s copyright; and Ramona Fradon retires.
01/22/2024 Listen
601 More to Come 601: Stargazing into 2024
Meg Lemke and Calvin Reid discuss three graphic titles in our Stargazing review feature: graphic memoirs by Edel Rodriquez, author of ‘Worm: A Cuban American Odyssey,’ and Ai Weiwei, author of ‘Zodiac: A Graphic Memoir’, and Manon Debaye’s graphic novel ‘The Cliff.”
01/15/2024 Listen
600 More to Come 600: A New Year in Comics Publishing
The winners of the PW Graphic Novel Critics Poll, plus we recap the Top Ten comics stories of 2023, break down The Beat’s annual creator survey, applaud 50 years of the Direct Market, and report on Steamboat Willie in the public domain, and Disney’s corporate crisis.
01/08/2024 Listen
599 More to Come 599: Walter Greason and Tim Fielder The Graphic History of Hip Hop
Greason and Fielder discuss the creation of ‘The Graphic History of Hip Hop’, a comprehensive history of the music and its components that is being distributed throughout the New York City public schools.
01/02/2024 Listen
598 More to Come 598: 2023 Year in Review
A recap of the biggest news and trends of the past year, including the fight against book bans, graphic novel sales and retail distribution, changes at ReedPop and DC, new graphic novel imprints, unions at Image and D&Q, and a few of our favorite titles and artists.
12/18/2023 Listen
597 More to Come 597: Nic Watts and Sakina Karimjee Draw Toussaint Louverture
A talk with coauthors Nic Watts and Sakina Karimjee about their graphic adaptation of C.L.R. James’s 1934 play, 'Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History', a companion to Black Jacobins, James’ celebrated history of the Haitian Revolution.
12/11/2023 Listen
596 More to Come 596: Webtoons and Webcomics Move into Print
A recap of the news from AnimeNYC 2023, the 'New York Times' Best Books list, the current state of page-rates for comics creators, Silver Sprocket sales, and rice pudding, plus an interview with Shaenon Garrity to discuss her recent feature on the popularity of webtoons and webcomics and their migration into print.
12/04/2023 Listen
595 More to Come 595: Matt Lesniewski Interview
Heidi interviews Eisner-nominated comics creator Matt Lesniewski, artist and writer of 'Faceless and the Family' from Oni Press,'The Freak' from AdHouse, and artist of 'Mind MGMT: Bootleg' from Dark Horse, among others, about his career and distinctive artistic style.
11/27/2023 Listen
594 More to Come 594: Dan Santat Wins the NBA for Young Peoples Literature
Children’s author Dan Santat's graphic memoir ‘A First Time for Everything,’ wins the 2023 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature; farewell to the Comixology app; the new union at Drawn & Quarterly; a legal dispute between Fantagraphics and Emil Ferris over ‘My Favorite Thing is Monsters’; the state of comics and comics retailing (yet again); and a preview of AnimeNYC 2023.
11/20/2023 Listen
593 More to Come 593: Dave Chisholm Draws Miles Davis
Calvin interviews comics creator Dave Chisholm about his new work ‘Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound,’ a graphic biography of the celebrated jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer, and cultural icon.
11/13/2023 Listen
592 More to Come 592: Best Books 2023: The Best Graphic Novels of the Year
A spotlight on the graphic novels selected for PW’s Best Books of 2023; plus the departure of DC executive Pam Lifford; DC’s new compact graphic novels; Bodies, the comics-inspired hit Netflix series; the revival of Marvel's Ultimate imprint; Dashtoon and comics AI, and the founding of Smudge, a new manga horror imprint.
11/06/2023 Listen
591 More to Come 591: Interviews from Cartoon Crossroads Columbus
Calvin visits Cartoon Crossroads Columbus and interviews Jay Kalagayan, executive director of CXC; Matt Bors, political cartoonist, and editor-founder of political comics online site ‘The Nib’, which closed in 2023; Raeghan Buchanan, creator of the nonfiction graphic work, ‘The Secret History of Black Punk: Record Zero’; Ben Passmore, political comics creator and author of ‘Your Black Friend’ and ‘Sports is Hell’; and Evan Salazar, creator of the comic 'Rodeo'.
10/30/2023 Listen
590 More to Come 590: New York Comic Con 2023 Recap
Calvin, Heidi, Kate, and PW comics reviews editor Meg Lemke, recap the news and events at the recent New York Comic Con 2023 including personal reactions to the crowds of fans on the show floor, the programming, industry trends, the Harvey Awards, and the many parties held during this year's New York Comic Con. Plus interviews with Cat Stagg, Martin Morazzo, Yanick Pacquette, and Saladin Ahmed recorded in Artists Alley.
10/23/2023 Listen
589 More to Come 589: New York Comic Con 2023 Interviews Pt. 1
Interviews from New York Comic Con 2023: Calvin Reid talks to writer Doug Latino and Eisner-winning artist Gideon Kendall of the funny memoir comic 'WAIT... It Gets Worse', and comics artist and creator N. Steven Harris 'Watson and Holmes', 'Octobriana and the Underground'.
10/15/2023 Listen
588 More to Come 588: New York Comic Con is Coming
Heidi updates our preview of New York Comic Con and reports on the recent Toy Fair; Cartoon Crossroads Columbus; Shueisha’s Manga Plus subscription app; K-Pop comics; Tappytoon teams with Inklore; ComicsPro Open House, NBA Shortlist, PW Star Watch picks Kiara Valdez; and remembering 'Mad' magazine’s Al Jaffee (1921-2023)
10/09/2023 Listen
587 More to Come 587: In Conversation with Women of Marvel
This week on More to Come, Heidi 'The Beat' MacDonald talks to the hosts of the Women of Marvel podcast, Ellie Pyle (Marvel Publishing’s Executive Director for Digital Content), and author Preeti Chhibber. They talk about Marvel's continuing history of great characters, the appeal of Gambit and Rogue, and share notes on what it takes to make an ongoing podcast.
10/02/2023 Listen
586 More to Come 586: Fables Goes Public
Willingham says Fables is now in the public domain, RIP Joe Matt, Goats Flying Press, Graphix kids manga line, Lianne Sentar rises, NBA kids’ longlist, Baltimore Comic Con and SPX recaps, and Brooklyn Book Festival preview.
09/25/2023 Listen
585 More to Come 585: Baltimore Comic Con and Small Press Expo Interviews
Interviews from Baltimore Comic Con and SPX, including: The Nib's Matt Bors, Ignatz winner Robyn Smith, and cartoonists Whit Taylor, Jamar Nicholas, John Gallagher, Johnny Parker, and Daniel and Kevin McCloskey.
09/18/2023 Listen
584 More to Come 584: Calvin Reid Wins the Tom Spurgeon Award
A salute to co-host Calvin Reid, who has been awarded the 2023 Tom Spurgeon Award by the CXC festival; the lack of Direct Market retail sales charts; news about the upcoming New York Comic Con; the business news of the week, and preview the SPX and Baltimore Comic-Con shows which open over the past weekend
09/11/2023 Listen
583 More to Come 583: Flashback Interviews with Tom Spurgeon and Grant Morrison
From the archives, Calvin interviews the late comics writer, editor and historian Tom Spurgeon (1969-2019), recorded at the 2019 Cartoon Crossroads Columbus comics festival, of which he was executive director; and Heidi talks with comics legend Grant Morrison about his comics past and present, and their shared comic con history, in 2015.
09/04/2023 Listen
582 More to Come 582: Levi Hastings and Josh Trujillo
This week on More to Come, Calvin Reid interviews Levi Hastings and Josh Trujillo, cocreators of ‘Washington’s Gay General: The Legends and Loves of Baron von Steuben,’ a graphic biography of an intriguing leader of the American Revolution. Hastings and Trujillo talk about the life of von Steuben, a brilliant 18th century military strategist, described as being “flamboyantly gay” at a time when queer people could be put to death, and as “one of the greatest military leaders in U.S. history."
08/28/2023 Listen
581 More to Come 581: Image Moves Book Distribution to S and S
Image’s move to S&S for book distribution and the $1.6B acquisition of S&S by KKR; the cancellation of some titles planned for the IDW Originals line; malaise over Marvel’s comics and the MCU; James Gunn’s sales-boosting Twitter (X) posts, and a salute to Flame Con 2023, NYC’s LGBTQ comics and pop culture convention.
08/21/2023 Listen
580 More to Come 580: Peter Rostovsky Plus Flame Con Interviews
This week on More to Come, Meg Lemke interviews comics creator Peter Rostovsky about his debut MoCCA Fest excellence award winning graphic novel ‘Damnation Diaries,’ which is set in hell and follows a suffering soul through torture and, unexpectedly, psychotherapy with hell’s top therapist. Also, Kate interviews Michael Dialynas ('Wynd'), Isaac Goodheart ('Christopher Chaos'), Stephanie Williams ('Nubia and the Amazons') and Rachel Silverstein ('Renegade Rule') at Flame Con 2023, NYC's LGBTQ comic co
08/14/2023 Listen
579 More to Come 579: Exploring Comic Con 2023
This week the More to Come crew is joined by PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke to recap San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Heidi describes the crowds, publishers, and mood of this year’s Comic-Con, Meg reacts to her first visit to the show; and the cohosts discuss the Eisner Awards, the parties, panels, and the Hollywood actors missing from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.
08/07/2023 Listen
578 More to Come 578: SDCC 2023 part 3 Interviews in Depth
In part 3 of More to Come's SDCC 2023 coverage, Calvin Reid interviews Mark Siegel, founder of First Second Books and comics creator ('Sailor Twain', 'Tiny Dancer'); Meg Lemke talks with Tay Taylor, editorial director of Inklore; and Heidi MacDonald interviews comics creator Jeffrey Brown ('Once Upon a Space-Time','Thor and Loki: Midgard Family Madness').
07/24/2023 Listen
577 More to Come 577: SDCC 2023 part 2 Floor Interview Explosion
In part 2 of More to Come's SDCC 2023 coverage, PW Comics Editor Meg Lemke interviews Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket; Kazu Kibuishi ('Amulet'); Lara Antal ('Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars'); Nidhi Chanani ('Super Boba Cafe'); Rina Ayuyang ('The Man in the McIntosh Suit'); and Sierra Hahn and Hunter Gorinson of Oni-Lion Forge live on the convention floor.
07/23/2023 Listen
576 More to Come 576: SDCC 2023 part 1 Four Women in a Hotel Room
In part 1 of More to Come's SDCC 2023 coverage, it’s a Four Women in a Hotel Room crossover as Heidi is joined by Brigid Alverson, Deb Aoki, and Meg Lemke to discuss this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Topics include metadata, Junji Ito and finding food.
07/21/2023 Listen
575 More to Come 575: San Diego Comic-Con Is Coming
A preview of San Diego Comic-Con 2023 (July 19–23, at the San Diego Convention Center); the WGA and SAG strike and its impact on the SDCC; David Harper’s new report on comics retailing; the manga-fication of the DCU Infinite; Viz Media's upcoming price hike; and Lance Fensterman’s new job at Fanatics.
07/17/2023 Listen
574 More to Come 574: Stargazing Looks at The Talk by Darrin Bell
In a Stargazing review segment, Calvin Reid and Meg Lemke discuss ‘The Talk,’ a graphic memoir of the life of the Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist Darrin Bell, the biracial son of a Black father and a fiercely protective White mother. The book offers a creative look at Bell’s life and at one family’s experience with “The Talk,” the warning parents deliver to their Black children about the racist society they will encounter outside of the home.
07/10/2023 Listen
573 More to Come 573: The Fall 2023 Comics and Graphic Novel Announcement Issue
A talk with graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke about the Comics and Graphic Novel Announcement issue; plus PRH’s new Inklore comics imprint, San Diego Comic-Con news, investment in the GlobalComix platform, and the Kirby family’s response to Disney’s Stan Lee documentary.
07/03/2023 Listen
572 More to Come 572: Anelle Miller Retires from the Society of Illustrators
An interview with Anelle Miller, retiring executive director of the Society of Illustrators about her long career as an illustrator, educator, and entrepreneur; and her visionary acquisition of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and relaunch of MoCCA Art Festival, its annual showcase of independent comics and graphic novels.
06/26/2023 Listen
571 More to Come 571: Rest In Power John Romita Sr. and Ian McGinty
A tribute to the memories of the late Marvel comics artist John Romita Sr. and cartoonist Ian McGinty; #ComicsBrokeMe; PW’s annual Graphic Novels In Libraries feature, more layoffs at CBR; and the new animated feature ‘Across the Spider-Verse.’
06/19/2023 Listen
570 More to Come 570: Kristy Valenti and Austin English interview
Heidi talks with co-managing editors of 'The Comics Journal,' Austin English and Kristy Valenti, about 'Comics Journal Yearbook Best of 2022', a new publication spotlighting ten of the best comics of 2022, discovering emerging talent, indie comics in the pandemic and English's publishing company, Domino Books.
06/12/2023 Listen
569 More to Come 569: U.S. Book Show Recap and Image Distribution
A recap of graphic novel authors at The U.S. Book Show; Image’s controversial change in comics shop distribution; the launch of the Ten Speed Graphic imprint at PRH; Bryce Gold joins Kickstarter, the Nib’s closing; plus manga piracy and book news.
06/04/2023 Listen
568 More to Come 568: Interview Time Machine 2: Flashback Harder
From the archives, Heidi talks with comics creator and illustrator Jillian Tamaki in 2014 about her graphic novel 'This One Summer' (created with Mariko Tamaki) and more; Calvin interviews Stephen Graham Jones at NYCC 2022 about 'Earthdivers: Kill Columbus'; and at Flame Con 2015, Kate talks to comic creators James Tynion IV of 'Someone is Killing the Children', Owen White of 'Tripping Over You', Sophie Labelle of 'Assigned Male', and Molly Ostertag of 'Strong Female Protagonist' and 'The Owl House'.
05/29/2023 Listen
567 More to Come 567: Graphic Novel Day at the U.S. Book Show
A preview of Comics and Graphic Novel Day (May 23) at this week’s U.S. Book Show (May 22-25); the 2023 Eisner award nominations; recap layoffs, and reorganization at IDW Publishing; new Viz and Kodansha apps; creeping AI in manga; and news of a shocking Marvel death.
05/23/2023 Listen
566 More to Come 566: Interview Time Machine
A flashback interview episode of More To Come, in which Heidi talks with graphic novelist Maia Kobabe at SPX in 2022; Calvin Reid interviews comics creator Thi Bui at MoCCA Fest in 2017; and Kate interviews comics creators Greg Pak, Magdelene Visaggio and Sophie Campbell live at Flame Con in 2016.

05/15/2023 Listen
565 More to Come 565: Stargazing Biography Comics Special
In a Stargazing review segment, Meg and Calvin discuss two works of graphic nonfiction: Elizabeth Colomba and Aurelie Levy's 'Queenie: Godmother of Harlem'(ComicArts), a rollicking bio of a legendary 1930s Black lady racketeer, and 'Last On His Feet: Jack Johnson and the Battle of the Century' (Liveright) by Youssef Daoudi and Adrian Matejka, a vivid examination of the historic 1910 title fight between Johnson, the first Black heavyweight champ, and Jim Jefferies, the country's 'white hope'
05/08/2023 Listen
564 More to Come 564: Manga Is Still Booming
A ticket giveaway for the first comics and graphic novels day at the US Book Show; a talk about manga sales and popularity with Deb Aoki; Flash trailer break down; the Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem and comics awards news.
05/01/2023 Listen
563 More to Come 563: Archie Bongiovanni Interview
An interview with Archie Bongiovanni, a queer cartoonist in Minneapolis, about their first full-length adult graphic novel, 'Mimosa', an ensemble comedy of manners that follows a tight-knit group of queer and trans friends in their 30s. Bongiovanni is the creator of 'A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns', the long-running web comic 'Greasebats', and 'History Comics: Stonewall'.
04/24/2023 Listen
562 More to Come 562: Welcome to the DSTLRY
DSTLRY, David Steinberger and Chip Mosher’s much-anticipated publishing/collectibles venture; la growing list of book bans; happily recap MoCCA 2023; the expansion of Abrams ComicArts; revisiting Ike Perlmutter’s departure from Marvel and a tribute to the late groundbreaking trans author Rachel Pollack.

04/17/2023 Listen
561 More to Come 561: Chris Robinson interview
Chris Robinson, comics writer, former Marvel editor, and editor of the 75th anniversary edition of Orrin C. Evans’ ‘All-Negro Comics;’ first published in 1947, it’s the first full comic book created and produced solely by Black Americans. Using crowdfunding, Robinson created a digitally remastered hardcover reprint edition of the historic anthology, with essays on the history of Black comics, Black fandom, and racist barriers to Black artists in comics.
04/10/2023 Listen
560 More to Come 560: Marvels Perlmutter Laid Off
This week the More to Come cohosts wave Goodbye to Marvel’s troublesome chairman Ike Perlmutter and assess a new round of Disney layoffs; DC’s restructuring and the Shazam/Black Adam movie debacle; ReedPop president Lance Fensterman is leaving the company; plus convention news, and MoCCA preview
04/03/2023 Listen
559 More to Come 559: Stargazing for March 2023
In a Stargazing review segment, Meg and Calvin discuss ‘Impossible People: A Completely Average Recovery Story’ by Julia Wertz, a bleakly humorous graphic account of struggles with both alcoholism and group therapy; and ‘Esther’s Notebooks’ by French cartoonist Riad Sattouf, a page-turning comics recreation of the colorful schoolyard observations of an irresistibly profane, thoroughly entertaining, nine-year old girl.
03/20/2023 Listen
558 More to Come 558: Jeff Smith on Tuki
Calvin interviews cartoonist Jeff Smith, acclaimed author of ‘Bone’ and ‘RASL’, about his new graphic novel series ‘Tuki: Book One Fight For Fire’, and ‘Book Two Fight For Family’, a rollicking two-book adventure tale set at the beginnings of prehistoric human life. Smith talks about the development of Tuki online, self-publishing the book series in print via his Cartoon Books publishing program, and the launch of his “Dawn of Man” national book tour in March.
03/13/2023 Listen
557 More to Come 557: ComicsPro Returns to In-person Event
The ComicsPRO annual retailers conference; ICv2 manga week news from Viz’s Kevin Hamric and Yen Press’ Mark DeVera; anime streaming news on Sentai/HiDive as well as Crunchyroll’s fight with voice actors; the new Image union ratifies contract; Kevin Feige talks MCU Phase 5; Boom Kickstarter raises $1.1 million; Scott Adams canceled; and TikTok examines Son of Kal-El sales. Plus Emerald City Comic Con with Heidi!
03/03/2023 Listen
556 More to Come 556: K. ONeill Interview
Heidi talks with New Zealand cartoonist K. O'Neill about their new middle grade fairy tale graphic novel 'The Moth Keeper'; O'Neill's working process; their approach to storytelling; the New Zealand comics scene; and developing a career as a graphic novelist.
02/24/2023 Listen
555 More to Come 555: Bill Watterson Returns
The return of Calvin and Hobbes legend Bill Watterson to comics; intrigue and fatigue in the MCU and sales in the DCU; New hires at Humanoids, Kickstarter, the GNCRT's latest Best Graphic Novels lists; and the demise of Catapult magazine.
02/17/2023 Listen
554 More to Come 554: Talking with Henry Barajas
Calvin interviews Latinx comics writer Henry Barajas, author of 'La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo' (with artist by J. Gonzo), the graphic biography of his great-grandfather Ramon Jaurique, and writer of the syndicated comic strip 'Gil Thorp' with artist Rod Whigham.
02/10/2023 Listen
553 More to Come 553: DCU Launches New TV and Film Projects
DC Studio’s plan to launch a new slate of DC Universe TV and film projects; Netflix’s dubious use of AI to produce anime; Riad Satouf, the new winner of the Angoulême festival’s Grand Prix; graphic novel winners at the ALA’s Youth Media Awards; layoffs at Comixology, and Kodansha halts its simulpub program on Crunchyroll and Azuki.
02/03/2023 Listen
552 More to Come 552: Robert Kirkman and Invincible
Robert Kirkman, writer/creator of 'The Walking Dead' and the imaginative and diverse superhero universe of 'Invincible', discusses Invincible’s 20th anniversary; creating the series with artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, his love of superhero comics, the Invincible animation series; and the release of Invincible hardcover and trade paperback reprint collections to celebrate the anniversary.
01/27/2023 Listen
551 More to Come 551: Spring 2023 Comics and Graphic Novels
PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke on launching PW's first-ever standalone comics and graphic novel announcement feature. Then the news: massive layoffs at Comixology; Europe Comics shut down; CEO Medney is out at Heavy Metal; Korean webcomics creators face abusive workloads; and job moves by AnimeNYC founder Peter Tatara and others.
01/20/2023 Listen
550 More to Come 550: David Ezra Stein on Beaky Barnes
David Ezra Stein is interviewed by Heidi about his debut graphic novel, 'Beaky Barnes; Egg on the Loose', as well as switching from illustration to comics, art school in NYC and keeping the humanity in art.

01/13/2023 Listen
549 More to Come 549: Looking Back Over 2022
A look back on ten of the biggest comics news events of 2022: among them a surge in book censorship and library challenges, the full-on return of live events and festivals, explosive growth in manga sales, Book sales and supply chain disruptions, troubles at Oni-Lion Forge and other indies; webtoon comics growing, unions at Image and Seven Seas; and PW@150.
01/06/2023 Listen
548 More to Come 548: 2022 Stargazing Holiday Gift Guide
More To Come’s Stargazing segment features Calvin and PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke discussing graphic novel and nonfiction in the 2022 PW Holiday Gift Guide; among them the Filipino urban fantasy 'After Lambana' by Eliza Victoria and Mervin Malonzo, a new edition of Shirow Massamune’s sci-fi manga 'Ghost in the Shell'; 'Milestone Compendium One', a 1,300 page collection of the original stories of the Black superhero universe; and 'The Keeper' by Kelcey Ervick, about soccer, women and Title
12/23/2022 Listen
547 More to Come 547: Turmoil in the Comics Industry
A spike in comics industry business turmoil, including troubles at Aftershock, AMC Publishing, Dead Reckoning, Heavy Metal, and Valiant; the NFT markets renege on resale royalties; a breakdown of the popularity of mobile webcomics and the decline of manga; and changes at DC Studios announced by James Gunn
12/16/2022 Listen
546 More to Come 546: The Creators of Judge Kim and the Kids Court
Calvin interviews writers Joe Illidge, Milo Stone, and Shawn Martinbrough, the creative team behind ‘Judge Kim and the Kids’ Court’ (and artist Christopher Jordan, who is not on the podcast ), which is part of the Ready to Read Graphics series for young readers. They discuss the first book in the series, 'The Case of the Missing Bicycles', and other comics projects,
12/09/2022 Listen
545 More to Come 545: Hunter Gorinson Joins Oni Lion Forge
Hunter Gorinson’s new job leading Oni-Lion Forge; celebrating the life of Aline Kominsky-Crumb (1948-2022); a recap of AnimeNYC 2022; Peter David is recovering from a stroke; and indie comics news, including AWA, IDW, Kodansha/Disney, and Avery Hill Publishing.
12/02/2022 Listen
544 More to Come 544: Art Spiegelman and Maus honored at National Book Awards
Art Spiegelman receives the National Book Award for Distinguished Contribution to American Letter; a new initiative at DC; the MCU’s rejection of fan writers; a crackdown on Pixiv; comics business briefs; and hail a new blockbuster sequel, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’

11/18/2022 Listen
543 More to Come 543: Stargazing
More To Come’s Stargazing segment features Calvin and PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke discussing two new graphic novels: ‘Men I Trust’ by Tommi Parrish, a stylishly drawn examination of a budding and messy friendship between two troubled women, and ‘Giantess’ by J.C. Deveney and Nuria Tamarit, an alluring feminist fairytale about the life of a giant 60-foot redhead heroine and her search for an equitable society.
11/11/2022 Listen
542 More to Come 542: PW Best Books 2022
Penguin Random House / Simon & Schuster publishing mega-merger blocked by the courts; James Gunn appointed to head DC Studios; Heidi’s coverage of the Diamond Retailer Summit at the Baltimore Comic Con; and a salute to the graphic novels and comic creators chosen for PW’s annual Best Books list for 2022.
11/04/2022 Listen
541 More to Come 541: Fall Comics Interview Treat Bag
From New York Comic Con 2022, Heidi talks with graphic novelist Joelle Jones ('Lady Killer') and Gabby Luu, Head of Story at Tapas Media webcomics; while Calvin interviews comics creator Tim Fielder ('Infinitum'); then Heidi has a discussion with Frederick L. Jones publisher of Saturday AM and Mel Schiut, Marketing Manager at The Quarto Group, about this line of original manga.
10/28/2022 Listen
540 More to Come 540: Indie Comics Interviews at SPX 2022
Heidi talks with cartoonists Jeffrey Brown ('Darth Vader & Son', 'A Total Waste of Space Time'); Jennifer Hayden ('The Story of My Tits'); Tommi Parish ('Men I Trust'); Julian Lytle ('Ants', and consultant on WB's 'Naomi'); and Laura Lee Gullidge 'The Dark Matter of Mona Starr') about their work, their experiences at SPX 2022 and what kept them going during the pandemic.
10/21/2022 Listen
539 More to Come 539: New York Comic Con 2022 in review
Executive changes at indie publishers Scout, Mad Cave, Aftershock, and Z2 Comics; and New York Comic Con 2022: ICv2’s Insider Talks, the Harvey Awards, 200K attendance, and the ascendance of manga, anime, and Asian pop in North American popular culture.
10/15/2022 Listen
538 More to Come 538: Interviews at New York Comic Con 2022
Interviews from the floor of New York Comic Con 2022 with Sandy King Carpenter, Sofia Warren, Brian Volk Weiss, Alex Segura, David Mack, Franco, Tom King, Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey
10/10/2022 Listen
537 More to Come 537: NYCC 2022: Michael Becker, Fabrice Sapolsky and Stephen Graham Jones
Heidi talks with Funko founder Michael Becker about toys and the future of Funko, and gabs with Fabrice Sapolsky about his new imprint FairSquare Comics; while Calvin interviews novelist Stephen Graham Jones about his new IDW series, Earthdivers: Kill Columbus, a Native American time travel plot to go back in history, kill Columbus, and stop the coming genocide of indigenous people.
10/09/2022 Listen
536 More to Come 536: Jeff Trexler and Maia Kobabe at SPX
Heidi talks with CBLDF interim director Jeff Trexler about the recent court ruling in favor of cartoonist Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir ‘Gender Queer,’ a guide on gender identity that has been the target of censorship.
09/30/2022 Listen
535 More to Come 535: SPX is Back
Heidi and Calvin recap their visits to SPX, aka the Small Press Expo; a preview of New York Comic Con (Oct. 6-9) and the return of ICv2’s Insider Talks; comics panels at the Brooklyn Book Festival (Sept. 25-Oct. 2); and Dark Horse’s decision to switch its comics shop distribution from Diamond to Penguin Random House Publisher Services.
09/23/2022 Listen
534 More to Come 534: Rebecca Hall and The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts
Calvin moderates a roundtable discussion about Rebecca Hall’s acclaimed work of graphic nonfiction (with artist Hugo Martinez) ‘WAKE: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts,’ and its adaptation into a fully cast audio play.
09/16/2022 Listen
533 More to Come 533: News from DC
New developments at DC; a creator’s critical open letter to Webtoon; report on Titan Manga, Shueisha’s Manga Plus, and Stan Sakai’s new imprint at Dark Horse; and; comics publisher Bad Idea, and the war between Ye and Dan Cherry.
09/09/2022 Listen
532 More to Come 532: Mad Cave Acquires Papercutz
Mad Cave acquires Papercutz; comics periodical woes; graphic novel rights deals grow; the return of Flame Con; WinC Creative Conference; awful decisions at Warner Bros. Discovery; and more on the Sandman.
08/26/2022 Listen
531 More to Come 531: Interviews from the More To Come Archive
More to Come presents a flashback special episode of on-site convention interviews from the before-times. Calvin interviews Ben Passmore and Maia Kobabe in 2019, Heidi interviews Carla Speed McNeil in 2016, and Kate interviews James Tynion IV in 2016
08/19/2022 Listen
530 More to Come 530: DC Dumpster Fires
DC’s various media dumpster fires; Valiant’s vanishing publishing list, Tapas’ retreat from IP development; and Oni’s ongoing workplace troubles. Plus, the Harvey nominations; Tynion’s totals, and praise for Sandman on Netflix.
08/12/2022 Listen
529 More To Come 529: Summer Stargazing
Calvin talks with PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke talks about two new starred books: Kate Beaton’s ‘Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands,’ a masterful memoir of her experiences as one the few women working in Canada’s remote oil fields; and Kate Gavino’s ‘A Career in Books’, a vividly rendered satirical graphic novel about three Asian American young women determined to work in book publishing.
08/05/2022 Listen
528 More to Come 528: San Diego Comic-Con is Back
News of layoffs at Tapas Media; then recap Heidi’s trip to the San Diego Comic-Con, the return of giddy fans and artists, and the biggest book and media events of the show; the Sandman trailer, and Calvin's interviews publishers and artists at Comic-Con.
07/29/2022 Listen
527 More to Come 527: Charles Kochman Interview
Calvin talks with Charles Kochman, editorial director of ComicArts, Abrams’ wide-ranging graphic novel/nonfiction imprint, and the authors and diverse collection of graphic titles he’s showcasing at Comic-Con.
07/25/2022 Listen
526 More to Come 526: Rachel Smythe and John Jennings Interviews
Calvin interviews comics creator, professor and comics scholar John Jennings, Director and Curator of Megascope, Abrams Comics Arts' graphic novel imprint for genre stories by and about people of color; and comics creator Rachel Smythe, the 2022 Eisner Award winner of Best Webcomic for her comic 'Lore Olympus', published by Webtoon.
07/24/2022 Listen
525 More to Come 525: Lindsey Elias Interview at Comic-Con
Calvin interviews Lindsey Elias, director of Brand Events at Penquin Random House live from her vantage point at SDCC 2022 as the floor opens for the first time since 2019. Elias talks about Comic-Con, George R.R. Martin, and more
07/22/2022 Listen
524 More to Come 524: Peggy Burns Interview
Calvin and Heidi talk with Drawn and Quarterly publisher Peggy Burns about the celebrated Canadian literary graphic novel publisher, discussing D&Q’s history; surviving the pandemic; the current state of the comics marketplace; and D&Q’s long and stellar list of acclaimed comics authors.
07/15/2022 Listen
522 More to Come 522: Axel Alonso Interview
Heidi interviews Axel Alonso, CCO of AWA (Artists Writers and Artisans), the veteran comics editor and creator about AWA and AWA's Resistance shared universe including its new book "E-Ratic: Recharged" by writer/artist Kaare Andrews.
07/01/2022 Listen
521 More To Come 521: TCAF Returns
Heidi recaps TCAF 2022 and sneaks into the NFT NYC crypto conference; diversity in publishing; tributes to Tim Sale and Mike Pasciullo; updates on DC, PRH/Disney distribution, and Conan the Barbarian; a salute to Linda Sunshine; and the eternal controversy of OEL anime.
06/24/2022 Listen
520 More to Come 520: Geof Darrow and the Shaolin Cowboy
Calvin interviews acclaimed cartoonist Geof Darrow about the release of ‘Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin,’ a new seven-issue series from Dark Horse continuing the saga of the Kung Fu Buddha and his mind-blowing, bleakly hilarious, elegantly violent journey through the ravaged landscape and psyche of America.
06/10/2022 Listen
519 More To Come 519: TCAF and Pink Cat
Online outrage at Pink Cat and TCAF; the return of (some) Comic Arts Festivals; San Diego Comic-Con preview; a postmortem on ReedPop’s international growth; job moves by Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada; unionization at Seven Seas; and the graphic novel/comics presence at the U.S. Book Show.
06/03/2022 Listen
518 More to Come 518: Chris Giliberti of Zestworld
Calvin interviews Chris Giliberti, CEO of Zestworld, a new subscription-based digital comics venture, about the company’s vision to create a new comics marketplace for original creator-owned comics, Zestworld’s digital publishing and distribution model, and the new venture’s plans to be a multiservice platform, offering a variety of support services to veteran and emerging artists.
05/27/2022 Listen
517 More To Come 517: A Double Sized Super Special Episode
The nominations for this year’s Eisner Awards; an ever-expanding list of comics job moves; sharp growth in manga sales and the rebound of comics and graphic novel retailers; the heroic work of librarians in the face of censorship; and the comics contributions to the PW@150 commemorative issue.
05/20/2022 Listen
516 More to Come 516: Mark Doyle Interview
Heidi interviews Mark Doyle, editorial director of the Originals at IDW talks about the upcoming launch of nine new titles - what it's like to start a line from scratch, how to find artists and writers, and more about the secrets of editing comics.
05/13/2022 Listen
515 More to Come 515: Sofia Warren Interview
Warren talks about embedding herself in the freshmen senator’s campaign, Salazar’s background and activism, her district and staff, and the process and challenges of creating her first book-length graphic work.
05/06/2022 Listen
514 More To Come 514: Stargazing - Two Graphic Memoirs
Calvin talks with PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke about Sabba Kahn’s 'What is Home, Mum?', a moving graphic memoir of her Pakistani family’s life before and after immigration to Britain and James Spooner’s graphic memoir 'The High Desert: Black. Punk Nowhere.', a look back at growing up a teenage Afropunk.
04/22/2022 Listen
513 More To Come 513: New Comics Imprints
New imprints from Dark Horse, IDW, and S&S/Black Privilege; big sales numbers on Brian’s Hibbs’ annual BookScan report; scrutinize DC’s fate under Warner Bros. Discovery; Joe Casey rejects Marvel's token MCU payment; censorship of a cult-inspired manga; and Heidi’s visit to WonderCon and Calvin at the MoCCA Art Fest.
04/15/2022 Listen
512 More To Come 512: The MoCCA Art Fest is Back
Calvin interviews exhibitors at the MoCCA Art Fest, a festival of independent comics and graphic novel publishing, including George Rohac, founder/manager of Organized Havoc; Charles Kochman, editorial director of Abrams ComicArts, Abrams’s graphic novel imprint; cartoonist Sharon de la Cruz (I Am a Wild Seed); and Karen Green, curator for comics and cartoons at Columbia University.
04/08/2022 Listen
511 More To Come 511: Zestworld Snags a Small Fortune
New comics venture Zestworld snags $9 million in new investment; the return of Angoulême, Bologna, MoCCA, and WonderCon; censorship of Marjane Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis,’ and Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s new graphic novel.
04/01/2022 Listen
510 More To Come 510: The MoCCA Arts Fest Is Back
Calvin interviews Anelle Miller, executive director of the Society of Illustrators, organizer of the MoCCA Arts Fest (to be held April 2 and 3), about restarting the annual indie comics and graphic novel festival after a two year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic.
03/25/2022 Listen
509 More To Come 509: Julie Doucet Wins Angouleme Grand Prix
Julie Doucet’s historic Angoulême Grand Prix win; Comixology's co-founder David Steinberger is leaving the groundbreaking service; Vault Comics’ new investors; DC’s Pride releases and the Milestone talent initiative’s super diverse first class; and media deals involving Kate Beaton, Mark Waid, and Kevin Smith.
03/18/2022 Listen
508 More To Come 508: Joe Illidge Interview
An interview with comics writer, editor, and Heavy Metal executive editor Joe Illidge about his publishing and production company Illuminous; and working with Curtis “Fifty Cents” Jackson’s G-Unit Film & TV, and Erika Alexander’s Color Farm production house, to launch a live action TV series adaptaton of comics writer Christopher Priest’s Xero series.
03/11/2022 Listen
507 More To Come 507: Comixology Woes
Problems from Comixology’s integration into Amazon Kindle continue; the annual ComicsPro retailers meeting; new hires Gina Gagliano (Boston Book Festival), Chris Arrant (ReedPop), and the launch of AMC Networks Publishing; ICv2’s Manga Week; plus DC’s switch to “hot desks” and Batman’s new creative team.
03/03/2022 Listen
506 More To Come 506: The CBLDF and The Freedom to Read
An interview with Jeff Trexler, Interim executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, about the CBLDF response to the rise in efforts to ban certain books in schools and libraries; CBLDF’s mission and the history of comics and graphic novel censorship, as well as CBLDF legal resources, and its work in support of teachers, librarians, and retailers in defense of the freedom to read.
02/25/2022 Listen
503 More To Come 505: Amazon Absorbs Comixology
Amazon completely absorbs Comixology and Kindle replaces the Comixology app amidst user complaints; data on booming 2021 graphic novel sales; Spike Trotman exits Kickstarter; the Internet Archive/PRH copyright clash over ‘Maus’, and is this the end of the editorial cartoon.
02/18/2022 Listen
504 More To Come 504: Glass Eye Studios and Substack
An interview with Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer about their new publishing venture Glass Eye Studios. They talk with Heidi about working with Substack, writing about the Holocaust, indie wrestling, growing up in comics and more
02/11/2022 Listen
503 More To Come 503: Banning Maus
Art Spiegelman's classic graphic novel 'Maus' and rising censorship; the release of the ALA’s GNCRT Best Graphic Novels Lists; a new wave of Substack comics; TopataGO, a new crowdfunding platform by Topataco; a class action suit against ActionLab comic; Scout Comics; and manga piracy, Cloudfare, and fair use.
02/04/2022 Listen
502 More To Come 502: Smahtguy Stargazing Special
Calvin and PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke highlight and discuss Eric Orner’s graphic biography ‘Smahtguy: The Life and Times of Barney Frank,’ a personal and political biography of the first openly gay congressman.

01/28/2022 Listen
501 More To Come 501: Dan Cherry Ankles DC
Dan Cherry has abruptly left DC; other DC news; new developments at Heavy Metal; Valiant’s NFT plans; Black Sands makes an appearance on Shark Tank; news breaks on a Scott Pilgrim anime; and the 10th annual Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center in Harlem.
01/21/2022 Listen
500 More To Come 500: Samira Ahmed interview
An interview with bestselling author Samira Ahmed (Internment, Amira & Hamza) about becoming the first Muslim South Asian woman to write Ms. Marvel with 'Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit' and adjusting to writing comics. Also discussed are the growing threat of book bannings, and comics that impressed Ahmed growing up.

01/14/2022 Listen
499 More To Come 499: Graphic Novel Sales Spike in 2021
Record 2021 adult graphic novel and manga sales; Dark Horse Comics’s acquisition by the Embracer Group; the CBWU’s historic union certification vote at Image; The Beat’s annual Comics Creator Survey; and the Comics Industry Person of the Year.
01/07/2022 Listen
498 More To Come 498: End of the Year Stargazing Special
Calvin and PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke discuss 'The Waiting' by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, a fictional reflection on the heartbreaking separation of North and South Korean families; and Dash Shaw’s 'Discipline', the story of a pacifist Quaker family facing a call to fight in the Civil War; plus the Stargazing holiday reading and gift guide.
12/24/2021 Listen
497 More To Come 497: The 2021 Year in Review
The biggest events, trends, and personalities of the past year, among them: PRH Distributes Marvel in the DM, supply chain headaches, sales spike and the impact of streaming, the US Book Show shines, Webtoon and Tapas, rising book censorship, and Comic Book Workers United tries to unionize Image Comics. Plus, Alison Bechdel Tops PW’s 2021 Graphic Novel Critics Poll.
12/17/2021 Listen
496 More To Come 496: Siena and Mark Siegel Tiny Dancer interview
An interview with Siena Siegel and her artist-husband Mark Siegel about 'Tiny Dancer', a new young adult graphic memoir about her passion for ballet and her early years as a student at The School of American Ballet in New York City. The new book is a more expansive autobiographical work for older readers and revisits Siena’s 2006 young readers graphic memoir 'To Dance'.
12/16/2021 Listen
More To Come 495: AnimeNYC Returns to Javits
A recap of the return of AnimeNYC and reports of a single case of Omicron in a fan that attended; Heidi's trip to San Diego Comic-Con’s Special Edition; Gina Gagliano’s departure from Random House Graphic; Webtoon Unscrolled, a new graphic novel imprint, and Zestworld, a new comics publishing platform; and news and rumors about Dark Horse Comics.
12/03/2021 Listen
494 More To Come 494: AnimeNYC Webcomics and the Future
From AnimeNYC 2021, the panel "Webcomics and the Future of Manga and Graphic Novels". Literary agent Janna Morishima talks with Michael Son (VP of Content, Tapas); George Rohacs (Artist Manager and Kickstarter Expert, Organized Havoc); Manuel Godoy (Founder of Black Sands Publishing) and Heidi MacDonald about the future of webcomics, manga, and graphic novels. Plus, Kate interviews Stephane Metayer of Tephlon Funk, Erika Swanson of Bellossoms & Kitson of MT Star on the convention floor.
11/26/2021 Listen
More To Come 493: Comic Book Workers United takes on Image Comics
Comic Book Workers United’s unprecedented effort to unionize Image Comics; a ransomware attack hits Diamond Comics Distributors; efforts to ban two notable graphic novels; and comics writer Mariko Tamaki’s Surely Books, a new LGBTQ-focused graphic novel imprint at Abrams ComicArts.
11/12/2021 Listen
492 More To Come 492: Greg Pak interviewed on Kickstarter
An interview with Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, Mech Cadet Yu) about his new Kickstarter for 'Cooking Will Break Your Heart', a combination illustrated cook book/memoir. He also discusses how creators connect with their audience, his work on Star Wars comics and more. .
11/05/2021 Listen
More To Come 491: Supply Chain Headaches and DC FanDome
Growing problems and delays in the comics publishing supply chain; retailer response to the initial problems plaguing the PRH/Marvel Direct Market distribution service; the DC FanDome virtual con and Baltimore Comic Con; PW’s picks for best graphic novels of the year; and a look at the crowdfunding campaign to publish a Dune graphic adaptation.
10/29/2021 Listen
490 More To Come 490: Douglas Wolk
An interview with Douglas Wolk, author of "All the Marvels" - a comprehensive analysis of and guide to more than 27,000 issues of the Marvel Comics universe published since 1961.
10/22/2021 Listen
More To Come 489: New York Comic Con Back in Business
New York Comic Con returns (our first post-pandemic con report); comics retailer complaints about the launch debacle of the PRH/Marvel distribution deal; Penguin Classics embraces Marvel classics; Jon Kent, the new bisexual Superman; and Webtoon fans shut down a plagiarized manhwa.

10/15/2021 Listen
488 More To Come 488: NYCC 21: Alitha Martinez and more
An interview with Eisner Award-winning comics artist Alitha Martinez, as well as floor interviews from exhibitors with Viz, Yen Press, NASA, Kinokuniya, Zenoscope and KOCCA in Part 2 of our NYCC interview coverage.
10/11/2021 Listen
487 More To Come 487: NYCC 21: Scott Snyder Interview
An interview with acclaimed comics writer Scott Snyder about leaving DC to launch his own line of original comics at Comixology Originals, Best Jackett Press, in Part 1 of our NYCC interview coverage.
10/09/2021 Listen
486 More To Come 486: Stargazing looks at Stone Fruit and Bubble
Calvin and PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke discuss Lee Lai’s ‘Stone Fruit’, a poignant graphic novel on family ties and discordant romance, and Jordan Morris, Sarah Morgan, and Tony Cliff’s ‘Bubble’, a relentlessly wisecracking satirical sci-fi adventure.
10/01/2021 Listen
485 More To Come 485: IDW Picks PRH for Comics Shop Distribution
The direct market distribution deal between IDW and PRH; clashing retailer responses to a changing direct market; New York Comic Con preview; Archie Comics on Webtoon; and a look back at the impact of the New 52, the historic 2011 revamp/relaunch of the DC Universe.
09/24/2021 Listen
484 More To Come 484: Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson
An interview with Dark Horse founder and publisher Mike Richardson for the 35th anniversary of the publishing house outlining its history, as well as the Karen Berger Books imprint; the addition of African comics publisher YouNeek Studios; the recent Scott Snyder/Comixology Originals copublishing deal; and the state of direct market comics distribution.
09/17/2021 Listen
483 More To Come 483: BatToon
DC and Marvel join mobile comics; Comixology is integrated deeper into the Amazon platform; ‘Shangi-Chi’s’ eye-popping opening box office weekend; and NPR’s Planet Money Buys a Superhero, a funny podcast series about efforts to revive a public domain superhero character.
09/10/2021 Listen
482 More To Come 482: Tapas Media and the Growth of Mobile Digital Comics
An interview with Michele Wells, chief content officer at Tapas Media, and Jamie Rich, editor-in-chief of Tapas Media, about the Korean mobile comics platform and app, its business model, artists, the digital comics market, co-publishing partnerships, and the addition of print to its publishing program.
09/03/2021 Listen
481 More To Come 481: DC and Webtoon Join Forces
A new partnership between DC and Webtoon; The new Batman creative team; continued printing and shipping delays for the comics market; Z2 Comics’ move to Lunar distribution and Lunar's quiet but steady growth; and new safety and health rules for the upcoming New York Comic Con.
08/27/2021 Listen
480 More To Come 480: Vaudeville Revolutionaries
An interview with pop culture journalist David Hajdu (The Ten-Cent Plague) and artist John Carey about their new graphic history, 'A Revolution In Three Acts: The Radical Vaudeville of Bert Williams, Eva Tanguay, and Julian Eltinge', which profiles the lives and careers of three visionary vaudeville artists: Black comedian Bert Williams, who challenged racist stereotypes; Julian Eltinge, a white female impersonator; and Eva Tanguay, a white woman whose performances defied Victorian propriety.
08/20/2021 Listen
479 More To Come 479: Comics Creators Eye Substack
Star comics creators including James Tynion IV, Molly Ostertag and Saladin Ahmed ink Substack newsletter deals; news from interviews by DC’s Jim Lee and Dan Cherry; hit Chinese writer MXTX comes to print in English through Seven Seas; the growth of Korean comics/manhwa; Robin - Tim Drake - comes out; and Wizard World conventions end after their acquisition by Fan Expo.
08/13/2021 Listen
478 More To Come 478: Flashback Convention Interviews
A flashback to convention interview highlights: Heidi interviews Carla Speed McNeil of 'Finder' in 2016 about her life and work at Baltimore Comic Con; Calvin talks with Ethan Rilly aka Hartley Lin of 'Pope Hats' aka 'Young Frances' at TCAF in 2017; and Kate speaks with Marguerite Bennett of 'RWBY' and 'M.O.M.' at NYCC 2017.
08/06/2021 Listen
477 More To Come 477: Comic Con and the Eisners at Home
A recap of Comic-Con@Home, the virtual San Diego Comic-con; the 2021 Eisner Award winners; Scott Snyder’s new publishing deal with Comixology; Kurt Busiek’s backlist pact; Hollywood “shut up money”; and Thought Bubble’s rebuff of Frank Miller; plus, French kids love manga and the Black Widow sues Disney.
07/30/2021 Listen
476 More To Come 476: The Show Must Go On... Online
A preview of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con online; virtual conventions one year later; business news including Adhouse Books closing and IDW's possible IPO; mobile comics news; Hong Kong comics NFTs and the Emmy Awards.
07/16/2021 Listen
475 More To Come 475: Juni Ba and Djeliya: A West African Fantasy Epic
An interview with Senegalese cartoonist Juni Ba about his new graphic novel 'Djeliya: A West African Fantasy Epic', about two humbled royal elites from a now-destroyed kingdom, out now from TKO Studios. Rich in African folklore, history and mythology; it blends a sense of cultural legacy, visionary technology, and a manic African sense of humor.
07/09/2021 Listen
474 More To Come 474: Booming 2020 Graphic Novel and Manga Sales
2020 graphic novel and manga sales spike; a new, highly funded, Wattpad Webtoon Studios TV/film production venture; the Suicide Squad's movie-poster plugs DC’s comics; the reckoning around Warren Ellis’s history of abuse takes down 'Fell'; backlash to an anti-Isekai manga; and returning to record the podcast in person at PW's new office.

07/02/2021 Listen
473 More To Come 473: June Stargazing Feature
Meg and Calvin discuss Alison Bechdel’s new graphic memoir ‘The Secret to Superhuman Strength’ on More To Come’s Stargazing feature.
06/25/2021 Listen
472 More To Come 472: Eisner Awards Nominations
This year's Eisner Awards nominations, plus: new hires at Tapas Media; Fables returns, Geeked Week, and graphic novels in libraries

06/18/2021 Listen
471 More To Come 471: Rose of Versailles Interview Special Pt. 2
An interview with Kitty of the Takarazuka Fan Podcast, a Rose of Versailles expert, on the history of this classic manga as a pop culture and theatrical phenomenon in Japan and its influence on other artistic works. ‘Rose of Versailles’ is just out from Udon Press in its first full English translation.
06/11/2021 Listen
470 More To Come 470: Check Please Raises 580K on Kickstarter
The Kickstarter success of Ngozi Ukazu’s ‘Check, Please!’ graphic novel series, which just raised $580,000 to publish volume four; PW’s U.S. Book Show; comics job comings and goings; Diamond’s belated new Pullbox order system; the reopening of St. Mark’s Comics; and news on the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy.
06/04/2021 Listen
469 More To Come 469: Rose of Versailles Interview Special Pt. 1
An interview with manga scholar Erica Friedman of Okazu about Riyoko Ikeda's classic manga 'Rose of Versailles', and its translation for the first time into English, which has just come out from Udon Entertainment. Also, a bonus interview with Mitsuya Nao, who played Girodelle in a Takarazuka musical production of Rose of Versailles: Fersen.
05/28/2021 Listen
468 More To Come 468: AT&T Massive FAIL
AT&T plans to merge WarnerMedia (and DC) with Discovery Inc. as it exits the entertainment industry; Diamond’s new wholesale terms for Marvel comics; the current state of cons, including a preview of the U.S. Book Show; and Alex Segura ankles from Archie Comics for Oni-Lion Forge.
05/21/2021 Listen
467 More To Come 467: PRH Prepares for the Direct Market
Penguin Random House's video update on its distribution deal with Marvel, and speculation on Diamond’s plans; dramatic sales increases for manga and other graphic novels; and digital news on Webtoon, Tapas Media, OverDrive, Black Sands, and Madefire.
05/07/2021 Listen
466 More To Come 466: Stargazing Staff Picks and Summer Reads
In this Stargazing special episode, Calvin talks with PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke about their personal Staff Picks: Keiler Robert’s ‘My Begging Chart,’ and Bill Campbell and Bizhan Khodabandeh’s ‘The Day the Klan Came to Town’. Plus graphic novel recommendations on PW’s Summer Reads listing.
04/30/2021 Listen
465 More To Come 465: Are the Big Two a Bad Deal?
A look at whether the Big Two of superhero comics (Marvel and DC) are a bad deal for creators; rising prices ($5.99!) for periodical comics; the impact of streaming TV and film adaptations on graphic novel sales; offer a WTF on NFTs; and update news on New York Comic Con 2021.
04/23/2021 Listen
475 More To Come 464: PRH Publisher Services and the Future of Comics Shops
Kuo-Yu Liang (known universally as Ku), a 30 year publishing veteran who has worked as an executive at ReedPop, Diamond Book Distributors, and Random House, talks about the blockbuster distribution deal between Marvel and PRH Publisher Services, the future of the Direct Market, and in the wake of the pandemic looks ahead at the status of pop culture conventions in 2021.
04/16/2021 Listen
475 More To Come 464: PRH Publisher Services and the Future of Comics Shops
Kuo-Yu Liang (known universally as Ku), a 30 year publishing veteran who has worked as an executive at ReedPop, Diamond Book Distributors, and Random House, talks about the blockbuster distribution deal between Marvel and PRH Publisher Services, the future of the Direct Market, and in the wake of the pandemic looks ahead at the status of pop culture conventions in 2021.
04/16/2021 Listen
463 More To Come 463: 2021 Conventions Update and Comics Retailing
A survey of pop culture conventions in 2021; PW’s annual comics retailing feature; more on the impact of the comics distribution pact between PRH Publisher Services and Marvel; 'RUN: Book One', a posthumous sequel to John Lewis’s March trilogy; and more on Ray Fisher’s charges of racism against Joss Whedon during the filming of the Justice League movie.
04/09/2021 Listen
More to Come 462: Comics and Publishing on Kickstarter
Kickstarter and the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, a new union, graphic novel projects, setting up on, and the continued growth of the publishing and comics crowdfunding sectors on Kickstarter.
04/02/2021 Listen
461 More To Come 461: PRH Publisher Services Targets the Direct Market
Penguin Random House takes over distribution of Marvel comics in the direct market from Diamond, the anniversary of Diamond’s Covid shutdown, S&S graphic novel distribution, Keanu Reeves’s Netflix deal, DOJ looks at Crunchyroll sale, and the Snyder Cut.
03/26/2021 Listen
460 More To Come 460: The CBLDF on Comics After Covid
A look at Comics After Covid, an online panel organized by the CBLDF; WonderCon and the San Diego Comic-Con go virtual again, with hope for the fall; comics publishing news with familiar names at new publishers; and a discussion of 'WandaVision', 'Raya and the Last Dragon', and other movie and streaming news.
03/12/2021 Listen
459 More To Come 459: Oscar Dunn and Reconstruction Era New Orleans
Historian Brian K. Mitchell, artist Barrington S. Edwards, and editor Nick Weldon, on 'Monumental: Oscar Dunn and His Radical Fight in Reconstruction Louisiana', a graphic nonfiction account of the nearly forgotten but remarkable life of Oscar J. Dunn, a New Orleans-born former slave, who became the first African American lieutenant governor and acting governor in U.S. history.
03/05/2021 Listen
458 More To Come 458: Comics Retailers, Assemble!
A report on the ComicsPro retailers conference; plans and rumors about DC Comics’ publishing program; the Snyder Cut, a forthcoming graphic novel from Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki; and comics stars help save a Black-owned comics store.
02/26/2021 Listen
457 More To Come 457: King Kirby Creators Interview
Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman talk about 'King Kirby' - their new dramatic podcast about the life of Marvel Comics legend Jack Kirby - in an interview with Heidi MacDonald about their show, comics, Jack Kirby and creating an audio drama in a pandemic.
02/19/2021 Listen
456 More To Come 456: Joss Whedon Trouble
Allegations about Joss Whedon; Disney’s shutdown of Bluesky; a jump in pandemic graphic novel sales; a convention update; and Calvin moderates a panel on Ken Quattro’s ‘Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books’ published by Yoe Books.
02/12/2021 Listen
455 More To Come 455: February Stargazing Feature
This week on More To Come's Stargazing Calvin talks with PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke about David Walker and Marcus Kwame Anderson’s ‘The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History’ ; and Shira Spector’s graphic memoir ‘Red Rock Baby Candy’ .
02/05/2021 Listen
454 More To Come 454: SchomCom Black Comic Book Festival
Two virtual conventions: the SchomCom Black Comic Book Festival and the Angoulême Rights Conference; Dark Horse acquires YouNeek Studios; Ku Worldwide, and Endpaper launch; and the annual ALA Awards and YALSA 2021 list.
01/29/2021 Listen
453 More To Come 453: Tim Fielder Interview
Tim Fielder interviewed about the publication of his new graphic novel 'Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale', an epic adventure and meta-fictional tale of survival that celebrates the presence of the Black man and Black woman in genre storytelling from the beginning of time until the end of the universe.
01/22/2021 Listen
451 More To Come 452: The Comic Book Shopping Experience
The Comic Book Shopping Experience, a new comics retail platform; celebrate Gene Yang; named Comic Book Industry Person of the Year by The Beat; Rob Salkowitz’s examination of DC Comics; and new staff and growth at indie publishers Z2 Comics and TKO Studios.
01/15/2021 Listen
451 More To Come 451: 2020 Year in Review
A look back on a year like no other: from pre-pandemic travels abroad in early 2020 to the lockdown in early March, the shutdown of retail and distribution, the cancellation of comics conventions and festivals, the impact of the Black Lives Matter protests, layoffs at DC, and a few of the books we loved.
01/01/2021 Listen
450 More To Come 450: GlobalComix Interview
An interview with GlobalComix ( founder/CEO Christopher Carter and director of business development Eric Tapper about their digital comics portal that offers comics from AWA, Markosia and indie creators. They hope to offer more tools to creators for monetization, including Crowdfinder, a new tool for discovering more crowdfunding campaigns
12/18/2020 Listen
449 More To Come 449: What Is Up at Disney and WarnerMedia
News from Disney; programming and movie turmoil at WarnerMedia; Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll; a farewell to BookExpo and BookCon; and the best graphic novels of the year as chosen by the ‘New York Times’ and ‘The Guardian.’
12/11/2020 Listen
448 More To Come 448: Brian Hibbs Talks Comics Retail
In a follow up to MTC's discussion on the future of DC Comics, San Francisco comics retailer and ‘Beat’ columnist Brian Hibbs responds to questions about his grim outlook on DC after new layoffs, its frayed commitment to periodical comics and comics shops, the growth of graphic novels and the book trade, and offers concern over the viability of the direct market itself.
12/04/2020 Listen
447 More To Come 447: The End of DC Comics
The disturbing news of more layoffs at DC Comics, and a grim outlook on DC’s future in the direct market; plus the release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ on HBO Max in December, and the launch of Webtoon Studios.
11/20/2020 Listen
446 More To Come 446: Three Great Graphic Novels
This week on Stargazing, PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke discusses three books with starred reviews: Allie Brosh’s ‘Solutions and Other Problems’, Ryan North and Albert Monteys’s adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Five', and Tomi Ungerer’s ‘The Party’.
11/13/2020 Listen
445 More To Come 445: PWs Best Books 2020 Graphic Novels
ICv2's Insider Talks conference on Comics in the Covid Era; and discusses Sony's interest in buying Crunchyroll; allegations of past racism at DC Comics; PW's Best Graphic Novels 2020; and two in-person comics conventions.
11/06/2020 Listen
444 More To Come 444: Whats Next at DC?
A look at DC’s upcoming 'Future State' event and DC’s exit from UCS distribution; a recap of interviews with IDW executives Nachie Marsham and Blake Kobashigawa; new developments in digital comics and manga; and a 42% spike in graphic novel sales.

10/23/2020 Listen
443 More To Come 443: Tea Fougner King Features Interview
An interview with Tea Fougner, Editorial Director of Comics at King Features about her career, syndicated digital comics, the evolution of webcomics, finding new voices and this week's controversial revival of the venerable Mark Trail comics strip.
10/16/2020 Listen
442 More To Come 442: Welcome to the Metaverse
NYCC Metaverse opens amidst the continued evolution of online conventions; the cohosts recap the 2020 Harvey Awards; graphic novel programming at the Virtual Brooklyn Book Festival; and ‘Vulture’s’ 100 Sequences That Shaped Animation.
10/09/2020 Listen
441 More To Come 441: October Stargazing Special
Calvin Reid talks with PW graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke about three books with starred reviews: David Chisholm’s graphic biography 'Chasin’ The Bird: Charlie Parker in Cailfornia'; Katy Skelly’s graphic novel 'Maids', and Sophie Yanow's 'The Contradictions,' quirky autobiographical account of a college year spent abroad.
10/02/2020 Listen
440 More To Come 440: DC Universe Becomes Infinite
DC Universe streaming service becomes the digital comics subscription service DC Universe Infinite; what the comics industry looked like in 1994 vs now; Watchmen's whopping 11 Emmys; IDW builds a kids and young adults content division and much much more.
09/25/2020 Listen
439 More To Come 439: Jeff Trexler Redirects the CBLDF
Calvin interviews Jeff Trexler, the new interim executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, about the present and future of the CBLDF. Trexler discusses the need to institute anti-harrassment policies, update the CBLDF’s mission, expand services, and prepare the CBLDF to begin a formal search for permanent executive director.
09/18/2020 Listen
438 More To Come 438: Christian Cooper Writes a New DC Comic
Central Park birder and comics veteran Christian Cooper’s new digital comic for DC, Superstars flocking to Kickstarter, Allegiance Comics at Walmart, an 'Adventure Zone' payment dustup, a 'Shonen Jump' sexual violence petition, and congratulate cartoonist Keith Knight on the airing of his new TV comedy ‘Woke’ on Hulu.
09/11/2020 Listen
437 More To Come 437: End of Summer Stargazing
a special episode of our Stargazing feature Calvin Reid and PW reviews editor Meg Lemke talk about three graphic books with starred reviews: Rumi Hara’s ‘Nori,’ Jim Terry’s ‘Come Home Indio’, and Joe Sacco’s ‘Paying the Land.’
09/04/2020 Listen
436 More To Come 436: DC FanDome Is a Big Hit
DC FanDome (especially the Milestone relaunch), DC’s massive 24-hour fan festival; Jim Lee and DC after the layoffs; Scott Snyder’s big bucks crowdfunder; Asia’s animation streaming wars; and the question of whether Asterix is racist.
08/28/2020 Listen
435 More To Come 435: Gamal Hennessy Interview
Heidi talks with attorney/author Gamal Hennessy of Creative Contract Consulting about his upcoming book 'The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing'; his career at Central Park Media and Marvel and as a consultant to indie comics publishers; and the current state of the industry.
08/21/2020 Listen
434 More To Come 434: Massive Layoffs at DC
A third of DC’s editorial staff has been laid off; report on Jud Myers's firing at IDW; defend Bianca Xunise, and discuss new e-Cons like ReedPOP’s Digital New York Comic Con 2020; CBLDF’s new interim executive director Jeff Trexler; and look at new sell-through data from comics shops.
08/14/2020 Listen
433 More To Come 433: Mike Curato Interview
Calvin Reid talks with Mike Curato about his debut young adult graphic novel 'Flamer', the story of a week at Boy Scout Camp with Aiden Navarro, a 14 year-old Catholic kid: He's queer, excited to enter high school, but worried about facing a new cast of gay-bashing bullies, navigating old and new friendships, and way more serious stuff.
08/07/2020 Listen
432 More To Come 432: Goodbye John Lewis
A tribute to the late Rep. John Lewis; Ben Passmore’s big book deal with Pantheon; the 2020 Eisner Awards; Comic-Con@Home; Dynamite’s ComicsGate debacle; and an abrupt change of publisher at IDW.
07/31/2020 Listen
431 More To Come 431: Rep. John Lewis March Memorial Special
Two interviews between host Calvin Reid and Andrew Aydin, co-author of Rep. John Lewis's acclaimed graphic memoir, 'March'. In our first interview, recorded back in 2013, about 'March' and the historical impact of the 1957 comic Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Story, nonviolent disobedience; and a second, recorded in 2016 at Awesome Con, about finishing the third and final volume of the series.
07/24/2020 Listen
430 More To Come 430: Record 2019 Comics and Graphic Novel Sales
Record $1.21 billion in 2019 comics/graphic novel sales; comics publishers and retailers that snagged PPP loans; offer a preview of Comic-con @ Home; review 'Old Guard', and hype Adrian Tomine and Fall graphic novels.
07/17/2020 Listen
429 More To Come 429: Joe Sacco and Indigenous People in Canada
Calvin Reid talks with Joe Sacco about this new book, ‘Paying the Land,’ on the history of Indigenous People in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the predatory treaties and Canada’s notorious residential schools, and profiling a new generation of First Nation leaders as they face off against oil, fracking, and mining interests over Indigenous control of vast wilderness tracts filled with valuable resources
07/10/2020 Listen
428 More To Come 428: The Purge in Comics
A week of reckoning in the comics industry, including sexual misconduct charges leveled at Scott Allie at Dark Horse, the resignation of Chris Butcher from TCAF, and the departure of three members of the CBLDF board; plus Steve Geppi returns; Joe Illidge joins Heavy Metal; and The Year Without Comic-Con.
07/03/2020 Listen
427 More To Come 427: Stargazing and Summer Reads
In a Stargazing special episode, Calvin and PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke discuss ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Cartoonist’ by Adrian Tomine, a satirical graphic memoir; and ‘On Ajayi Crowther Street’ by Elnation John and Àlàbá Ònájìn, a corrosively humorous fictional portrait of middle class urban life in contemporary Lagos, Nigeria.
06/26/2020 Listen
426 More To Come 426: DC and Diamond Divorce
The end of DC’s 25 year distribution relationship with Diamond Comic Distributors and its impact on retailers; a farewell to acclaimed comics writer and editor Denny O’Neil; new allegations of sexual misconduct in comics; Howard Cruse’s ‘Stuck Rubber Baby’; and updates on the fare of comics conventions.
06/19/2020 Listen
425 More To Come 425: Tim Fielder on Afrofuturism and Black Lives Matter
Calvin Reid talks with retro-afrofuturist comics creator Tim Fielder ('Matty's Rocket' and 'Infinitum') about working during the pandemic, the current political moment, history and, of course, comics
06/12/2020 Listen
424 More To Come 424: The Current Moment
This week on More to Come, the cohosts pay tribute to the memory of George Floyd and recommend MTC episodes and a list of graphic works on the issues of mass incarceration, black comics artists, diversity and political activism; they also survey the 2020 Eisner nominations and lament GamesRadar’s recent absorption of comics news site Newsarama.
06/05/2020 Listen
423 More To Come 423: The Return of Wednesday Comics
This week on More to Come the cohosts react to the restart of Diamond shipments, discuss the streaming universe, HBO Max and the Snyder Cut, mobile device comics, Layoffs at Kickstarter, and offer a salute to Christian Cooper.

05/29/2020 Listen
422 More To Come 422: Geoff Johns Interview
Kate talks with acclaimed writer, producer and comics creator Geoff Johns about Stargirl, a teenage DC superhero he created back in the 1990s, who is also the main character of a new live action TV series on the CW/DC Universe that will debut on May 18 on the DC Universe, and on May 19 on The CW.
05/15/2020 Listen
421 More To Come 421: The State of the Industry
The cohosts discuss the state of graphic novel publishing in a pandemic with reports on Fantagraphics, Clover Press, and Titan Comics; DC and Marvel's return; Diamond founder Steve Geppi answers distribution questions; and TCAF, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and BookExpo go virtual.
05/08/2020 Listen
420 More To Come 420: Jen King Interview
Heidi talks with comics retailer Jen King of Space Cadets Collection Collection in Oak Ridge North, TX about the Insider Art benefit she's coordinated to help women and non-binary comic shop owners, joining the board of the CBLDF, ComicHub, DC, Diamond, and re-opening her store on May 1.
05/01/2020 Listen
419 More To Come 419: DC Equals Distribution Controversy
The cohosts look at the heated response to DC’s controversial new distribution initiative; public and industry support for comics retailers and booksellers, the cancellation of the San Diego Comic-Con; new digital comics ventures such as the manga platform Mangamo; and PW’s #BooksAreEssential.
04/24/2020 Listen
418 More To Come 418: Gene Luen Yang Interview
Calvin talks with acclaimed comics artist Gene Luen Yang about ‘Dragon Hoops’, a new graphic work about the men’s varsity basketball team at Oakland’s Bishop O’Dowd High School, where he taught for many years, and their run to the California state championship in 2015. Plus, in this month's Star Gazing feature, Meg Lemke talks about Box Brown’s ‘Child Star’ and Leslie Stein’s ‘I Know You Rider.’
04/17/2020 Listen
417 More To Come 417: Comic Stores Shelter in Place
The cohosts discuss the rise and fall of Comics Hub's plan to save comics; the latest developments in comics retailing under Coronavirus lockdown; indie comics publishers in the direct market and book sellers; and on a lighter note, the new comics-based Syfy series 'Vagrant Queen'.
04/10/2020 Listen
416 More To Come 416: Andy Schmidt Interview
An interview with comics editor and creator Andy Schmidt, founder of ComicsExperience, an online school for comics creators, and ONS, a comics printing company for small publishers, about teaching comics creation; teaching online courses in a pandemic; plans to help retailers; the current state of the comics industry and much much more.
04/03/2020 Listen
415 More To Come 415: Pandemic Podcast
The cohosts discuss Diamond Comic Distributors shutting down shipments of new comics due to Covid-19; supporting creators and retailers during the pandemic; Ace Comic Con and GrowTix fight over refunds while fans lose out. Plus the comics retail feature and Heidi interviews James Tynion IV at C2E2 about Punchline.
03/27/2020 Listen
414 More To Come 414: Anika Orrock Interview
An interview with Anika Orrock, creator of ‘The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’, a graphic history of the legendary women’s baseball league that flourished from 1943-1954. Plus a new Star Gazing with graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke about Bishakh Som’s debut story collection ‘Apsara Engine’, and Derf Backderf’s ‘Kent State: Four Dead In Ohio’.
03/20/2020 Listen
413 More To Come 413: Culture Canceled
Calvin, Heidi and Kate discuss the cancellation or postponement of cons, including Emerald City Comic Con, MoCCA Arts Fest, and WonderCon, due to the spread of the new coronavirus; plus Heidi reports on C2E2, including DC publisher Jim Lee after the departure of Dan DiDio, plus an interview with comics creator and novelist Joe Hill of the 'Locke and Key' and 'Heart Shaped Box' from C2E2.
03/13/2020 Listen
412 More To Come 412: Big Black: Stand At Attica Interview
An interview with Jared Reinmuth, and Améziane, the writer and artist of ‘Big Black: Stand At Attica’, a graphic memoir that tells the personal history of the late Frank “Big Black” Smith, a prisoner-negotiator during the Attica Prison Revolt of 1971, as well as the tragic story of the Attica revolt, one of the bloodiest rebellions in the history of U.S. prisons.
03/06/2020 Listen
411 More To Come 411: The DiDio Era is Over
Calvin, Heidi and Kate take an episode to discuss the departure of DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, look at the impact of his 18-year rein at DC, trends in superhero comics over that era, and public and industry reactions to his removal.
02/28/2020 Listen
410 More To Come 410: Steven Grant on Paper Movies
Writer Steven Grant talks about a new publishing venture, Paper Movies, and the relaunch of the spy thriller 'His Name is... Savage', as well as his long career, conspiracy theories, and the history of graphic novels.
02/21/2020 Listen
409 More To Come 409: On The Road with Heidi and Calvin
Calvin recaps a trip to Philly for ALA Midwinter and Jerry Craft’s historic Newbery Award; Heidi visits Brussels and the Angoulême Comics Festival; and Calvin reviews a trip Bologna, Italy to jury the inaugural BolognaRagazzi Comics Award. Plus Bad Idea, DC’s Generation One, and growing book programs at Marvel and Ten Speed Press
02/14/2020 Listen
408 More To Come 408: Hunter Gorinson and J.D. Morvan
Heidi interviews writer J.D. Morvan and Magnetic Press publisher Mike Kennedy about 'Irena', his series of graphic novels about a real life heroine of the Warsaw ghetto, and talks with Hunter Gorinson, the publisher of the new comics company, Bad Idea.
02/07/2020 Listen
407 More To Come 407: Dean Haspiel and The New Brooklyn Superheroes
Calvin Reid interviews comics creator Dean Haspiel about ‘The Red Hook’, his original Brooklyn-inspired superhero series, its launch as a Webtoon digital series, and its release in print by Image Comics. Also, ‘Star Cross,’ the new Red Hook installment currently running on Webtoon. Plus, a new installment of the Star Gazing feature with graphic novel reviews editor Meg Lemke.
01/31/2020 Listen
406 More To Come 406: The Beat Goes On
Co-host Heidi MacDonald's Eisner-nominated blog "The Beat" amicably parts ways with Polarity/Lion Forge; upcoming coverage from Angouleme; the top 100 comics sellers of the 2010's; and a deep dive into the fannish experience of watching 'The Witcher'.
01/24/2020 Listen
405 More To Come 405: Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg Interview
Calvin Reid interviews interviews writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Jim Rugg about the updated edition of 'PLAIN Janes', a pioneering 2007 YA graphic novel about a teen girl guerilla art collective, released by DC’s now-defunct Minx line of YA graphic novels. The new hardcover 'PLAIN Janes' combines the original two volumes and a previously unpublished third volume, and will be released this month by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
01/17/2020 Listen
404 More To Come 404: 2020 Here We Come!
A look forward at 2020, with the top selling books of 2019; trends and exciting new comics and graphic novels for spring 2020, including new adaptations of classics, a new edition of Cecil Castellucci & Jim Rugg's 'The PLAIN Janes', the forthcoming library adult graphic novel list and much more.
01/10/2020 Listen
403 More To Come 403: Beyond the Cape on Comics and Contemporary Art
Calvin Reid presents a talk on the historical development of the U.S. comics and graphic novel marketplace, recorded in July 2019 at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, in conjunction with their exhibit 'Beyond the Cape! Comics and Contemporary Art'. The exhibition was curated by Kathy Goncharov.
12/27/2019 Listen
400 More To Come 402: The Year and the Decade In Review
A look back on 2019 and the past decade in comics and graphic novel publishing including the meteoric rise of kids's comics (Dav Pilkey has been named PW's Person of the Year); the survival and growth of independent bookstores and comics shops; the increasing diversity of creators and characters in comics; the rebound of the US manga market; the rise of comics on TV, film and streaming media (and the dominance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and much more.
12/20/2019 Listen
401 More To Come 401: Stargazing Holiday Gift Guide Special
PW editor Meg Lemke discusses 'Pittsburgh' by Frank Santoro, and 'Commute' by Erin Williams. Then, highlights a stellar list of 17 lesser known treasures in the Stargazing 2019 Graphic Novel Holiday Gift Guide.
12/13/2019 Listen
400 More To Come 400: Gala 400th Podcast Episode Celebration
MTC marks the passing of comics journalist Tom Spurgeon and queer cartoonist Howard Cruise; and recap news about Anime NYC 2019; 'Prince of Cats' to become a Spike Lee film; Kate's visit to Japan and China; and the cohosts look back over our 400 podcasts on comics and graphic novel publishing.
12/06/2019 Listen
399 More To Come 399: Bill Campbell Interview
Calvin Reid interviews novelist, comics creator, and publisher, Bill Campbell, founder of Rosarium Publishing, discussing Rosarium's list of graphic novels, science fiction and its diverse list of authors; writing a new graphic novel, 'Baaaad Muthaz' (with art by David Brame); and the issues facing black publishers in independent publishing.
11/15/2019 Listen
398 More To Come 398: Best Graphic Novels of 2019
PW's Best Books Adult Graphic Novel list; Anime NYC preview; Comics Arts Brooklyn 2019; Walking Dead actors boycott the Walker Stalker conventions; and a discussion of fandom and the departure of the Game of Thrones creators from Star Wars.
11/08/2019 Listen
397 More To Come 397: Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker Interview
Calvin Reid interviews comics writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker about 'Naomi," a new book with artist Jamal Campbell coming from DC this month.
11/01/2019 Listen
396 More To Come 396: Feige's Marvel Takeover
MCU head Kevin Feige named Marvel Comics chief creative officer; ALA adds a graphic novel reading list for adults; 'Watchmen' on HBO; 'Bone' and Webtoon animation deals; 'Drops of God’ gets digital revival and the future of niche manga; and Eleanor Davis’s new graphic novel ‘The Hard Tomorrow’.
10/25/2019 Listen
395 More To Come 395: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2019 Interview Special
Interviews with cartoonist, nurse and editor MK Czerwiec (‘Graphic Medicine Manifesto’); cartoonist Tom Tomorrow ('This Modern World'); and comics writer, editor and historian Tom Spurgeon, executive director of the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus comics festival, recorded at at this year’s event.
10/18/2019 Listen
394 More To Come 394: New York Comic Con 2019 Recap
A post-mortem discussion of New York Comic Con 2019, including the programming, events, services—food, security, bathrooms!—at the Javits Center and other show venues. The cohosts also discuss questions surrounding “5G,” a rumored revamp of the DC Universe said to include shocking character deaths, replacement characters, and a definitive reshuffling of the DCU timeline.
10/11/2019 Listen
393 More To Come 393: NYCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 3
Interviews with Eisner-winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz; 'Blade Runner 2019' writer Mike Johnson; and short interviews with comics creators Cat Staggs, Amy Reeder, Erik Larsen, Charles Soule, Mark Silvestri, Vanessa 'V.R.' Del Rey, and Colleen Doran.
10/07/2019 Listen
392 More To Come 392: NYCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 2
An interview with writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace about their controversial humor comic 'Second Coming', in which Jesus and a superhero becoming roommates. Also, Ahoy Comics editor/writer Stuart Moore offers information about Ahoy Comics, which took over the publication of the controversial series.
10/06/2019 Listen
391 More To Come 391: NYCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 1
Interviews with Juan Díaz Canales (writer) and Juanjo Guarnido (artist) of the Spanish noir comic 'Blacksad'; Amie Wright, President of the Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable; and science fiction great N.K. Jemisin.
10/05/2019 Listen
390 More To Come 390: Shakeup at Diamond Comics
Major leadership and organizational changes at Diamond Comics Distributors; a preview of New York Comic Con 2019; groundbreaking cartoonist Lynda Barry gets a MacArthur Genius Grant; SPX recap, IDW's Black Crown imprint shuts down; and Japan launches global crackdown on manga pirates with Philippines extradition and a US lawsuit.
09/27/2019 Listen
389 More To Come 389: Hannah Templer and James Romberger at SPX 2019
Interviews with Hannah Templer - known for the 'G.L.O.W.' comic - talks about her debut book 'Cosmoknights', a feminist space opera from Top Shelf; and James Romberger discusses 'For Real #1', a new series from Uncivilized Books, and his story 'The Oven', an imaginary take on Jack Kirby's World War II combat experiences; plus a new Star Gazing segment with Meg Lemke on 'King of King's Court' by Travis Dandro and 'Rusty Brown' by Chris Ware.
09/20/2019 Listen
388 More To Come 388: Amazon Controversy at SPX
The Amazon controversy at SPX; ICv2's new Insider Edition event at NYCC; the Young Avengers graphic novel banned in Rio for a same sex kiss; PW's Lynda Barry profile; and a discussion of the growth of the Webtoon webcomic platform.
09/13/2019 Listen
387 More To Come 387: Mariko Tamaki Interview
Heidi 'The Beat' MacDonald interviews graphic novelist Mariko Tamaki ('This One Summer') about her new YA graphic novel 'Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass' (with art by Steve Pugh) that gives a new backstory for Harley and The Joker, as well as her novels, her award winning graphic novel 'This One Summer' and making the transition from prose to comics writer.
09/06/2019 Listen
386 More To Come 386: Marvel Retcons History
Marvel Comics controversial efforts to edit politics out of essays about its history, and a decision to replace the use of real wars in its comics with the fictional 'Siancong War'; Sony and Disney fight over Spider-Man; Disney and Marvel announce new projects at Disney's D23 event; and the Hugo awards honor the fanfiction repository An Archive of Our Own.
08/30/2019 Listen
385 More To Come 385: Raina Telgemeier Interview
Calvin interviews graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier ('Sisters', 'Smile', and 'Drama') about her upcoming graphic memoir 'Guts', a look back at her childhood struggles with health problems and anxiety; as well as taking a look back at her work and career so far.
08/23/2019 Listen
384 More To Come 384: Rob Liefeld and Youngblood
A preview of Flame Con, New York City’s LGBTQ comics convention; the Harvey Awards nominations; Rob Liefeld and the dispute over rights to Youngblood; ICv2’s annual interview with DC’s Dan Didio and Jim Lee. Plus, this month's Star Gazing feature with Meg Lemke discussing 'Clyde Fans' by Seth and 'They Called Us Enemy' by George Takei.
08/18/2019 Listen
383 More To Come 383: Expanding the Black Comics Canon, a panel at San Diego Comic Con
More To Come presents the "Expanding the Black Comics Canon'' panel, moderated by PW's Calvin Reid, featuring panelists creating comics with African-American readers in mind. Panelists included writer/artist Ezra Claytan Daniels (BTTM FDRS), writer/artist Ebony Flowers (Hot Comb), artist Alitha Martinez (Black Panther: World of Wakanda), and writer David Walker (Bitter Root). Note: The recording begins just after panel introductions, instead of at the start.
08/09/2019 Listen
382 More To Come 382: DC and Hollywood Retreat at San Diego Comic Con 2019
The More to Come crew's experiences and impressions of the 50th San Diego Comic-Con; the future of DC Comics under AT&T; Hollywood pulls back at Comic-Con; and PW's 2019 Star Watch is jam-packed with comics professionals.
08/02/2019 Listen
381 More To Come 381: New Publishers, New Plans Panel at San Diego Comic Con
More To Come presents the 'Publishers Weekly Presents: New Publishers, New Plans' panel, moderated by PW's Calvin Reid featuring panelists Ted Adams (Clover Press), Andrew Arnold (HarperAlley), Liz Frances (Street Noise Books), Sebastian Girner (TKO Studios), Tyler Chin-Tanner (A Wave Blue World), and Stuart Moore (Ahoy Comics). A frank panel discussion on where comics are going and how they need to change. Note: This recording begins during the middle of panel introductions, instead of at the start.
07/26/2019 Listen
380 More To Come 380: SDCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 4
An interview with veteran creators and collaborators writer Andy Diggle ('Losers') and artist Shawn Martinbrough ('Thief of Thieves') about Promethee 13:30, a three issue prequel to Christophe Bec's epic science fiction bande desinee 'Promethee,' from Comixology Originals.
07/22/2019 Listen
379 More To Come 379: SDCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 3
Interviews with comics creator Lilah Sturges and acclaimed fantasy author Lev Grossman about 'The Magicians: Alice's Story', an original graphic adaptation of Grossman's bestselling sci-fi epic Magicians trilogy.
07/21/2019 Listen
378 More To Come 378: SDCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 2
Interviews with comics creator Gene Yang about 'Superman Smashes the Klan'; Karen Berger, head of the Berger Books graphic novel imprint and former head of Vertigo Comics, about her induction to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame for comics; and comics legends Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. about their new book 'Superman Year One'; Ronan Huggard of Inky Pen - the new all you can read digital comics delivery start up.
07/20/2019 Listen
377 More To Come 377: SDCC 2019 Interview Special Pt. 1
Interviews with DC comics writer Marc Andreyko British comics publisher Stephen Robson of Fanfare and Ponent Mon
07/19/2019 Listen
376 More To Come 376: San Diego Comic Con Preview 2019
A preview of the 50th San Diego Comic-Con and its panels, events and history; 'Mad' magazine ends; 'The Walking Dead' comics series by Robert Kirkman comes to an end after 16 years; Harper Collins opens Harper Alley, a new graphic novel imprint; and comics creator Sina Grace charges homophobic editorial meddling on his 'Iceman' comic at Marvel.
07/12/2019 Listen
375 More To Come 375: ALA 2019 Interviews
Interviews from ALA with comics creators Karim Friha of 'Rise of Zelphire'; Wilfrid Lupano of 'Curtain Call'; Christophe Ferreira of 'Milo's World'; and Typex of 'Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol'.
07/05/2019 Listen
374 More To Come 374: Vertigo Elegy
Calvin and Heidi's visit to the American Library Association Annual Meeting in Washington DC; Heidi's feature article on graphic novels in libraries; the ALA's newly formed Graphic Novel and Comics Roundtable; plus, a look back at DC's imprint Vertigo after the closing of Vertigo, its pioneering graphic novel imprint.
06/28/2019 Listen
373 More To Come 373: Barnes and Noble Acquisition
Barnes & Noble is bought by the investment firm that also acquired Waterstones, The New York Times discontinues all political cartoons, news from DC comics including a revival of the Legion of Superheroes, no room in the NYCC 2019 artist's alley for many comics creators
06/21/2019 Listen
372 More To Come 372: J Michael Straczynski Interview
Kate interviews acclaimed writer and show-runner J. Michael Straczynski about his new memoir 'Becoming Superman,' to be published in July by Harper Voyager; and about his storied career in television, animation, film and comics.
06/14/2019 Listen
371 More To Come 371: Graphic Novels at BookExpo and BookCon 2019
Comics at BookExpo and BookCon 2019; manga sales, Vertigo’s future, the dispute between Joshua Luna and Image Comics, and interviews with Maia Kobabe of 'Genderqueer' and Wendy Xu and Suzanne Walker of 'Mooncakes'.
06/07/2019 Listen
370 More To Come 370: Retailer Summit Plus Lion Forge and Oni Press Merge
The Diamond Retailer Summit; the Lion Forge merger with Oni Press; BookScan and the size of the 2018 comics market; rumors surrounding writer Tom King's removal from Batman; plus reaction to 'Avengers: Endgame' and 'Game of Thrones.'
05/24/2019 Listen
369 More To Come 369: TCAF 2019 Interviews
Interviews with comics creators Ben Passmore of 'BTTM FDRS,' the new graphic novel he worked on with writer Ezra Claytan Daniels; and at the Europe Comics table Emilie Plateau of 'Colored: The Unsung Life of Claudette Colvin', Alexandre Clerisse of 'Atomic Empire', and Richard Marazano of 'Milo's World'.
05/15/2019 Listen
368 More To Come 368: This Place: 150 Years Retold Interviews Part 2
Interviews with the Canadian comics creators David Alexander Robertson, Natasha Donovan, and Richard Van Camp, contributors to the new graphic novel anthology 'This Place: 150 Years Retold', collecting stories about Canadian First Nations historical figures and events, retold by indigenous authors.
05/10/2019 Listen
367 More To Come 367: This Place: 150 Years Retold Interviews Part 1
Interviews with the Canadian comics creators Tara Audibert and Andrew Lodwick, artists on the new graphic novel anthology 'This Place: 150 Years Retold', collecting stories about Canadian First Nations historical figures and events, retold by Indigenous authors.
05/03/2019 Listen
366 More To Come 366: Endgame Leaks and Kids Comics Sales
A look at 2018 graphic novel sales; movie news on ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ 'Shazam,’ 'Hellboy' and other comics movies and TV news; MariNaomi’s Database of Diversity; comics news from AWA and Kodansha; and the 2019 comics awards season.
04/19/2019 Listen
365 More To Come 365: MoCCA Art Fest 2019 Interviews
Interviews with comics creators Keith Knight, James Romberger, Kelsey Wroten and Liza Donnelly at the 2019 MoCCA Arts Festival as well as this month's Star Gazing feature with PW Graphic Novel Reviews Editor Meg Lemke highlighting great upcoming graphic novels.
04/12/2019 Listen
364 More To Come 364: Brian Michael Bendis Interview
Kate interviews Eisner Award-winning comics creator Brian Michael Bendis about his new books 'Action Comics: Invisible Mafia' and 'Superman: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth' for DC Comics; as well as his new young adult-themed line Wonder Comics; and his thoughts on writing Superman and superheroes.
04/05/2019 Listen
363 More To Come 363: IDW for Sale and Con Season Kickoff
Emerald City Comic Con & C2E2; Viz Originals launches; Artists Writers and Artisans opens; plus the full MTC crew finally gets to discuss 'Captain Marvel'
03/29/2019 Listen
362 More To Come 362: Emerald City Comic Con Interviews
Interviews with comics artist Alison Sampson of 'Winnebago Graveyard' about her work on 'Hit-Girl', comics writer David F. Walker about writing 'The Life of Frederick Douglass' and launching Solid Comix, and Emerald Comics Disto founder Anne Bean at Emerald City Comic Con 2019
03/22/2019 Listen
361 More To Come 361: Captain Marvel and World Citizen Comics
The 'Captain Marvel' movie and its worldwide financial success; a peek at 'Shazam' and its longtime rivalry with Marvel's Captain Marvel; Netflix's new slate of original animation; First Second's socially responsible World Citizen Comics line; comics for young readers from Marvel and DC; and ReedPop adds new shows in Florida and Africa.
03/15/2019 Listen
360 More To Come 360: Jerry Craft Interview
An interview with cartoonist Jerry Craft about his new graphic novel 'New Kid', out from Harper Collins, his first graphic novel from a major publisher. Craft was the creator of the long-running syndicated comic strip 'Mama's Boyz', is a well-known self-publisher and has created or illustrated over thirty graphic novels, children's books and middle grade novels. He is the cofounder of the Black Comic Book Festival, which is held annually at the Schomburg Center Library in Harlem.
03/08/2019 Listen
359 More To Come 359: ComicsPro Behind the Scenes
Drama at the ComicsPro annual meeting; PW's annual Comics Retail feature; a new CEO at IDW; Black Panther wins three Oscars; Heidi talks Captain Marvel with the New York Times; the MeToo movement takes on anime voice actor Victor Mignona; plus PW graphic novel review editor Meg Lemke's Star Gazing feature on great new graphic novels.
03/01/2019 Listen
358 More To Come 358: Mira Jacob Interview
An interview with novelist and first-time comics creator Mira Jacob about the forthcoming publication of her new book 'Good Talk: A Memoir In Conversations,' a graphic memoir that began with awkward but illuminating questions from her six-year old mixed-race son about race, identity, and family relations in an era of divisive American politics.
02/22/2019 Listen
357 More To Come 357: The Fanatic and Black Comix Expo
Spike Trotman, founder of comics publisher Iron Circus; Black Comics Expo 2019; troubles at Patreon; the initial guest list for TCAF; the nominees for the 2019 Dwayne McDuffie awards; a new installment of Meg Lemke's Star Gazing feature, highlighting great new graphic novels; and much, much more.
02/15/2019 Listen
356 More To Come 356: Annie Koyama Interview
An interview with comics publisher Annie Koyama, founder of the award-winning Koyama Press. Koyama announced last year that she will be shutting down the company in 2021 to focus on patronage.
02/08/2019 Listen
355 More To Come 355: ALA Midwinter and Layoffs at DC Comics
Calvin visits the ALA Midwinter meeting in Seattle; Angouleme International Comics Festival 2019; layoffs at DC Comics; St. Marks Comics closes; ALA interviews with Joel Christian Gill and librarian Amie Wright. Plus, the launch of The Fanatic, a new comics and pop culture newsletter from PW.
02/01/2019 Listen
354 More To Come 354: Ben Coleman Interview
An interview with writer Ben Coleman, co-creator of 'The Long Con', a post-apocalyptic humor comic about the society that develops inside a comic-con that survives a disaster.
01/25/2019 Listen
353 More To Come 353: Is the Direct Market Broken?
The problems facing the comics direct market business model, as targeted by comics retailer and pundit Brian Hibbs; the top-selling comics of 2018, comics artist Nick Drnaso in the 'New Yorker', and the top comics stories at PW of 2018.
01/18/2019 Listen
352 More To Come 352: Interview with Tze Chun of TKO Studios
An interview with writer and comics publisher Tze Chun, cofounder of the new comics publisher TKO Studios, about its business model, its list of titles, and his vision of today's graphic novel market.
01/11/2019 Listen
351 More To Come 351: The Year Ahead in Graphic Novels
A look at notable upcoming 2019 graphic novels and predictions; the recent movies 'Aquaman' and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'; plus Mattel's troubles as they lose the DC Comics action figure license.
01/04/2019 Listen
350 More To Come 350: 2018 Year In Review
We look back over the past year at the biggest news events in comics and graphic novel publishing, film, TV and streaming media, and comics convention culture.
12/21/2018 Listen
349 More To Come 349: Shakeups at IDW and Valiant
Changes in the leadership of IDW and Valiant, layoffs at Lion Forge, sexual abuse allegations against comics creator Eric Esquivel of 'Border Town', new comics publisher TKO Studios, the 2018 PW Graphic Novel Critics Poll, and a big manga update
12/14/2018 Listen
348 More To Come 348: Excelsior
Saying goodbye to Stan Lee; Abrams ComicArts cancels its controversial suicide bomber graphic novel; convention reports on Comic Arts Brooklyn and AnimeNYC 2018; plus an update on the Black Label imprint of DC Comics.
11/30/2018 Listen
347 More To Come 347: AnimeNYC and CAB Interviews with Kriota Willberg, Hartley Lin and More
Recorded live at AnimeNYC, Calvin interviews Kinokuniya manga and graphics novel buyer Terrence Irvins about co-sponsoring AnimeNYC and competing with Animefest@NYCC; and at Comic Arts Brooklyn, Heidi interviews David Sandlin, creator of the '76 Manifestations of American Destiny' exhibition, and comics creator Frank Santoro; Calvin interviews Hartley Lin (aka Ethan Rilly), creator of 'Young Frances'; and Heidi interviews Kriota Willberg of the artist self-care book 'Draw Stronger'.
11/23/2018 Listen
346 More To Come 346: Jason Sacks Interview
Heidi interviews writer and comics journalist Jason Sacks, co-author of 'American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990's', which chronicles the rise and fall of comics in the 90's, from new companies such as Image, Malibu and Valiant, to the massive sales of such events as 'The Death of Superman' to the crash in revenues and sales after the comic collectors boom came to an end.
11/16/2018 Listen
345 More To Come 345: Comics Investment and Best Graphic Novels 2018
Dark Horse and other comics publishers attract Chinese and other investors; continuing repercussions of 'Batman Damned'; Grant Morrison's Green Lantern, Disney adds streaming; and PW's Best Books of 2018.
11/09/2018 Listen
344 More To Come 344: The Return of Bill Jemas plus Venom and Random House Graphic
New comics publishing ventures including Bill Jemas's new 'Writers, Artists and Artisans", young readers imprints at Vault Comics, and the first list from Random House Graphic; DC decides to rename Dick Grayson; Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Netflix coming to an end; plus, the unexpected audience for Eddie/Venom, the couple Marvel has been teasing for a while but probably never expected to be embraced quite like this.
10/26/2018 Listen
343 More To Come 343: Alex de Campi and Victor Santos
Calvin interviews writer Alex de Campi and artist Victor Santos about their new graphic novel, 'Bad Girls: Six Million Dollars, Twelve Hours to Get Out of Cuba,' a thriller set in a casino in Havana, Cuba New Year's Eve 1958, as three unlikely women band together to get out of Cuba with a lot of money as Fidel Castro takes power.
10/19/2018 Listen
342 More To Come 342: New York Comic Con 2018 Recap
The NYCC recap: the cohosts offer analysis and personal experience of such topics as Anime Fest @ NYCC, Brian Michael Bendis and Wonder Comics; Humanoids new superhero line; the return of the Harvey Awards; controversy around 'Batman Damned', parties, events and more.
10/12/2018 Listen
341 More To Come 341: New York Comic Con 2018 Interviews Pt 4
In Part 4 of More To Come's NYCC 2018 coverage, Calvin Reid interviews Spanish comics artist Ana Miralles, co-creator of 'In Search of the Unicorn' and 'Djinn' ; and Kate Fitzsimons does short interviews with comics creators Art Baltazar, Terry Doddson, Adriana Mello, David Petersen and Greg Pak.
10/08/2018 Listen
340 More To Come 340: New York Comic Con 2018 Interviews Pt 3
In Part 3 of More To Come's NYCC 2018 coverage, Calvin Reid interviews comics creator Carolyn Nowak about her graphic novel 'Girl Town'. Heidi interviews writer Joe Casey and artist Benjamin Marra about their upcoming graphic novel 'Jesus Freak', which is about the actual Jesus, from Image Comics
10/07/2018 Listen
338 More To Come 339: New York Comic Con 2018 Interviews Pt 2
In Part 2 of More To Come's NYCC 2018 coverage, Calvin Reid interviews editor Karen Berger and writer Joel Rose about 'Hungry Ghosts' a collection of horror comics by the late chef and writer Anthony Bourdain. Heidi interviews Polish comics artist Joanna Karpowicz of 'Sour Apple' and comics creator Luke Pearson of the 'Hilda' series
10/06/2018 Listen
338 More To Come 338: New York Comic Con 2018 Interviews Pt 1
In Part 1 of More To Come's NYCC 2018 coverage, Calvin Reid interviews Milton Griepp, CEO of about the state of the graphic novel market, and Gina Gagliano, the publishing director of Random House Graphic, about the new graphic novel imprint.
10/05/2018 Listen
337 More To Come 337: New York Comic Con 2018 Preview
New York Comic Con 2018 preview; Keystone Comic Con underperforms; controversy around Bastien Vives's disturbing 'Petit Paul,' Abrams ComicArts' new Megascope Imprint, and Star Gazing with Meg Lemke .
09/28/2018 Listen
336 More To Come 336: SPX 2018 Comixology and the Naked Batman
SPX 2018; controversy over SPX's Amazon sponsorship and the Amazon/Comixology backlash; reexamining R. Crumb from today's perspective; Black Label, 'Batman Damned' and naked Batman; and an interview from SPX with Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock, co-creators of the classic graphic novel 'The Silent Invasion'.
09/21/2018 Listen
335 More To Come 335: Shelly Bond Interview
Calvin interviews Shelly Bond, founding editor of Black Crown, IDW's new imprint, and former executive editor at DC's Vertigo imprint. They discuss Black Crown, as well as her career in comics publishing.
09/14/2018 Listen
334 More To Come 334: CBLDF and SPX Create $20K Legal Fund
CBLDF and SPX start a legal fund for defamation lawsuit defendants; new Comicsgate controversy; remembering the late comics creators Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich; Milton Griepp's ICv2 White Paper cancelled by NYCC, and Star Gazing.
09/07/2018 Listen
333 More To Come 333: Artists In Other Fields Turn to Comics
Animation director Aminder Dhaliwal ('Woman World'), SF novelist Cory Doctorow ('In Real Life'), and SF novelist Nalo Hopkinson ('Sandman: House of Whispers') talk about their decision to make comics in this panel from SDCC 2018, moderated by More to Come's Calvin Reid.
08/31/2018 Listen
332 More To Come 332: Flame Con 2018
Con report and interviews from Flamecon 2018, the LGBT comic con; comics creator and publisher Cody Pickrodt sues indie creators for defamation for MeToo accusations; and an update on Comicsgate and recent PW comics features
08/24/2018 Listen
322 More To Come 331: Fred Van Lente Interview
Heidi interviews comics creator Fred Van Lente ('Incredible Hercules', 'Action Philosophers') about 'The Con Artist', his new mystery novel set at a comics convention that is suspiciously similar to San Diego Comic-Con; the phenomenon of the comics convention; and his other work including 'Action Presidents'.
08/17/2018 Listen
330 More To Come 330: Adventure Zone Tops Bestseller List
Adventure Zone tops the NYT Trade Bestsellers List; 'Sandman Universe' debuts; Fantastic Four returns; Walmart and Target exclusive comics; James Gunn off 'Guardians of the Galaxy'; the new Harvey Awards; and upcoming FlameCon
08/10/2018 Listen
329 More To Come 329: A Panel on Crowdfunding Ethics and Evolution
Calvin moderates a panel on crowdfunding, discussing its ethics and evolution with panelists Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101), Josh O’Neil (Beehive Press), attorney Jeff Trexler, and Camilla Zhang (Kickstarter)
08/03/2018 Listen
328 More To Come 328: San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Recap
Heidi and Calvin recap their time at and reactions to Comic-Con 2018 and the crew also discusses the shutdown of Koyama Press as well as Bongo Comics;Ted Adams stepping down from CEO of IDW; and yet another WorldCon/Hugo Awards controversy.

07/27/2018 Listen
327 More To Come 327: SDCC 2018 Pt 4
Heidi interviews writer and podcaster Clint McElroy and artist Carey Pietsch of 'The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins'; while Calvin interviews comic creator Scott Snyder at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
07/24/2018 Listen
326 More To Come 326: SDCC 2018 Pt 3
Calvin interviews comic creators Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti of 'Harley Quinn'; Efa of 'Monet: Itinerant of Light' and Zerocalcare of 'Kobane Calling'; and writer Gail Simone the new architect for Lion Forge's 'Catalyst Prime' universe; while Heidi interviews storyboard & concept artists Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
07/22/2018 Listen
325 More To Come 325: SDCC 2018 Pt 2
Heidi interviews Sean Mackiewicz of Skybound, and Calvin interviews SF author and comics creator Nalo Hopkinson and artist Domonike Stanton famed Argentine comics creator Liniers at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
07/21/2018 Listen
324 More To Come 324: SDCC 2018 Pt 1
Calvin interviews novelist Max Allan Collins, IDW creative director Dirk Wood, and Gary Thompson of Dead Reckoning, while Heidi interviews Bill Morrison of Mad Magazine, all at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
07/20/2018 Listen
323 More To Come 323: Remembering Steve Ditko and San Diego Comic-Con Preview
The life and death of the late, great Steve Ditko; our SDCC 2018 preview; recap Anime Expo, Batman's Wedding, Kirkman's comic 'Die!Die!Die' and the leaking of comics; and our Star Gazing review segment with Meg Lemke
07/13/2018 Listen
322 More To Come 322: Julie Rocheleau, Aurelie Neyret and Jody Osicki Interviews
Heidi interviews European comics creators Julie Rocheleau and Aurelie Neyret while Calvin interviews librarian and writer Jody Osicki about his article on graphic novels in libraries.
07/06/2018 Listen
321 More To Come 321: ALA Annual Meeting, DC, Walmart, B&N and Fall Graphic Novels
Graphic novels at the ALA annual meeting; kids graphic novels at Barnes and Noble; exclusive DC comics at Walmart; Gamestop adds comics; changes at the Harvey Awards; Denver Comic Con's first Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards; Fall 2018 graphic novel preview; and changes at SDCC.
06/29/2018 Listen
320 More To Come 320: Joe Illidge Valiant Interview
Calvin interviews new Valiant Comics executive editor Joe Illidge, formerly of Lion Forge, about his new job, the Valiant Universe and diversity and inclusion in comics.
06/22/2018 Listen
319 More To Come 319: Shakeup at DC Comics and More
Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns leavet DC Comics, AT&T Buys
TW/Warner Bros, Disney and Comcast vie for Fox; Comixology Originals, NetFlix/Millar release comics, Ahoy Comics launches, and an arrest in the Stan Lee elder abuse case.
06/15/2018 Listen
318 More To Come 318: BookExpo BookCon 2018 Interview Special
Live from BookExpo and BookCon, interviews with comics creators Ezra Claytan Daniels ('Upgrade Soul') and Dean Haspiel ('The Red Hook')
06/08/2018 Listen
317 More To Come 317: BookExpo, BookCon and Graphic Novels in Libraries
BookExpo, BookCon, PW's Graphic Novels in Libraries feature, Trouble Cons in Phoenix and Salt Lake City, the future and past of the comics periodical, plus Star Gazing with PW graphic novels reviews editor Meg Lemke on starred reviews in May.
06/01/2018 Listen
316 More To Come 316: Interviews from TCAF
Live from the floor of TCAF 2018, interviews with comics creators Max de Radiques and Wauter Mannaert; Ron Wimberly; Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim; Carolyn Nowak, and Eddie Campbell.
05/25/2018 Listen
315 More To Come 315: Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2018
The 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Comicsgate and 'Jawbreakers', Random House launches graphic novel imprint Random House Graphic, Young Animal comes to an end, King Features adds Linier's 'Macanudo' strip and more
05/18/2018 Listen
314 More To Come 314: Michael Kupperman Interview
Heidi interviews comics creator Michael Kupperman about his new book 'All The Answers', the story of his quest to understand his Quiz-Kid child star father.
05/11/2018 Listen
313 More To Come 313: Avengers Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War, Universal FanCon and Wicomicon, 2018 Eisner Awards nominations, middle grade graphic novels, and Hillary Chute's first column on graphic novels for the 'New York Times.'
05/04/2018 Listen
312 More To Come 312: Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket Interview
Heidi interviews Avi Ehrlich of independent comics publisher Silver Sprocket Press, while Calvin interviews PW comics reviews editor Meg Lemke about recent best books in our Star Gazing feature.
04/27/2018 Listen
311 More To Come 311: Retailer Summit, MoCCA 2018, Action Comics
The 2018 Diamond retailer summit and its discontents, MoCCA 2018, The Vulture 100 most influential comic book pages, famous Martin Luther King comic's creator finally revealed, Action Comics #1000, a cartoon Pulitzer controversy and a controversial new 'Nancy'.
04/20/2018 Listen
310 More To Come 310: Ellen Lindner Plus Pie Club
Calvin interviews Ellen Lindner, creator of the new comics newsletter 'The Cranklet’s Chronicle: a zine about women and baseball' as well as editor of 'Strumpet', an annual international anthology of comics artists who identify as women. Calvin also interviews Haan Lee, David Iseri, and Paul Lau, members of the comics collective Pie Club, at MoCCA Arts Fest 2018
04/13/2018 Listen
309 More To Come 309: DC, Frank Miller and the Book Trade
MoCCA Fest 2018 preview, DC makes a play for the bookstore audience with a new multi-book deal with Frank Miller, the 'New York Times Book Review' adds two graphic novel columnists and Heidi reports on the Diamond Retailer Summit.
04/06/2018 Listen
308 More To Come 308: Kristen Radtke Interview
Calvin interviews Kristen Radtke about her work as art director and comics editor at 'The Believer' as well as her new graphic memoir 'Imagine Wanting Only This'.
03/30/2018 Listen
307 More To Come 307: Comics News: Store Closing, Marvel Digital Discounts, Awards
Difficulties in comics retail, Marvel's deep digital discountings; new comics awards, Comics benefit for Puerto Rico, and Ed Piskor's 'X-men: Grand Design.'
03/23/2018 Listen
306 More To Come 306: Emerald City 2018 Interviews
Heidi interviews Damian Wassel, Publisher of indie press Vault Comics; Lilah Sturges, writer of 'Jack of Fables' and Anne Bean, the owner of Emerald City Distro indie comics distribution.
03/16/2018 Listen
305 More To Come 305: Emerald City ComicsPro and Comics News
The news coming out of ComicsPro, the conference of the comics retailers association, and Emerald City Comic Con including big news from Diamond, DC and Marvel; editor in chief Chris Ryall leaves IDW; Dead Reckoning, the new graphic novel imprint of the Naval Institute Press; PW's annual Comics Retailers Survey; and introduce Star Gazing, a new comics review segment with Meg Lemke.
03/09/2018 Listen
304 More To Come 304: Tim Fielder Interview
Calvin interviews comics creator Tim Fielder about his new graphic novel, 'Matty's Rocket Book One,' a book that has been called 'Retro-Afrofuturist', setting a black protagonist in the splashy pulp science fiction realm of such works as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.
03/02/2018 Listen
303 More To Come 303: Black Panther Movie Special
A discussion of Black Panther as a movie, comic book, and cultural phenomenon, plus Heidi interviews Barbra Dillon of comics publisher and news site Fanbase Press.
02/23/2018 Listen
302 More To Come 302: African American History Special
Calvin interviews comics creator Joel Christian Gill, creator of Strange Fruit, a selection of short comics about African American history; plus excerpts from archived interviews with John Ridley, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Andrew Aydin - co-author of Rep. John Lewis's 'March' trilogy graphic memoir about the Civil Rights movement.
02/16/2018 Listen
301 More To Come 301: Greg Pak Interview
Heidi interviews comic creator Greg Pak about connecting to comic readers today, working with Jonathan Coulton, DIY in the digital age, making preorders easier, and new series, 'Mech Cadet Yu' from Boom and his upcoming book 'Weapon H' from Marvel.
02/09/2018 Listen
300 More To Come 300: Angouleme Report and Kuo-Yu Liang Joins ReedPop
DMG buys Valiant Comics, IDW 2017 financial results, Kuo-Yu Liang leaves Diamond Book Distributors to run ReedPop's international shows; and Heidi reports on her trip to the Angoulême Comics Festival in France.
02/02/2018 Listen
299 More To Come 299: Angouleme 2018 and Eisner Hall of Fame
An interview with Chris Thompson, brand manager of Titan Comics' Statix Press, live from the Angoulême Comics Festival in France, plus this week's news including comics sales, John Ridley's 'Other History of DC Comics', Eisner Hall of Fame inductees and more.
01/26/2018 Listen
298 More To Come 298: Sheena Howard Interview
Calvin interviews Dr. Sheena Howard about her non-fiction book 'The Encyclopedia of Black Comics' as well as her new comic 'Superb', out from Lion Forge, about a teenage super hero with Down Syndrome.
01/19/2018 Listen
297 More To Come 297: A Rough Year for the Direct Market
Direct market (aka comics shops) comic book sales slip in 2017, Black Panther anticipation heats up, trouble surrounding the elderly Stan Lee, the upcoming 2018 Black Comics Festival, a new comics award in Denver and more
01/12/2018 Listen
296 More To Come 296: Geof Darrow Interview
Geof Darrow, creator of 'Hardboiled' and 'The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot' talks about his new graphic novel 'Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign' - the second volume in his Shaolin Cowboy series, as well as his new art book 'Lead Poisoning'.
01/05/2018 Listen
295 More To Come 295: 2017 Year in Review
A look at 2017 in comics news including the PW Graphic Novel Critic's Poll, sexual harassment, Marvel and DC, indie comics, retail, TV and Film, comics conventions and more.
12/22/2017 Listen
294 More To Come 294: Alex De Campi Twisted Romance Interview
Heidi MacDonald interviews comics writer Alex De Campi, creator of the upcoming romance comic anthology 'Twisted Romance', coming out this February from Image. They discuss the book itself as well as lettering, comics storytelling, working with artists and her many upcoming projects.
12/15/2017 Listen
293 More To Come 293: Justice League Movie Special
The More To Come crew review the movie, and speculate on the production issues and problems that shaped it. In addition the cohosts examine the protests about Patreon's new crowdfunding fee structure.
12/08/2017 Listen
292 More To Come 292: The Strange Past of C.B. Cebulski at Marvel
Marvel e.i.c. Axel Alonso has been replaced by C.B. Cebulski, followed by revelations of Cebulski's past under the Akira Yoshida penname, meanwhile DC's Eddie Berganza was fired for sexual harassment. Also, reports on visits to Comic Arts Brooklyn and AnimeNYC.
12/01/2017 Listen
291 More To Come 291: Interviews with C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad and LeSean Thomas
Kate Fitzsimons interviews C.S. Pacat author of 'The Captive Prince' and hit fanartist Johanna the Mad about their upcoming LGBT sports comic 'Fence' and animation producer and comics creator LeSean Thomas about creating and crowdfunding his upcoming animated series 'Cannon Busters' and working in animation overseas.
11/24/2017 Listen
290 More To Come 290: Interview with the Creators of Marley's Ghost
Calvin Reid interviews writer Josh O'Neill, editor Shannon Wheeler and artist Gideon Kendall, the team that brought 'Marley's Ghost' - Harvey Kurtzman's unproduced 1954 'A Christmas Carol' graphic adaptation - to life, as well as literary agents Denis Kitchen and John Lind, who oversee the Kurtzman literary estate.
11/17/2017 Listen
289 More To Come 289: Bendis Leaves Marvel for DC
Brian Michael Bendis of 'Alias' and 'Powers' leaves Marvel for DC, graphic novels on PW's Best Books of 2017, Disney's possible move on Fox which may be X-Men motivated, hopes and fears for the upcoming Justice League movie and more.
11/11/2017 Listen
288 More To Come 288: Interview with Dan Didio and Jim Lee of DC Entertainment
Calvin Reid interviews Dan Didio and Jim Lee, the co-publishers of DC Entertainment about the influence of the book trade on comics, the growth of the graphic novel format, new readers, the relaunch of Milestone Media and more.
11/03/2017 Listen
287 More To Come 287: Lion Forge Acquires The Beat
Heidi's blog gets acquired by Lion Forge, Heidi will leave PW but not the podcast; sexual harassment in comics; Marvel's advises creators to avoid online fights; indie publisher Spike Trotman's Iron Circus hits $1 million in Kickstarter fundraising raised and more.
10/27/2017 Listen
286 More To Come 286: Dan Gearino Interview
Heidi MacDonald interviews Dan Gearino, author of 'Comic Shop', a groundbreaking new history of the comics direct market retail channel.
10/20/2017 Listen
285 More To Come 285: New York Comic Con 2017 in Review
Calvin, Heidi, and Kate discuss the show, the experience, its future and content from exclusive industry panels.
10/13/2017 Listen
284 More To Come 284: NYCC 2017 Interviews Day 3
Interviews with comics creators Jill Thompson of 'Scary Godmother' and 'Wonder Woman: The True Amazon' fame, Marguerite Bennett of 'DC Comics Bombshells' and 'Angela' and Tokyopop CEO Stu Levy recorded at New York Comic Con 2017.
10/09/2017 Listen
283 More To Come 283: NYCC 2017 Interviews Day 2
Interviews with Euro Comic creators Bruno & Fabien Nury; Tony Medina, John Jennings & Stacey Robinson of 'I Am Alphonso Jones'; Viz's Kevin Hamric; and David Carlson & Landis Blair of 'The Hunting Accident' recorded at New York Comic Con 2017.
10/08/2017 Listen
282 More To Come 282: NYCC 2017 Interviews Day 1
Interviews with European comics creators Valerie Vernay, Patricia Lyfoung, Zep & Matthieu Lauffray, as well as American creators Ericka Henderson and Fabien Nicieza recorded at New York Comic Con 2017.
10/07/2017 Listen
281 More To Come 281: Emil Ferris and Warren Bernard at SPX
Calvin interviews 'My Favorite Thing Is Monsters' creator Emil Ferris and SPX executive director Warren Bernard at SPX 2017.
09/29/2017 Listen
280 More To Come 280: A Fall Con Season Roundup
Looking back at SPX and Brooklyn Book Festival, forward toward NYCC, the rise and fall of the New Yorker Cartoon Bank, Eurocomics news, and a tribute to Len Wein.
09/22/2017 Listen
279 More To Come 279: Kareem Abdul Jabbar Interview
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - author, essayist, and retired NBA Champion - discusses Mycroft Holmes, writing, and his love of graphic novels.
09/15/2017 Listen
278 More To Come 278: TCJ vs Craig Yoe and Upcoming Comics Festivals
A preview of SPX (in DC) and Brooklyn Book Festival 2017, controversy about dispute between TCJ and Craig Yoe/Yoe Books, year to date sales down, 'Inhumans' on Imax and in trouble, and more.
09/08/2017 Listen
277 More To Come 277: Joe Illidge Talks Catalyst Prime
Lion Forge senior editor Joe Illidge talks in depth about Catalyst Prime, and the seven series within that superhero/science-fiction comics line as well as about his career in comics and getting his start at Milestone Media in the McDuffie era,
09/01/2017 Listen
276 More To Come 276: Flame Con 2017 and Kirkman Moves to Amazon
Convention news: Live interviews from Flame Con 2017, plus Boston Comic Con, the fall of Wizard World conventions. Plus Kirkman signs with Amazon, sues AMC and the future relationship between comics and streaming sites.
08/25/2017 Listen
275 More To Come 275: Netflix buys Millarworld
Mark Millar, creator of 'Kickass', 'Kingsman' and more, joins Netflix as Disney plans its own streaming service; digital manga to outsell print manga in Japan; selling Image comics; sales of comics and graphic novels decline.
08/11/2017 Listen
274 More To Come 274: Diversity in Retailing and John Allison
'Selling Graphic Novels to a Diverse Audience' panel led by Calvin Reid and featuring retailers Kristen Parraz, Chris Butcher, Terence Irvins and Jennifer Haines, and Calvin interviews Eisner-nominated and webcomics pioneer John Allison of 'Bad Machinery'.
08/04/2017 Listen
273 More To Come 273: SDCC 2017 Wrap up and Nilah Magruder
The More to Come crew discuss news from and the experience of the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and Heidi interviews 'MFK' creator Nilah Magruder.
07/28/2017 Listen
272 More To Come 269: SDCC 2017 Day 4
In Part 4 of our SDCC special, Calvin interviews author Scott Westerfeld; Josh Frankel of Z2 Comics; Joe Nozemack and James Lucas Jones of Oni Press; and acclaimed European comics creators Jean Dufaux and Jose Luis Munuera.
07/24/2017 Listen
271 More To Come 271: SDCC 2017 Day 3
In Part 3 of our SDCC special, Calvin interviews legendary comics editor Karen Berger, graphic novelist Tillie Walden, and comic creator Landis Blair.
07/23/2017 Listen
270 More To Come 270: SDCC 2017 Day 2
In Part 2 of our SDCC special, David Steinberger of Comixology, comics creator Sonny Liew, Venture Brothers creator Jackson Publick and Ken Plume author of Go Team Venture! and oscar-winner John Ridley.
07/22/2017 Listen
269 More To Come 269: SDCC 2017 Day 1
In Part 1 of our SDCC special, Calvin interviews Kurt Hassler and JuYoun Lee of manga publisher Yen Press about its history and origin and their hit author Svetlana Chmakova; he also interviews Nidhi Chanani, the creator of upcoming graphic novel 'Pashmina'.
07/21/2017 Listen
268 More To Come 268: Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman interview
Calvin interviews Francoise Mouly of Toon Books and The New Yorker and Nadja Spiegelman, author of "I'm Supposed to Protect You from All This" and Mouly's daughter, about editing Resist! a free anthology of political comics, now on its second issue.
07/14/2017 Listen
267 More To Come 267: Fall 2017 Graphic Novels
Heidi picks the best graphic novels coming in the fall, Marvel's odd promotion of Marvel Legacy; Howard Chaykin seeks and gets more controversy, and Netflix's white-washed and Americanized Death Note adaptation,
07/07/2017 Listen
266 More To Come 266: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Interview
Kate talks to Viz prose editor Nick Mamatas about Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Yoshiki Tanaka's classic 10 volume science fiction epic novels from the 1980's, about bringing it to English for the first time.
06/30/2017 Listen
265 More To Come 265: Kids Graphic Novels Plus Manga and ALA 2017 Preview
Abe Reisman looks at Kids' Graphic Novels in the 'Vulture', PW's annual Manga feature, Marvel's woes continue, Wonder Woman and a preview of comics at the American Library Association Conference in Chicagol
06/23/2017 Listen
264 More To Come 264: BookExpo BookCon 2017 and Wonder Woman
Graphic novels at BookExpo and Book Con 2017, a spoiler-free first look at Wonder Woman, and transphobia in comics culture.
06/09/2017 Listen
263 More To Come 263: Charles Ardai, Christa Faust, Gary Phillips
Calvin interviews Charles Ardai, founder of Hard Case Crime Comics plus Christa Faust and Gary Phillips, creators of the Hard Case Crime comic 'Peepland'.
06/02/2017 Listen
262 More To Come 262: Heidi Goes to Cuba and More TCAF
Heidi visits Havana and a Cuban animation studio; and we discuss her feature on Graphic Novels in Libraries. Also Calvin and Heidi revisit the 2017 Toronto Comics Arts Festival and Calvin's trip to the new Beguiling comics bookstore.
05/26/2017 Listen
261 More To Come 261: TCAF 2017 and Scott Snyder Interview
At TCAF Calvin recaps the festival and interviews 'Pope Hats' creator Ethan Rilly', while Heidi interviews Graham Chaffee of 'To Have and To Hold.' Plus there's a separate interview with All-Star Batman writer Scott Snyder about his work and vision for the character.
05/19/2017 Listen
260 More To Come 260: Guardians of the Galaxy V. 2
This year’s Eisner’s Award nominations, a look at Marvel’s controversial Secret Empire series, new young readers imprints at DC and Papercutz and wildly different reactions to Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie.
05/12/2017 Listen
259 More To Come 259: Marv Wolfman Interview
Heidi interviews comics legend Marv Wolfman about creating Cyborg, working with Stan Lee and a few other highlights of his long career.
05/05/2017 Listen
258 More To Come 258: News from C2E2 2017
At C2E2 DC unveils new Dark Matter comics and digital platform tv shows, Marvel debuts Generations, Legacy, and doubles down on Secret Empire, also IDW kids titles, manga news from Viz, Tokyopop, and home organizer Marie Kondo goes graphic.
04/28/2017 Listen
257 More To Come 257: C2E2 Preview and R. Sikoryak Interview
C2E2 previewed, the Valiant Comics Summit, comics awards and an interview with R. Sikoryak, the master of the artistic parody comic.
04/21/2017 Listen
256 More To Come 256: MoCCA Fest Interviews 2017
Interviews with Anelle Miller, Thi Bui, Damian Duffy, John Jennings and Blutch live from the 2017 MoCCA Arts Fest
04/14/2017 Listen
255 More To Come 255: Marvel Diversity Controversy
Marvel's sales decline plus diversity comments lead to online uproar.
04/07/2017 Listen
254 More To Come 254: James Sturm and Michelle Ollie Interview
Calvin interviews Michelle Ollie and James Sturm at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.
03/31/2017 Listen
253 More To Come 253: Netflix, Monsters, Conventions
Netflix's comics programming, Emerald City Distro; Japan Manga sales up; and news from New York Comic Con and Big Apple Con,
03/24/2017 Listen
252 More To Come 252: Penelope Bagieu Interview
Heidi interviews Penelope Bagieu, creator of 'California Dreamin'', an unconventional biographical comic about 1960's music star Mama Cass.
03/17/2017 Listen
251 More To Come 251: Comics Retailer Special
The crew discuss comics retail and interview Shannon O'Leary about PW's Retailer Survey as well as retailers Terence Irvins of Kinokuniya and ComicsPro president Pete Dolan, owner of Mainstreet Comics.
03/10/2017 Listen
250 More To Come 250: Ezra Clayton Daniels, A. Bodunrin, Nat Gertler
Heidi interviews comics creator Ezra Claytan Daniels, animator Adebukola Bodunrin and publisher Nat Gertler at Long Beach Comic Expo 2017.
03/03/2017 Listen
249 More To Come 249: Berger Books, Cuba and ComicsPro
Karen Berger to helm Dark Horse imprint, News from ComicsPro 2017 and Calvin goes to Cuba and finds comics creators
02/24/2017 Listen
248 More To Come 248: Marvel, Rumors and Retailers
Marvel rumors, retailer discontent, Riverdale hits TV, IDW business numbers revealed, and PW's Comics Bestsellers List comes to More To Come
02/10/2017 Listen
245 More To Come 247: George Rohac Interview
Heidi interviews George Rohac about his career
02/03/2017 Listen
246 More To Come 246: NY Times Ditches Graphic Bestsellers List
The 'New York Times' drops its Graphic Books Bestsellers lists, Trump trolls Rep. Lewis and 'March' book sales soar, ALA awards, the 2017 Black Comics Book Festival and more.
01/27/2017 Listen
245 More To Come 245: Josh ONeill Interview
Calvin interviews Josh O'Neill, co-founder and copublisher of Beehive Books and Locust Moon Press.
01/20/2017 Listen
244 More To Come 244: Graphic Novel Sales Rise, Scribd and Con News
Book sales rise, digital retrenchment, Watchmen and Geoff Johns and pay-to-volunteer at for-profit cons and the Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem.
01/13/2017 Listen
243 More To Come 243: Luke Healy Interview
Heidi interviews comics creator Luke Healy, creator of the acclaimed 'How to Survive in the North,' a PW Best Book for 2016
01/06/2017 Listen
242 More To Come 242: 2016 in Review Special
A look back at comics and graphic novel news and controversies in 2016 including our favorite moments, and a look at what's to come in 2017.
12/30/2016 Listen
241 More To Come 241: Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special
A discussion of Wonder Woman: the history, the comics, and the controversy surrounding the character, plus an interview with current Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp
12/16/2016 Listen
240 More To Come 240: Ron Wimberly interview
Calvin interviews comics artist Ron Wimberly about 'Prince of Cats', and the new and improved hardcover edition from Image, published in November.
12/09/2016 Listen
239 More To Come 239: Doctor Strange and Recent Conventions
Calvin and Heidi attend Miami Book Fair and New Jersey Comics Expo; and all three cohosts review the Doctor Strange movie.
12/02/2016 Listen
238 More To Come 238: Amy Chu, Neal Adams and Ron Marz
Heidi interviews with Amy Chu, Neal Adams and Ron Marz at the New Jersey Comics Expo
11/26/2016 Listen
237 More To Come 237: March Book Three Wins National Book Award!
Rep. John Lewis's Civil Rights graphic memoir 'March Book Three' breaks the 'paper ceiling', Comic Arts Brooklyn, Miami Book Fair, and New Jersey Comics Expo, turmoil at Wizard World and more
11/18/2016 Listen
236 More To Come 236: Miriam Libicki and Comic Arts Brooklyn
Interviews with Miriam Libicki, Mike Dawson, and Gabe Winslow-Yost and Lucas Adams of New York Review Comics, the new comics imprint of the 'New York Review of Books'.
11/11/2016 Listen
235 More To Come 235: PW Best Graphic Novels, Comics, Feminism and Civility
Graphic novels on PW's Best Books of 2016 list, novelist/comics writer Chelsea Cain leaves twitter and maybe comics, the possible merger of AT&T and Time Warner: what it means for Warner Bros and DC Comics
11/04/2016 Listen
234 More To Come 234: Bill Kartalopoulos interview
Heidi interviews 'Best American Comics 2016' series editor Bill Kartalopoulos about Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's popular comics anthology series and how it is made.
10/28/2016 Listen
233 More To Come 233: New York Comic Con Recap
News and adventures from New York Comic Con including the shows record ticket sales, Lion Forge's multicultural Catalyst Prime superhero line; plus Comixology adds HarperCollins, ComicBlitz adds IDW; and Pepe the racist frog gets a rebrand.
10/21/2016 Listen
232 More To Come 232: NYCC 2016 Interviews Part 3
Calvin Reid interviews graphic novelist Dan Goldman about his activist transmedia graphic novels 'Priya's Shakti' and 'Priya's Mirror', created as part of a global effort to combat gender-based violence, including rape and acid-attacks
10/11/2016 Listen
231 More To Come 231: NYCC 2016 Interviews Part 2
Calvin and Kate interview artists, writers, editors and publishers live from the floor of New York Comic Con.
10/10/2016 Listen
230 More To Come 230: NYCC 2016 Interviews Part 1
Calvin Reid interview artists, editors and publishers live from the floor of New York Comic Con.
10/09/2016 Listen
229 More To Come 229: Emil Ferris and Cyril Pedrosa
Calvin interviews Emil Ferris, author of 'My Favorite Thing is Monsters' and Cyril Pedrosa, author of 'Equinoxes'.
10/07/2016 Listen
228 More To Come 228: NYCC Preview Plus Gene Luen Yang
New York Comic Con previewed, strong August sales, Gene Yang's Genius Grant and French Comics Framed at Cooper Union
09/30/2016 Listen
227 More To Come 227: Carla Speed McNeil and Ben Katchor
Heidi interviews Carla Speed McNeil of 'Finder' and Julius Knipl creator Ben Katchor
09/23/2016 Listen
226 More To Come 226: Comics Economics
IDW leaves Diamond Book Distributors, plus the changing economics of a comics career, the worldwide popularity of Attack on Titan, and previews of SPX and Brooklyn Book Festival
09/16/2016 Listen
225 More To Come 225: Tini Howard and Berkeley Breathed
Heidi interviews Tini Howard, creator of the upcoming comics series 'The Skeptics', and Kate talks to 'Bloom County' and 'Opus' cartoonist Berkeley Breathed in a sponsored interview
09/09/2016 Listen
224 More To Come 224: Flame Con and Retailer Summit 2016
Heidi reports live from the Diamond Retailer Summit at the Baltimore Comic Con and Kate has Interviews with Greg Pak, Magdelene Visaggio and Sophie Campbell, conducted from Flame Con 2, the LGBTQ comics and pop culture convention held last month in Brooklyn.
09/02/2016 Listen
222 More To Come 223: Frederik L. Schodt on Osamu Tezuka
Calvin interviews Frederik Schodt, manga scholar and translator of 'The Osamu Tezuka Story,' a manga biography of the great manga artist by Toshio Ban and Tezuka Productions. Published by Stone Bridge Press
08/26/2016 Listen
222 More To Come 222: March sweeps bestseller lists
Sales up for Marvel and DC, all three 'March' volumes become top 10 bestsellers, Gantz manga creator pleads with fans, 'Suicide Squad' news and FlameCon preview.
08/19/2016 Listen
221 More To Come 221: The State of the Kids Graphic Novel Industry
Calvin Reid moderates a panel discussion with David Saylor, Greg Goldstein and Terry Nantier about the growth of the kids graphic novel market at Comic-Con 2016. The panel was organized by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
08/12/2016 Listen
220 More To Come 220: How Graphic Novel Artists Create Comics
Calvin leads a panel discussion with Sydney Padua, Derf Backderf, Ron Wimberly and Keith Knight about their development as artists and their working processes at Comic-Con 2016
08/05/2016 Listen
219 More To Come 219: San Diego Comic Con 2016 Wrap up
Calvin and Heidi discuss the slowing pace of San Diego Comic-Con and the retreat of the movie studios.
07/29/2016 Listen
218 More To Come 218: SDCC 2016 Day 4
Calvin interviews underground cartoonist and publisher Dennis Kitchen, and John Jennings and Damian Duffy, the adaptors of Octavia Butler's 'Kindred'.
07/25/2016 Listen
217 More To Come 217: SDCC 2016 Day 3
Calvin interviews Fantagraphics founder Gary Groth and 'Scott Pilgrim' and 'Snotgirl' creator Bryan Lee O'Malley.
07/24/2016 Listen
216 More To Come 216: SDCC 2016 Day 2
Calvin interviews MK Reed of 'Science Comics: Dinosaurs' and award-winner Gene Luen Yang about 'Secret Coders'. Heidi interviews SF legend William Gibson about his graphic novel 'Archangel'.
07/23/2016 Listen
215 More To Come 215: SDCC 2016 Day 1
Heidi interviews Grant Morrison, Calvin talks with Cecil Castellucci and Koren Shadmi
07/22/2016 Listen
214 More To Come 214: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Preview
2015 North American comics market passes $1 billion, SDCC 2016 is on horizon, Marvel Now! debuts and Pokemon Go takes over.
07/15/2016 Listen
213 More To Come 213: Five Year Special Pt 2: Josh Neufeld and Sari Wilson
An interview with novelist Sari Wilson and her husband, cartoonist Josh Neufeld, about 'Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose', a new anthology of comics and short prose, published by Pressgang, the publishing imprint of the Butler University MFA program.
07/02/2016 Listen
212 More To Come 212: Five Year Special Pt 1: Bob Proehl Interview
Heidi MacDonald interviews novelist Bob Proehl, author of 'A Hundred Thousand Worlds', a new novel set in the world of comics conventions.
07/01/2016 Listen
211 More To Come 211: Five Years and Counting
Celebrating 5 years of podcasting, the More to Come cohosts look back at our first podcast in June 2011, and revisit the topics we discussed: among them, the New 52, and compare it to Rebirth, DC's latest superhero relaunch, plus we discuss how the industry has changed over the last 5 years.
06/24/2016 Listen
210 More To Come 210: Is Hastings the New Borders?
Hastings bookstores files chapter 11 bankruptcy owing about $1 million to Diamond Book Distributors, a graphic novel and pop culture vendor; the MTC crew also discuss Awesome Con in Wash. DC, copyright turmoil in Artists' Alley, Book Con@NYCC and more convention news and controversy.
06/17/2016 Listen
209 More To Come 209: Awesome Con Interviews
Calvin interviews comics creator Evan Keeling of the Smithsonian and the DC Conspiracy comics collective, and Andrew Aydin, co-author of Rep. John Lewis' acclaimed Civil Rights graphic memoir 'March,' at Awesome Con 2016 in Washington D.C.
06/10/2016 Listen
208 More To Come 208: DC Rebirth and Captain America Controversy
DC Rebirth, Cap, Hydra and Marvel fan discontent, Louise Simonson and more
06/03/2016 Listen
207 More To Come 207: Glen Downey Interview
Heidi MacDonald interviews award-winning comics creator and educator Glen Downey at TCAF
05/27/2016 Listen
206 More To Come 206: BEA, TCAF, Darwyn Cooke Tribute
Comics at BEA 2016 Chicago, Toronto Comics Arts Festival 2016, the late comics creator Darwyn Cooke, Captain America: Civil War and more.
05/20/2016 Listen
205 More To Come 205: Kinokuniyas Terence Irvins
Calvin Reid interviews Terence Irvins, graphic novel buyer for Kinokuniya in New York City.
05/13/2016 Listen
204 More To Come 204: Grant Morrison and Wonder Woman
Grant Morrison and Wonder Woman, Shelly Bond leaves Vertigo, sexual harassment at DC, Frank Cho fan protest, the Dark Knight at Citi Field, and Brooklyn's Sakura Matsuri
05/06/2016 Listen
203 More To Come 203: Maximilian Uriarte Interview
Calvin Reid interviews Max Uriarte, creator of the 'The White Donkey: Terminal Lance', a graphic novel about life as Marine in the Iraq war, that began as a webcomic, then a kickstarter self-published book and is now a hardcover release from Little, Brown.
04/29/2016 Listen
202 More To Come 202: The Awards Season Begins
2016 Eisner nominations, GLAAD awards, Lynd Ward prize, Attack on Titan Japanese/English simulpub, upcoming superflicks including R-rated 'Killing Joke' animation, more on Bat v Super plus 'Dr. Strange' and 'Ghost in the Shell' controversies.
04/22/2016 Listen
201 More To Come 201: Interviews from the London Book Fair, MoCCA, WonderCon
Live interviews from the London Book Fair, the MoCCA comics fest, and WonderCon including Europe Comics's Nazeli Kyuregyan; at MoCCA with Anelle Miller, Craig Yoe, and cartoonist Kate Lacour and at WonderCon in L.A., Kyle Baker and Kevin McCarthy.
04/15/2016 Listen
200 More To Come 200: MoCCA, WonderCon, Batman v Superman
MoCCA Arts, WonderCon and DC's Rebirth, Batman v Superman, Image Expo, and the Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic
04/08/2016 Listen
199 More To Come 199: WonderCon 2016 Interviews
Live from WonderCon in Los Angeles, Heidi interviews creators Hope Larson and Tom King, part of DC's Rebirth creative teams and Beau Smith, creator of the SyFy network's 'Wynonna Earp'
04/01/2016 Listen
198 More To Come 198: Stephane Metayer and Tephlon Funk
Calvin Reid interviews Stephane Metayer, creator of the hip-hop and manga-inspired comic 'Tephlon Funk', about the development of the narrative, its characters, the $22,000 he raised on Kickstarter to fund the graphic novel and much more.
03/25/2016 Listen
197 More To Come 197: MoCCA, Ta Nehisi Coates, and Kickstarter
MoCCA Unveils its 2016 Programming, Ta-Nehisi Coates's Black Panther revival is previewed on, Kickstarter and small press publishing, Brian Hibbs looks at the Bookscan graphic novel sales figures and First Second's line of kids' science graphic novels.
03/17/2016 Listen
196 More To Come 196: Glen Weldon on The Caped Crusade
NPR Pop culture critic Glen Weldon on Batman, obsession, the importance of pop culture criticism and his new book 'The Caped Crusade'.
03/11/2016 Listen
195 More To Come 195: Publishers Threaten Angouleme Boycott
French publishers call for a reorganized Angouleme festival, DC and Stela apps, pricing at The Big Two, Kinokuniya tries variant covers, book stores and book sales rise, and the LA Times Book Prize graphic novel nominations.
03/04/2016 Listen
194 More To Come 194: The Deadpool Cometh
Deadpool sweeps the box office, Calvin on the curious lack of comics in Cuba, DC Rebirth plus DC Superhero Girls at Toyfair.
02/19/2016 Listen
193 More To Come 193: Rob Liefeld speaks
As the 'Deadpool' movie is released, Heidi interviews his co-creator, Image co-founder and 90's comic revolutionary Rob Liefeld.
02/12/2016 Listen
192 More To Come 192: Angouleme 2016 Special Pt. 2
Calvin moderates a panel on women in comics at the Festival d'Angouleme which has had been marred with controversy over women in the French comics industry.
02/08/2016 Listen
191 More To Come 191: Angouleme 2016 Special Pt. 1
Calvin Reid recaps his first visit to Festival d'Angouleme, the annual French comics Festival, revisting the event's recent controversies about women creators as well as the shows extraordinary presentation of vast numbers of great comics.
02/05/2016 Listen
190 More To Come 190: Lance Fensterman on the growth of comic cons around the world
Heidi interviews Lance Fensterman of Reed Pop about the growing international comic con circuit and upcoming shows including C2E2 and Emerald City Comic-Con.
01/29/2016 Listen
189 More To Come 189: Black Comic Book Festival 2016
Fans mob this year's Black Comic Book Festival, spring graphic novels, an Angoulême preview, retailer discontent and more.
01/22/2016 Listen
188 More To Come 188: Nate Powell's March Interview
Calvin interviews artist Nate Powell about his drawings for 'March,' books one and two, and the process of working with cowriter Andrew Aydin on Rep. John Lewis's March Trilogy, a graphic memoir and history of the Civil Rights Movement.
01/15/2016 Listen
187 More To Come 187: Angoulemes Zero Femme Implosion
Angoulême's Grand Prix sexism problem, 10 years of huge change in comics, DC turns to double shipping to raise sales and more.
01/08/2016 Listen
186 More To Come 186: Jeremy Sorese interview
Calvin interviews comics creator Jeremy Sorese about his science-fiction graphic novel 'Curveball', recorded live at Brooklyn's Powerhouse Arena.
12/31/2015 Listen
185 More To Come 185: Comics in 2015
The year in comics: the big stories, trends and more from 2015
12/18/2015 Listen
184 More To Come 184: Frank Santoro Interview
Heidi talks to art comics guru Frank Santoro about surviving and teaching comics.
12/11/2015 Listen
183 More To Come 183: Marvels Jessica Jones and Digital Comics Subscription
Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, digital subscription, layoffs at Wizard World, Batman v. Superman, Dark Knight III, Comics at the Miami Book Fair and more
12/04/2015 Listen
182 More To Come 182: R. Sikoryaks iTunes: The Graphic Novel
Digital comics news from Google Play, Hoopla and more; R. Sikoryak's iTunes graphic Novel; and PW's Best Graphic Novels 2015.
11/20/2015 Listen
181 More To Come 181: Comic Arts Brooklyn Interview Special
Brian Chippendale, Ethan Rilly, Leslie Stein, Noah Van Sciver, Barry and Leon of Secret Acres, Tom Adams of Bergen Street Comics and Tom Oldham are interviewed at Comic Arts Brooklyn 2015.
11/13/2015 Listen
180 More To Come 180: Peter Kuper Ruins interview
Calvin talks to comics creator Peter Kuper about 'Ruins', his new graphic novel about monarch butterflies and political violence, inspired by his sabbatical in Oaxaca.
11/06/2015 Listen
179 More To Come 179: Supergirl Power
The Supergirl TV show, Attack on Titan in America, Masashi Kishimoto visits New York, and the New York Review of Books launches a comics imprint.
10/30/2015 Listen
178 More To Come 178: NYCC 2015 Wrap Up
Huge crowds, corporate branding, European comics, the manga resurgence, the new subway station and the wild experience of attending New York's Fall pop culture classic.
10/16/2015 Listen
177 More To Come 177: NYCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 3
Interviews with Alex Simmons, Afua Richardson, Tony Puryear and other AfroFutureFest members, Chad Coleman, Comixology's Chip Mosher, writer J-D Morvan at New York Comic Con 2015.
10/12/2015 Listen
176 More To Come 176: NYCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 2
Interviews with John Leguizamo, Carla Speed McNeil, Louise Simonson, Chris Claremont, Geof Darrow and Nazeli Kyuregyan of at New York Comic Con 2015.
10/11/2015 Listen
175 More To Come 175: NYCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 1
Calvin interviews Jordan Plosky, CEO and founder of Comic Blitz, a new digital comics subscription service
10/10/2015 Listen
174 More To Come 174: NYCC Founder Greg Topalian
Heidi talks to Greg Topalian, founder of New York Comic Con about the convention, his new company Left Field Media, and his new upcoming digital multimedia fan convention Stream Con.
10/09/2015 Listen
173 More To Come 173: MAD editor John Ficarra
Heidi talks to MAD Magazine editor-in-chief John Ficarra about Spy vs. Spy, MAD's history and the usual gang of idiots.
10/01/2015 Listen
172 More To Come 172: SPX 2015 plus Dylan Horrocks interview
SPX 2015, market corrections in comics, Ta-Nehisi Coates writes 'Black Panther', plus a special interview with New Zealand comics creator Dylan Horrocks.
09/25/2015 Listen
171 More To Come 171: Jessica Abel interview
Calvin talks to comics creator Jessica Abel about comics, working in France, and her new book on a new generation of radio and podcast storytellers.
09/18/2015 Listen
170 More To Come 170: A Split at Marvel
Marvel Studio's Kevin Feige no longer reports to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, Alan Moore goes digital, risk factors facing comics publishing and the conflict between comics journalism and comics rumor mongering.
09/11/2015 Listen
169 More To Come 169: Editorial Cartoonist Ted Rall Interview
Calvin interviews Ted Rall about his dispute with the LA Times and LAPD and his biography of Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower.
09/04/2015 Listen
168 More To Come 168: Upheaval at DC
New strategies at DC, Fun Home's controversy at Duke and beyond, comics for Kindle expanding and the closing of Bergen Street Comics.
08/28/2015 Listen
167 More To Come 167: The Future of the Floppy
Experimental scheduling at Image, a stagnant summer at Marvel and DC, what makes a sustainably popular comic, the future of the paper floppy and more.
08/21/2015 Listen
166 More To Come 166: Fall Graphic Novels and the Fantastic Four
Fall graphic novel announcements, Marvel's diversity problem, Amazon's grip on the digital comics market, and the spectacular flop of the Fantastic Four movie. We apologize for the sound quality of an earlier version, we experienced remote recording problems.
08/14/2015 Listen
165 More To Come 165: Rob Berry and Ulysses Seen
Calvin interviews comics creator and publisher Rob Berry, creator of the comics adaptation of James Joyce's 'Ulysses'
08/07/2015 Listen
164 More To Come 164: Editorial Cartoonist Matt Bors Interview
Heidi interviews Matt Bors, editorial cartoonist and editor of online political cartooning web site The Nib.
07/30/2015 Listen
163 More To Come 163: San Diego Comic Con 2015 in Review
Some publishers pulling out, bigger and bigger crowds, show experiences, and the madness and fun of San Diego Comic-Con 2015
07/24/2015 Listen
162 More To Come 162: SDCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 5
Calvin interviews Rod Espinosa, the Batgirl team of Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, and Branden Fletcher; Leah Hayes and Heidi talks to Kevin Shinick and Marisa Acocella Marchetto direct from Comic-Con.
07/13/2015 Listen
161 More To Come 161: SDCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 4
Calvin interviews Mark Waid, Mike Richardson, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and Charlie Kochman direct from Comic-Con.
07/12/2015 Listen
160 More To Come 160: SDCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 3
Calvin interviews Gene Yang, Paul Levitz, Erika Alexander and Tony Puryear, Chip Kidd and John Shableski direct from Comic-Con
07/11/2015 Listen
159 More To Come 159: SDCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 2
Heidi interviews Grant Morrison
07/10/2015 Listen
158 More To Come 158: SDCC 2015 Interview Special Pt. 1
Interviews with Kristy Valenti, Sara Ryan, Richard Taylor and Duncan Jones
07/09/2015 Listen
157 More To Come 157: San Diego Comic Con 2015 Preview
Programming, show issues and more about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2015
07/03/2015 Listen
156 More To Come 156: Flame on, FlameCon!
NYC's LGBT comics arts festival, Drawn & Quarterly at 25, making a living from Comics, Digital News, Kickstarter fraud crack drown, plus creator interviews.
06/26/2015 Listen
155 More To Come 155: Matt Hawkins of Top Cow Interview
Heidi interviews Matt Hawkins, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Image Comics studio Top Cow.
06/19/2015 Listen
154 More To Come 154: Tintin Ownership Challenged
Tintin ownership in doubt, Special Edition NYC 2015, what not to do on social media, plus creator interviews from SENYC15
06/12/2015 Listen
153 More To Come 153: Ngozi Ukazu of Check Please Interview
Kate interviews rising star Ngozi Ukazu, creator of the Kickstarter-hit webcomic 'Check Please!'.
06/05/2015 Listen
152 More To Come 152: BEA and French Comics
Francoise Mouly and Liniers interviewed, plus French publishers courting the US market and BEA 2015.
05/29/2015 Listen
151 More To Come 151: Jen Sorensen Interview
Heidi interviews Jen Sorensen about her success in the changing world of political cartooning.
05/21/2015 Listen
150 More To Come 150: Toronto Comic Arts Festival
TCAF, Archie's controversial Kickstarter, Daredevil, Age of Ultron and superheroes on TV and movie screens.
05/15/2015 Listen
149 More To Come 149: TCAF and FCBD Interviews
At the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Heidi interviews Dr. Bart Beaty and Tina Coleman, while on Free Comic Book Day, Kate catches some fan on the street interviews.
05/08/2015 Listen
148 More To Come 148: Sydney Padua Interview
Calvin interviews Sydney Padua about 'The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage' (Pantheon), her new work of creative comics nonfiction based on the lives of 19th century polymaths Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage.
05/01/2015 Listen
147 More To Come 147: No Room at the Comics Fest
DC superheroes for young girls, 'Check, Please' and other LGBT comics thrive on Kickstarter, Eisner nominations, Valiant's latest movie deal, and left out at Comics festivals
04/24/2015 Listen
146 More To Come 146: MoCCA Fest 2015 Interviews
Interviews recorded live on the floor of the MoCCA Arts Fest in Manhattan
04/17/2015 Listen
145 More To Come 145: MTC Visits Japan
Our producer travels to Japan, MoCCA Arts Fest Preview, DC and Wondercon move to LA and a whole lot of comics awards
04/10/2015 Listen
144 More To Come 144: Nick Sousanis Interview
Calvin interviews Nick Sousanis about his extraordinary work of graphic nonfiction/PhD dissertation on comics and human perception.
04/03/2015 Listen
143 More To Come 143: A Week of Comics Controversy
The Batgirl cover controversy, online harrassment, a culture clash between generations of fans and more.
03/27/2015 Listen
142 More To Come 142: Lucy Knisley Interview
Heidi interviews Lucy Knisley about comics, travel, food and time management
03/20/2015 Listen
141 More To Come 141: The Valiant Cinematic Universe?
More on the future of DC and manga.
03/13/2015 Listen
140 More To Come 140: The Late Child and Other Animals Interview
Calvin interviews Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger about their new graphic memoir and their history in comics and in the New York contemporary art world.
03/06/2015 Listen
139 More To Come 139: Agent Carter the Cult TV Classic
SDCC's registration frenzy, ComicsPRO, Agent Carter, spring graphic novels and more
02/27/2015 Listen
138 More To Come 138: Georgia Dunn Interview
Kate interviews Georgia Dunn about 'Breaking Cat News' and breaking into syndication on Uclick
02/20/2015 Listen
137 More To Come 137: Scribd Adds Comics
DC reveals its new line up, Marvel unveils more of upcoming Secret Wars event, Scribd attempts to become Netflix for Comics and Spider-Man joins the MCU.
02/13/2015 Listen
136 More To Come 136: Graphic Novels Top the Charts
Graphic novels are now the fastest growing fiction category in the book market, the best and worst conventions for comic pros.
01/30/2015 Listen
135 More To Come 135: Miss Lasko Gross interview
Calvin interviews Miss Lasko-Gross about 'Henni' and her history with graphic novels
01/23/2015 Listen
134 More To Come 134: Charlie Hebdo and Satire
Charlie Hebdo in context, IDW buys Top Shelf and ReedPop buys Emerald City Comicon.
01/16/2015 Listen
133 More To Come 133: Comics in 2014
The convention world grows, the comics market diversifies and multimedia properties boom in 2014.
01/02/2015 Listen
132 More To Come 132: Calista Brill interview
Heidi interviews Calista Brill about editing comics and working at First Second.
12/19/2014 Listen
131 More To Come 131: Star Wars Issue 1 hits 1 Million Copies
Star Wars #1 sells 1 million copies, Furfest Midwest gets gassed, DMP Reboots Tezuka, Comic Arts LA
12/12/2014 Listen
130 More To Come 130: A. David Lewis interview
Calvin interviews scholar A. David Lewis about his new book on the depiction of the afterlife in superhero comics.
12/05/2014 Listen
129 More To Come 129: Comics Trends We Are Thankful For
The More to Come crew discuss the comics trends they're thankful for, including greater diversity, new comics festivals, the impact of digital distribution and more.
11/28/2014 Listen
128 More To Come 128: Comic Arts Brooklyn Interviews
Calvin interviews indie comics creators Jen Wang, Oliver Schrauwen and Tim Lane at CAB
11/21/2014 Listen
127 More To Come 127: The Year in Comics on TV
A look at the 2014 boom in comics on television, Comic Arts Brooklyn and more.
11/14/2014 Listen
126 More To Come 126: Joyce Brabner Interview
Calvin interviews nonfiction comics writer Joyce Brabner about her new book 'Second Avenue Caper' and more.
11/07/2014 Listen
125 More To Come 125: David F Walker Interview Special
Heidi interviews David F. Walker, writer of the upcoming 'Shaft' comic
10/31/2014 Listen
124 More To Come 124: IVerse is back in the running
iVerse's Comics Plus, new comics targeting women fans, plus Humble Bundle's DRM-Free promotions and fundraising.
10/24/2014 Listen
123 More To Come 123: New York Comic Con Wrap up
Great Comic Con programming, bad traffic flow and hints of Marvel and DC's future movies
10/17/2014 Listen
122 More To Come 122: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 4
Talking NYCC with Gail Simone, Geof Darrow, Amy Chu, Fernando Ruiz and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
10/13/2014 Listen
121 More To Come 121: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 3
On the scene interviews with Becky Cloonan, Kieron Gillen, Bob Fingerman, Josh Elder and Andrea Colvin
10/13/2014 Listen
120 More To Come 120: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 2
On the scene interviews with Sandy King Carpenter of 'John Carpenter's Asylum' and Liam Sharp of Madefire.
10/11/2014 Listen
119 More To Come 119: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 1
On the scene Interviews with Mairghread Scott, Chris Misciewicz, John Roberts, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Dr. Carol Tilley.
10/10/2014 Listen
118 More To Come 118: Scott McCloud Interview Special
Calvin interviews Scott McCloud, pioneering author of "Understanding Comics"
10/03/2014 Listen
117 More To Come 117: Looking back at SPX and forward to MoCCA
MoCCA moves, SPX goes strong, and some artists can't make money at cons anymore.
09/26/2014 Listen
116 More To Come 116: Interviews from Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2014 Part 2
Calvin interviews Box Brown, Farel Dalrymple and James Sturm while Heidi talks to Locust Moon
09/21/2014 Listen
115 More To Come 115: Interviews from Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2014
Heidi interviews Amy Reeder, Chris Staros, Jim Dougan and more
09/19/2014 Listen
114 More To Come 114: Fall Con Season Begins
ReedPop expands to India, SPX preview, Fall con season begins, plus controversy over Salt Lake City Comic Con attendance numbers.
09/12/2014 Listen
113 More To Come 113: Interview with Comic Con's David Glanzer
Heidi interviews San Diego Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer about the hows and whys of the show.
09/05/2014 Listen
112 More To Come 112: Marvel at Walmart
Growing pains as Marvel and DC attempt to attract new audiences and comics go DRM-free.
08/29/2014 Listen
111 More To Come 111: Watson and Holmes Interview Special
Calvin interviews New Paradigm Studios' publisher Brandon Perlow, and writer Brandon Easton about 'Watson and Holmes.'
08/22/2014 Listen
110 More To Come 110: Guardians of the Galaxy A Go Go
Marvel's new hit, Studio Ghibli's uncertain future and record July comic sales
08/15/2014 Listen
109 More To Come 109: Mike Dawson Interview Special
Heidi interviews controversial comics writer Mike Dawson about setbacks as a mid-career comic creator.
08/08/2014 Listen
108 More To Come 108: Reporting from Comic Con 2014
Our intrepid reporters recall the San Diego Comic-Con International 2014
08/02/2014 Listen
107 More To Come 107: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 5
Interview with Chuck Palahniuk about writing Fight Club 2 as a comic.
07/28/2014 Listen
106 More To Come 106: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 4
Interviews with comic creator Geof Darrow and comics retailer Terence Irvins of Kinokuniya Book Store
07/27/2014 Listen
105 More To Come 105: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 3
Interviews with Jennifer Stuller of Geek Girl Con and award-winning retailers Portlyn and Autumn of Brave New World
07/26/2014 Listen
104 More To Come 104: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 2
Interviews with Don Rosa, Eleanor Davis, Lucy Knisley and Archie Comics executives.
07/25/2014 Listen
103 More To Come 103: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 1
Interviews with The Goon creator Eric Powell and Richard Starkings of Elephantmen and Comicraft
07/24/2014 Listen
102 More To Come 102: Joe Illidge Interview Special
Calvin interviews veteran comics writer Joe Illidge about comics, diversity and more
07/18/2014 Listen
101 More To Come 101: Image Expo Meets San Diego Comic-Con
Image Expo Debuts at San Diego and fan and creator outrage at Rick Remender
07/11/2014 Listen
100 More To Come 100: Heroes Con Interview Special
PW talks with comics creators Jim Starlin and Matt Kindt.
07/05/2014 Listen
99 More To Come 99: New York Super Week announced
Special Edition, Heroes Con and the flood of new comic conventions
06/27/2014 Listen
98 More To Come 98: Special Edition NYC Interview Special
Frank Cho, Charles Brownstein, Jamie Rich and more.
06/20/2014 Listen
97 More To Come 97: Bill Wattersons Surprise Return
Watterson takes over a comics strip, Chuck Dixon claims political blacklisting and the Ant Man film has problems.
06/13/2014 Listen
96 More To Come 96: BEA, BookCon and Comics
She-Hulk and David Goyer, San Diego Comic-Con and harassment and comparing BEA to comic conventions.
06/06/2014 Listen
95 More To Come 95: Jillian Tamaki
Jillian Tamaki talks about her new graphic novel and the next generation of comic creators.
05/30/2014 Listen
94 More To Come 94: Peter Kuper Interview Special
Peter Kuper talks about his books, teaching at Harvard, Cleveland and cofounding World War 3 Illustrated.
05/23/2014 Listen
93 More To Come 93: Amazon vs Marvel and Yen Press!
Hachette battles Amazon over retail terms, Bill Finger's family's quest for Batman credit and the TCAF report.
05/16/2014 Listen
92 More To Come 92: Kazu Kibuishi Interview Special
Kazu Kibuishi interviewed live at TCAF.
05/10/2014 Listen
91 More To Come 91: Captain America: Winter Soldier Special
Captain America 2 gets it right, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. kicks into gear, and waiting for the next DC film.
05/02/2014 Listen
90 More To Come 90: Comixology joins Amazon
Digital comics giant Comixology is acquired by Amazon plus Eisner and Hugo nominees.
04/25/2014 Listen
89 More To Come 89: MoCCA 2014 Interview Special
Anelle Miller, Charles Kochman, Alisa Harris, Whit Taylor and Alison Wilgus interviewed at MoCCA 2014.
04/18/2014 Listen
88 More To Come 88: MoCCA Arts Fest 2014
MoCCA Arts Fest, Emerald City, Winter Soldier and more
04/11/2014 Listen
87 More To Come 87: Alex Simmons Interview Special
Alex Simmons's comics origin story and Kids Comic Con.
04/04/2014 Listen
86 More To Come 86: PWs 2014 Comics Retailer Survey
Retailers point to a shift in sales away from superhero comics
03/28/2014 Listen
85 More To Come 85: Brian Stelfreeze, Justin Jordan, and Rico Renzi interviewed
Heidi interviews Justin Jordan, Rico Renzi and Brian Stelfreeze.
03/21/2014 Listen
84 More To Come 84: Eric Stephensons ComicsPRO Speech
Strategies for the future of comics from Image
03/14/2014 Listen
83 More To Come 83: Dean Haspiel Interview Special
Dean Haspiel discusses his latest works and personal origin story
03/07/2014 Listen
82 More To Come 82: A New Comics Show for New York
New York's new con and con wars out west
02/28/2014 Listen
81 More To Come 81: Paul Gravett Interview Special
Heidi interviews British comics historian Paul Gravett
02/21/2014 Listen
80 More To Come 80: When Comic Shops Go Wrong
Comic shops that fail fans and Heidi's French comics odyssey
02/14/2014 Listen
79 More To Come 79: Live from Angouleme
Heidi interviews Ulli Lust and Derf Backderf at the Angouleme Festival
02/07/2014 Listen
78 More To Come 78: Ron Wimberly Interview Special
Indie creator Wimberly discusses his life and art.
01/31/2014 Listen
77 More To Come 77: Alan Moore's Supposed Last Interview
Alan Moore, the Angouleme Comics Festival and an awards controversy and more
01/24/2014 Listen
76 More To Come 76: Bob Fingerman Interview Special
Minimum Wage returns!
01/17/2014 Listen
75 More To Come 75: Hello 2014
The top stories of 2013, looking forward to 2014
01/03/2014 Listen
74 More To Come 74: Comics Plagiarism Scandals
A blatant story-theft from comics by a Hollywood star.
12/20/2013 Listen
73.2 More To Come 73.2: Women, Men and Comics Pt. 2
Cultural challenges facing women in superhero and direct market comics.
12/16/2013 Listen
73.1 More To Come 73.1: Women, Men and Comics Pt. 1
Gender relations in the five cultures of comics.
12/13/2013 Listen
72 More To Come 72: PictureBox Says Goodbye
PictureBox stops publishing new books
12/06/2013 Listen
71 More To Come 71: Jim Butcher Interview Special
Dresden Files creator talks comics!
11/29/2013 Listen
70 More To Come 70: Pete Friedrich Interview Special
In discussion with Pete Friedrich about Lower East Side Story
11/22/2013 Listen
69 More To Come 69: Fantagraphics Kickstarts Everything
Comic Arts Brooklyn, Marvel comes to Netflix Original, Fantagraphics new strategy and more.
11/15/2013 Listen
68 More To Come 68: Craig Yoe and Jeffrey Brown Interview Special
Comics historian Craig Yoe and humor cartoonist Jeffrey Brown
11/08/2013 Listen
67 More To Come 67: DCs Big Move
Crunchyroll does manga, DC moves to L.A.
11/01/2013 Listen
66 More To Come 66: Coffin Hill Interview Special
Caitlin Kittredge, Royden Lepp and Cliff Galbraith
are interviewed.
10/25/2013 Listen
65 More To Come 65: NYCC in Review
Badges succeed, but security has issues
10/18/2013 Listen
65 More To Come 65: NYCC in Review
Badges succeed, but security has issues
10/18/2013 Listen
64.3 More To Come 64.3: NYCC Interview Special 3
Jane Espenson, Greg Rucka, Tony Cliff and more.
10/16/2013 Listen
64.2 More To Come 64.2: NYCC Interview Special 2
Colleen Doran, Brian Wood, Greg Pak and more.
10/15/2013 Listen
64.1 More To Come 64.1: NYCC Interview Special 1
Naruto translator Mari Morimoto and Viz v-p Leyla Aker talk manga
10/14/2013 Listen
63 More To Come 63: Comics on TV
Agents of SHIELD arrives, NYCC looms
10/04/2013 Listen
62 More To Come 62: MLK and The Montgomery Story Interview Special
Andrew Aydin, Chris Samnee, Laura Gulledge, Adam Knave and Nick Brokenshire are interviewed.
09/27/2013 Listen
61 More To Come 61: SPX 2013
Indie creators at SPX and Marvel's legal settlement
09/20/2013 Listen
60 More To Come 60: Jeff Smith Interview Special
Eisner Award-winning comics artist Jeff Smith discusses his work.
09/13/2013 Listen
59 More To Come 59: Exit the Batwoman... Creators
Penny Arcade and DC PR problems
09/07/2013 Listen
58 More To Come 58: Tim Leong Interview Special
Talking with Time Leong, author of Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe (Chronicle Books)
08/31/2013 Listen
57 More To Come 57: Comics are for Everyone
Feminism, controversy and inclusion
08/24/2013 Listen
56 More To Come 56: DCs 3D Cover Woes
DC forced to ration 3D specialty covers; retailers super unhappy
08/10/2013 Listen
55 More To Come 55: Comics At Comic-Con
We conclude our San Diego Comic-Con coverage
07/29/2013 Listen
54.6 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Monday
Sunday interviews live from Comic Con
07/22/2013 Listen
54.5 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Sunday
Saturday interviews live from Comic Con
07/21/2013 Listen
54.4 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Saturday
Vivek Tiwary and Calvin on the Con so far
07/20/2013 Listen
54.3 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Friday
Thursday interviews live from Comic Con
07/19/2013 Listen
54.2 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Thursday
Wednesday interviews live from Comic Con
07/18/2013 Listen
54 More To Come 54: San Diego Preview and Amazons Jet City Comics
Image Expo, San Diego Comic-con, Comics Retailers Survey and more
07/15/2013 Listen
53 More To Come 53: Remembering Kim Thompson
Recalling the late Fantagraphics copublisher
07/01/2013 Listen
52 More To Come 52: Man of Steel
DC's newer, grimmer Superman
06/17/2013 Listen
51 More To Come 51: Comics at BEA 2013
Comics publishers, like BEA itself, look stable and optimistic.
06/03/2013 Listen
50 More To Come 50: Brooklyn Loses a Con
Doomed by popularity? Also, our 50th ep!
05/20/2013 Listen
49 More To Come 49: Comics Alliance Closes
Comics Alliance closed, Outhouse blacklisted.
05/06/2013 Listen
48 More To Come 48: 2013 Eisner Nominees
Fantagraphics sweeps Eisner noms, Marvel Now sales drops
04/22/2013 Listen
47.2 More To Come 47.2: The New MoCCA Arts Fest Special Part 2
MoCCA Arts Fest interviews
04/09/2013 Listen
47.1 More To Come 47.1: The New MoCCA Arts Fest Special Part 1
MoCCA Arts Fest, Marvelman and The M-Word
04/08/2013 Listen
46 More To Come 46: Exit JManga, Persepolis Banned
JManga fails, Persepolis banned and Frederic Wertham
03/25/2013 Listen
45.2 More To Come 45.2: SXSW 2013 Special, Part 2
David Steinberger interview, new books.
03/12/2013 Listen
45.1 More To Come 45.1: SXSW 2013 Special, Part 1
Comixology expands, Calvin reports
03/11/2013 Listen
44 More To Come 44: Wertham Scandal Revealed
Rising sales and scandal
02/25/2013 Listen
43 More To Come 43: Black Writers in Comics?
Black writers, Angouleme controversy
02/11/2013 Listen
42 More To Come 42: Barnes and Noble Pulls Back
Fewer bookstores and a digital future
01/28/2013 Listen
41 More To Come 41: Losing the Battle for Superman
Marvel Now discussed, Superman copyright
01/14/2013 Listen
40.2 More To Come 40.2: 2012 Year End Special, Part 2
More to Come talks 2012
01/02/2013 Listen
40.1 More To Come 40.1: 2012 Year End Special, Part 1
More to Come talks 2012
12/31/2012 Listen
39 More To Come 39: Berger leaves Vertigo
Berger leaves Vertigo, Image won't reprint
12/17/2012 Listen
38 More To Come 38: DMP and the Print Hiatus
DMP puts print manga on hiatus
12/03/2012 Listen
37 More To Come 37: The Myth of the Faux Geek
Tony Harris and the Brooklyn Book Fest.
11/19/2012 Listen
36 More To Come 36: Hurricane Sandy vs Comics
Hurricane edition and Frankfurt interviews
11/06/2012 Listen
35 More To Come 35: New York Comic Con and Frankfurt Book Fair 2012
News from NYCC and Frankfurt
10/22/2012 Listen
34 More To Come 34: SPX and Brooklyn Book Festival
Brooklyn Book Festival and SPX
10/01/2012 Listen
33 More To Come 33: Amazon Gets In The Game
Amazon and Penguin publish comics.
09/17/2012 Listen
32.2 More To Come 32 Part 2: The Jack Kirby Birthday Special
The struggles and legacy of Jack Kirby
09/01/2012 Listen
32.1 More To Come 32 Part 1: The Jack Kirby Birthday Special
The art and career of Jack Kirby
08/30/2012 Listen
31 More To Come 31: In Memory of MoCCA and Joe Kubert
MoCCA merger and Joe Kubert tribute
08/20/2012 Listen
30 More To Come 30: Alternative Comics Returns
A classic indie comics publisher reborn.
08/06/2012 Listen
29 More To Come 29: SDCC 2012
Our look at SDCC 2012
07/23/2012 Listen
28 More To Come 28: Monkeybrain is Born and PreSDCC
We prep for SDCC 2012
07/09/2012 Listen
27 More To Come 27: Heroes Con and Life in Hell
Live from Heroes Con with Heidi.
06/25/2012 Listen
26 More To Come 26: Graphic Novels at BEA 2012
Heidi and Calvin talk BEA 2012
06/11/2012 Listen
25 More To Come 25: Marvel and DCs Gay Events and Kickstarter: Store of the Future
Gay comics from Marvel and DC
05/28/2012 Listen
24 More To Come 24: The Avengers, TCAF and Moto Hagio
The Avengers movie and more
05/14/2012 Listen
23 More To Come 23: Watchmen Creators Rights Issues and Free Comic Book Day
Awards, Roberson vs. DC over Watchmen.
04/30/2012 Listen
22 More To Come 22: Live from C2E2 and 2012 Eisner Noms
Heidi live from C2E2
04/17/2012 Listen
21 More to Come 21: Amazon vs DMP and CBLDFs Canada Win
CBLDF border censorship win & more.
04/02/2012 Listen
20 More to Come 20: The Live from Wondercon Special
Wondercon & SXSW 2012 and Moebius.
03/20/2012 Listen
19 More to Come 19: NY Times vs. Editorial Cartoonists
Cartoonists reject NY Times' bad offer
03/06/2012 Listen
18 More To Come 18: Gary Friedrich, Disney and IP Law
Disney vs Artist's Alley? We discuss.
02/21/2012 Listen
17 More to Come 17: The Question of Watchmen Prequels
Watchwomen prequels: Why and how?
02/06/2012 Listen
16 More to Come 16: SOPA, PIPA and Comics
We discuss SOPA, PIPA and comics
01/24/2012 Listen
15 More To Come 15: Outlook 2012
This podcast, our predictions for 2012
01/10/2012 Listen
14.2 More To Come 14 Part 2: Ring Out The Old - 2011 in Review
Part 2 of our double year-end podcast.
12/27/2011 Listen
14.1 More To Come 14 Part 1: Ring Out The Old - 2011 in Review
Part 1 of our double year-end podcast.
12/19/2011 Listen
13 More To Come 13: The Paradoxical Success of Pocket Gods
Pocket Gods: success in shops vs online.
12/06/2011 Listen
12 More To Come 12: The Best Graphic Novels of 2011
PWCWs best graphic novels of 2011.
11/22/2011 Listen
11 More to Come 11: Charlie Hebdo, Doujinshi and Susie Cagle under fire
Our special freedom of speech edition.
11/08/2011 Listen
10 More to Come 10: News from NYCC and Layoffs at Marvel
News from the recent New York Comic Con.
10/25/2011 Listen
09 More to Come 9: Kindle Fires DC deal and the changing world of distribution.
Kindle's DC exclusive, NYCC and more.
10/11/2011 Listen
08 More to Come 8: SLG's Transformation and an NYCC First Look
SLG now all-digital on individual comics
09/27/2011 Listen
07 More To Come 7: SPX and DCs New 52 Week 1
SPX, DCs new 52 Week two and more.
09/13/2011 Listen
06 More To Come 6: Baltimore Comic Con and The Fall of Atomic Comics
New DC eve, Baltimore Comic Con and more
08/30/2011 Listen
05 More To Come 5: The New SpiderMan Unmasked
Stumptown vs. MOCCA and a new Spider-Man
08/17/2011 Listen
03 More to Come 3: The PW Comics World Podcast Goes to Comic Con
We prepare for San Diego Comic-Con.
07/18/2011 Listen
02 More to Come 2: The CBLDF's New Case and Comics Tackle the Death of Osama
The CBLDF's Canadian border case and mor
07/05/2011 Listen
01 More to Come 1: PW Comics World Launches the More To Come Podcast
Welcome to PWCW's new podcast!
06/21/2011 Listen
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