The Righteous Blade: Book Two of the Dreamtime

Stan Nicholls, Author
Stan Nicholls, Author . Eos $13.95 (327p) ISBN 978-0-06-073891-4
Reviewed on: 11/07/2005
Release date: 01/01/2006

In this sluggish, talky sequel to The Covenant Rising (2005) by British author Nicholls, the swordsman Reeth Caldason still seeks to lift the curse that has made him immortal and prone to violent rages. His quest is complicated when he becomes involved in a rebel plot to overthrow the tyrannical ruler of the island state of Bhealfa, which is caught between two larger antagonistic empires. Crossing the vindictive heir apparent to the Bhealfa throne, Devlor Bastorran, leads to more trouble for Caldason. While there's a lot going on, the story offers little swordplay and even less magic, which is on the order of a sorcerer floating into a chamber on a disk with a backrest; "a thick safety belt girdled his waist." Fans of less sophisticated action fantasy will be most satisfied. (Jan.)

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