Devil Dancer

William Heath, Author
William Heath. Somondoco, $14.95 paper (275p) ISBN 978-0-9853898-4-0
Reviewed on: 04/22/2013
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"When Wendell had turned forty several years before, one of his friends had quipped, ‘You're on the back nine now.' That was how he felt, sweating in the mid-afternoon heat, exhausted and ineffectual, as if he'd been hiking up endless fairways beneath a relentless sun and three-putting every green.” Meet Wendell Clay, a war veteran and detective who offers his assistance in the mysterious case of a prize horse—the titular Devil Dancer—that turns up dead. In this entertaining novel, Heath delivers a fascinating and well-crafted tale that takes the mystery of the noir genre and injects it into Kentucky circa the sweltering summer of 1972. Wendell's investigation proves to be a good old-fashioned barn burner as a cast of rather colorful characters stumble into view the deeper he gets, leading to a rousing climax.