Gunsmith Cats: Bad Trip

Kenichi Sonoda, Author
Kenichi Sonoda, Author Dark Horse Comics $13.95 (152p) ISBN 978-1-56971-442-3
Reviewed on: 04/03/2000
Release date: 04/01/2000
Slick, acrobatic and action packed, Sonoda's (Goldie vs. Misty) latest episode of Gunsmith Cats features sexy, big-eyed manga chicks Rally Vincent and Minnie-May Hopkins, who run a gun shop and shooting range out of a storefront in a Chicago neighborhood. They are also bounty hunters willing to take on Chi-town's most brutal criminals. Continuing the action from Goldie vs. Misty, Rally is held hostage, struggling to fight the drug-induced, hypnotic suggestions of her captor, Goldie, a murderous, bisexual dealer. Using Kerasine, a potent mind-bending drug, Goldie has kidnapped and brainwashed a small harem of sexy young women and trained them to kill. Now she's hypnotized Rally and sent her out to murder her good friend, Chicago detective Roy Coleman. Meanwhile, adorable former prostitute Minnie-May seeks help from ""granny""--actually her former madam--to find an antidote to Kerasine. It's all utterly ridiculous, but Sonodo's preposterous plot bounces along at a fast clip and, despite the high body count, this manga is lighthearted and fun. (Sept.)