The Thief

Fuminori Nakamura, Author
Fuminori Nakamura, trans. from the Japanese by Satoko Izumo and Stephen Coates. Soho Crime, $23 (224p) ISBN 978-1-61695-021-7
Open Ebook - 77 pages - 978-1-61695-022-4
Paperback - 211 pages - 978-1-61695-202-0
Hardcover - 211 pages - 978-1-4721-0587-5
Hardcover - 224 pages - 978-1-4721-0695-7
Open Ebook - 74 pages - 978-1-78033-914-6
Open Ebook - 1 pages - 978-1-299-65613-0
Book - 978-1-60998-981-1
Hardcover - 160 pages - 978-1-4596-7296-3
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Nakamura makes his English-language debut with this compelling look at a Tokyo pickpocket’s life. The thief, eventually identified as Nishimura, leads an anonymous existence dependent on his ability to become as physically close as possible to others without drawing the slightest attention. Crime fans won’t be surprised when outside entanglements compromise the peerlessly expert and solo Nishimura. While taking a protective interest in a prostitute’s young son, a budding thief in his own right, Nishimura also becomes involved, at his former partner Ishiwaka’s behest, with a home invasion. After the raid leaves an elderly politician dead, Nishimura finds himself under the thumb of its planner, the mysterious criminal mastermind Kizaki. Nakamura’s memorable antihero, at once as believably efficient as Donald Westlake’s Parker and as disaffected as a Camus protagonist, will impress genre and literary readers alike. (Mar.)
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