South Beach Shakedown ), Sever flies to a Caribbean isl"/>

St. Bart Breakdown

Don Bruns, Author
Don Bruns, Author . Oceanview $24.95 (267p) ISBN 978-1-933515-12-0
Reviewed on: 12/24/2007
Release date: 03/01/2008

In Bruns’s mildly diverting fourth mystery to feature rock journalist Mick Sever (after 2006’s South Beach Shakedown ), Sever flies to a Caribbean island known as a haven for the rich and famous to interview Danny Murtz, a highly successful rock music producer who in his day turned out hit singles employing a unique orchestral sound. (Murtz will remind many of the real-life Phil Spector.) Murtz’s lawyer and all-around fixer insists Murtz proceed with the interview while the lawyer tries to cover up the most recent death of a young woman with whom the producer was involved. Murtz, whose always erratic behavior has become dangerously more so, decides he can take care of his own problems, including a nosy journalist. Full of one-dimensional characters and implausible situations, this slight novel offers no insight into the world of rock from either the point-of-view of a journalist or a producer. (Mar.)