Talking to Your Children about God

Rick Osborne, Author, Richard Osborne, Author HarperOne $12 (208p) ISBN 978-0-06-066751-1
Osborne, president of Lightwave Publishing and bestselling author of 101 Questions Children Ask About God, provides advice for parents seeking to tell their children about spiritual matters. Arranged in a Q&A format, the book explores six religious topics: the nature of God; the reliability and religious role of the Bible; the role of the church in modern society; the function and importance of prayer; the biblical idea of angels and heaven; and the nature of religion. Osborne writes concise prose so that parents who follow his lead can answer their children in the same clear manner. For example, to the question ""How can I teach my kids about God when I don't know much about the Bible and my own spiritual life is shaky at best?"" Osborne responds by noting that history reveals that kids learn by seeing parents struggle, move toward God and grow. To the question ""How do I explain it to my children when their prayers are not answered?"" Osborne instructs that such dilemmas teach the reality and value of yes, no and maybe answers in life. Osborne's accessible handbook provides parents with the tools they need to talk with confidence with their children about religion. (July)
Reviewed on: 06/29/1998
Release date: 06/01/1998
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