cover image Bootcamp360 for Brides: A Complete Fitness Program: The Few, the Proud, the Fit

Bootcamp360 for Brides: A Complete Fitness Program: The Few, the Proud, the Fit

Tamara Kleinberg. HarperResource, $16.95 (252pp) ISBN 978-0-06-072222-7

Straddling the New Year's self-help titles and the ever-expanding genre of wedding planning lists, author Kleinberg presents a fitness guide to help brides look great for their big day. In the introduction, the author explains that she developed her program when, as a bride-to-be, she went dress shopping and couldn't fit into any of the frocks that she liked. ""The salesclerk would stand behind me holding the dress up since it wouldn't zip up past my lower back,"" she recalls. Determined to look like a ""beautiful, radiant bride,"" she pushed herself to lose five pounds a month for six months while regularly working out to tone up, and was in terrific shape for her wedding day. Kleinberg's exercise plan combines classic weight-lifting and aerobics moves with ball exercises, all performed under high-intensity. The large smattering of record-keeping charts and photos are helpful, as are the healthy recipes at the back of the book (Grilled Tomato and Feta Sandwiches, Lemon and Garlic Roast Chicken, etc.). Budget-conscious brides won't be thrilled with the large assortment of exercise equipment Kleinberg advocates purchasing, but most readers will be inspired by the numerous testimonials, tips and pictures from brides who happily tout the system. Between the ceremony and reception planning, some brides won't find the time to follow Kleinberg's intensive plan, but for those who are concerned about how those wedding pictures will look, this book will be a huge hit.