cover image Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Lawrence Block, . . Morrow, $24.95 (287pp) ISBN 978-0-06-084090-7

While in Des Moines for one last job in MWA Grand Master Block’s solid fourth Greatest Hits thriller (after Hit Parade ), hit man John Paul Keller takes to the road. He’s been accused of assassinating the governor of Ohio, who was in Iowa preparing for a presidential bid. By the time Keller gets back to his New York City apartment after too many days of fast food, his prize stamp collection has been stolen. With the governor’s real killer still hot on his trail, Keller travels to New Orleans, where he rescues a woman, Julia Roussard, from a rapist in a local park. As Keller and Julia’s relationship develops, he considers leaving the old life behind, but knows he must clear his name and settle the score. Block’s trademark blend of humor and violence is a good fit for the deadpan Keller. While some fans may be disappointed to see Keller headed toward retirement, hope remains that this won’t be the last outing for one of the crime genre’s most unusual antiheroes. (June 24)