Gods in Everyman: A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves

Jean Shinoda Bolen, Author HarperCollins Publishers $18.95 (338p) ISBN 978-0-06-250098-4

In her popular Goddesses in Every woman , Jungian analyst Bolen told females how to relate to the Aphrodite or Hera within them. Now she's back with more received wisdom from Mount Olympus, this time for men, as exemplified by such thunderbolts as: ``An Apollo man isn't much of a lover''; ``The Zeus man prides himself on seeing the bigger picture''; ``A Hermes man finds settling down difficult.'' Her attempt to systematically map a masculine psychology based on archetypes personified by Greek gods is at least as simplistic as sun-sign astrology but often sounds more vapid. She does instant readings on celebs too: John Belushi and Jim Morrison, ``public Dionysus figures,'' burned out and didn't survive their midlife crises; Robert Kennedy ``had an Ares streak,'' which did not endear him to the Mafia, and so forth. Photos. $40,000 ad/promo; author tour. (Apr.)