cover image The Seventh Queen

The Seventh Queen

Greta Kelly. Harper Voyager, $27.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-295699-6

Picking up right where The Frozen Crown left off, Kelly’s latest feminist epic fantasy is even better than her debut. After death witch Askia, Queen of Seravesh, witnesses the assassination of her new husband, Emperor Armaan of Vishir, before the marriage is even consummated, she is abducted and imprisoned by Radovan, Emperor of Roven. Magic is rare and specialized in this world, and Radovan is building a collection siphoned from his string of murdered wives. He’s acquired all types of magic but one: death magic, Askia’s specialty. Askia has just one month before Radovan’s Aellium stone drains her of her magic and traps her soul, and the enchanted chain keeping the stone around her neck suppresses her powers such that while she can still see the dead, she’s unable to summon them or compel them to do her bidding. But with the ghosts of Radovan’s six murdered witch-queens on her side, Askia has a fighting chance to end Radovan’s reign of terror. Complex worldbuilding and fascinating characters propel the intricate plot to a deeply satisfying climax. Sword-and-sorcery fans won’t be able to put down this gripping tale of female solidarity and triumph. Agent: Stephanie Kim, New Leaf Literary. (Nov.)