cover image Island of Thieves

Island of Thieves

Glen Erik Hamilton. Morrow, $27.99 (368p) ISBN 978-0-06-297854-7

Edgar finalist Hamilton has never been better than in his sixth Van Shaw thriller (after 2020’s A Dangerous Breed), in which Shaw, a reformed criminal who’s trying to set up a foundation for troubled kids, must surmount harder and harder obstacles. Eager for honest money, Shaw agrees to test Droma International’s security at its Port of Seattle facility by attempting to remove a valuable carved figure from a warehouse without being caught. The job proves a breeze for him and leads to a more lucrative offer from Droma. Company founder Sebastien Rohner is about to host an important business meeting on a private island off the coast, which is also home to an art gallery. Rohner, who suspects one of his guests may try to steal some of the art, hires Shaw to pose as the island’s facilities manager while keeping an eye on the gallery. Shaw suspects that he’s not been told the full story after Rohner’s security team confronts him, and he’s soon in peril after stumbling across the corpse of a murdered guest. Hamilton’s fast-paced plot never loses its way despite numerous jaw-dropping twists. Fans of Jeffery Deaver and Jeff Lindsay will be enthralled. Agent: Lisa E. Vance, Aaron M. Priest Literary. (July)