cover image Hot British Boyfriend

Hot British Boyfriend

Kristy Boyce. HarperTeen, $11.99 paper (336p) ISBN 978-0-06-302591-2

After a humiliating public rejection goes viral, Washington, D.C., high school senior Ellie, 17, swaps places with the ex-friend who’s now dating her crush, hastily joining a rigorous study abroad program. Determined to leave her embarrassment and the happy couple behind, Ellie plans to skate by academically while taking in England and landing a hot British boyfriend. Swiftly checking goals off her list, she launches into a relationship with dashing Will, whose good looks and expensive tastes more than make up for their lack of common interests—and the lies Ellie finds herself telling to win him over. She also forms unexpected bonds with fellow American exchange students, including studious roommate Sage and Dev, a frequent study partner from her high school whose easy banter causes her to question what she truly wants, romantically and for her future. Boyce attains believable growth for Ellie, her insecurity and lack of direction giving way to a developing self-confidence as she opens herself up to new experiences and people while tapping into her passion for gardening and art. Boyce keeps lighthearted humor and romance at the forefront, delivering a satisfying happy-for-now ending to a feel-good rom-com. Ages 13–up. [em]Agent: Tara Gonzalez, Erin Murphy Literary. (Feb.) [/em]