cover image You Should Be So Lucky

You Should Be So Lucky

Cat Sebastian. Avon, $18.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-06-327280-4

Sebastian delivers another irresistible period romance in this poignant spin-off of We Could Be So Good. In 1960, New York Chronicle reporter Mark Bailey is assigned to ghostwrite the diary of Eddie O’Leary, the alienated new shortstop for the Robins, an MLB expansion team. The diary entries, published weekly in Mark’s newspsper, are designed to get people to like Eddie, who’s in a horrible slump. Having been depressed for more than a year since the death of his lover, William, the prickly Mark unexpectedly enjoys getting to know the equally lonely Eddie over dinners, finding that “beneath the layer of grief, something is starting to stir.” He depicts Eddie as a lovable underdog in his column—emphasis on lovable. Meanwhile, the sight of Mark in the stands makes Eddie beam so brightly others start to notice. The men’s increasingly flirtatious friendship could be dangerous for Eddie, a public figure who inspires legions of fans. Mark, who “doesn’t make much of a secret” of his sexuality, worries their connection will ruin Eddie’s career. The pair’s endearing slow-burn romance, which plays out between ball games and on the Robins’ road trips, delivers a big emotional payoff. (“ ‘I love you,’ Eddie says... ‘You’re a nightmare,’ Mark returns, in precisely the same tone of voice.”) Readers will melt. Agent: Deidre Knight, Knight Agency. (May)