cover image The Probability of Everything

The Probability of Everything

Sarah Everett. Clarion, $19.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-063-25655-2

After learning that an asteroid is set to destroy Earth, a sixth grader builds a time capsule to commemorate her family in this pensive read from Everett (How to Live Without You). With her parents and younger sister Lo, 11-year-old Nigerian American Kemi Carter, an aspiring scientist obsessed with probability statistics, makes up one of the few Black families living in a predominantly white neighborhood. And despite some tension with a prejudiced neighbor, Kemi feels that she has a pretty good life with a loving family. So when she learns that there’s an 84.7% chance that Earth will be destroyed in four days by asteroid Amplus-68, Kemi determines to collect her family members’ “most important stuff, the things we love most,” to create a time capsule, hoping that their memory will survive even after they’re gone. But as her family and friends go about their lives, Kemi feels as if she’s the only person taking their seemingly imminent demise—and her time capsule—seriously. Kemi’s astute voice resonates with a deep love and loyalty for her family, rendering her insistence in honoring them and subsequent narrative reveals as heartrending, hopeful, and palpably felt. Ages 8–12. (June)