cover image Misogyny: The New Activism

Misogyny: The New Activism

Gail Ukockis. Oxford Univ, $24.95 (336p) ISBN 978-0-19-087634-0

Drawing on in-depth personal interviews, case studies, and academic texts, Ukockis, a social worker and gender studies lecturer, presents a comprehensive and detailed overview of misogyny and how to counter it in the 21st century. The overarching goal is not only to define and describe misogyny, but to spur readers to feminist activism, and Ukockis provides a small selection of “action steps” at the close of each section that range from letting young boys cry to donating to abortion funds and approaching one’s governmental representatives. Ukockis explores a wide range of issues such as intersectionality (recounting her path to becoming a trans ally), toxic masculinity (listing and analyzing some of its norms, like risk-taking behavior and power over women), how cultural myths (as of the apocryphal medieval “right of the first night,” in which a feudal lord was entitled to deflower lower-class brides on their wedding nights) sustain rape culture, and more. She makes the case for men and women alike to become engaged in fighting misogyny and argues that “gender equality promises liberation for everybody trapped by gender roles.” The structure of the text will be familiar to those exposed to academic writing, but Ukockis’s writing style ensures the text is accessible to a general audience. The book will prove engaging to anyone interested in contemporary feminism and the fight for gender equality. (Feb.)