cover image Maria’s Marvelous Bones

Maria’s Marvelous Bones

Carrie Kollias, illus. by Gill Guile. Tellwell Talent, $8.99 paper (34p) ISBN 978-0-228-80222-8

Written by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, this picture book follows Maria and her journey to recovery when she breaks her arm. After Maria gets hurt playing on the couch with her brother, she must bravely wait her turn in the emergency room before undergoing a series of medical tests. Kind Dr. Mark teaches Maria about her fracture and sends her off in a bright green cast. Kollias writes accessibly, walking children through the emotions and sensations they may experience and the timeline of recovery while equipping them with pertinent vocabulary, including “IV line,” “x-ray,” and the names of several bones. Guile’s accompanying artwork is rendered in a soft, warmly colored style reminiscent of classic picture books; characters have small eyes and round faces in a range of skin colors. A welcome resource for parents and doctors, as well as a tenderness-infused assurance for any child with a broken bone. Ages 4–7. [em](Self-published) [/em]