cover image Tiger: The Real Story

Tiger: The Real Story

Steve Helling, Da Capo, $25.00 (244p) ISBN 9780306819292

People magazine staff writer Helling tries to squeeze every last drop of titillation out of Tiger Woods' recent meltdown. Though he poses as one of the golfer's intimates, the author's mention of being "on hand for the... wedding" should cause readers to wonder if he was invited guest or part of the paparazzi. At any rate, he gives a somnolent recount created largely from previously released information: Tiger's early nerdy image was corrected in school when "glasses were replaced by contact lenses and his thick curls cut shorter;" the golfer places " first, school second, and golf third;" at the wedding reception, "Tiger had several drinks; Elin had none;" while Tiger had had affairs before his father's death, he "went into overdrive" afterward. Not one for declarative statements, Helling offers observations torn right from the playbook: "Tiger is still one of the best golfers to ever play the game…that will probably not ever be enough to fully restore his public image as perhaps the most beloved athlete in the world." This book may remind readers not to idolize their public figures, but anyone looking for revelations won't find them here. (May)