cover image The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

Harold Myra, Marshall Shelley, . . Zondervan, $24.99 (348pp) ISBN 978-0-310-25578-9

Business leadership is not necessarily the first word one thinks of to describe Billy Graham, as authors Myra (president and CEO of Christianity Today, Inc.) and Shelley (executive editor of Leadership Journal ) admit. But they demonstrate convincingly that Graham has been an amazingly effective "business" leader for more than 50 years. In a project that draws together interviews with Graham's colleagues, written materials both by and about Graham and the insights of leadership classics such as Jim Collins's Good to Great , they provide an intriguing exploration of his skills. They begin by examining the foundations of Graham's organization, covering topics like team formation and mission. They then look at periods of growth and development, including financing, vision casting and expansion. The section on the challenges and difficulties Graham and his organization have faced contains inspiring discussions of handling failure and criticism. The authors then look at how Graham's ministry became networked with many other ministries, movements and businesses, while still maintaining a focused mission. They conclude by revealing what Graham and others feel are the true roots of his leadership abilities—humility, prayer, love and openness to innovation. This book will prove a tremendous resource for churches and many businesses, distilling much-needed leadership wisdom and weaving it into the life example of a trusted and beloved man. (Aug.)