cover image Blood Covenant

Blood Covenant

Lisa Harris, Zondervan, $14.99 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-0-310-33147-6

Harris (Colorado Crimes), who lives in Mozambique, writes what she knows in the second book of the Mission Hope series. Dr. Paige Ryan is working with the relief agency Volunteers of Hope in the fictional African Republic of Dhambizao. Insurgent Ghost Soldiers make life difficult, and deadly, for the government, and also make refugees of those fleeing the conflict. The rebels also disrupt a mountain climbing expedition, and Ryan's medical team, including pilot Nick Gilbert, face another emergency. When one of the climbers brings into the refugee camp an infectious disease, the stage is set for a humanitarian crisis, and American embassy diplomat Paul Hayes must respond. Harris sets up a complex and credible plot, with lots of points of tension. The characters' flaws add to the drama, although some may find Taz, the idealistic lawyer turned aid worker, a might too saintly. But resolution involves tragedy; it isn't simplistic. Harris's writing is engaging, and she is worth watching. (Mar.)