cover image Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

Terri Blackstock. Thomas Nelson, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-310-33259-6

Brenna Herzog faces a difficult divorce, the release of her father’s murderer, and long-standing rumors that surrounded her father’s death in this exciting inspirational thriller from Blackstock (If I Run). During a long custody battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brenna’s once-strong faith begins to fade as she drowns her sorrows in vodka. When Nate Beckett, her high school boyfriend, returns to town, Brenna feels her depression lift. Nate’s father, Roy, has been in prison for 14 years for the murder of Brenna’s father, pastor Strickland, but Roy has always maintained his innocence. Strickland had objected to Brenna’s relationship with Nate when they were caught sneaking out together, and, after he was shot to death, a fight the pastor had had with Roy became the primary evidence for Roy’s conviction. As Nate attempts to patch up his relationship with his father, who had been an abusive alcoholic, Nate assists his father in searching for the real killer—despite his belief in Roy’s guilt. As Nate stays in town, he spends time with Brenna, and they realize the love they had as teenagers is still strong. Nate is determined to help Brenna keep her children, and also to discover the truth as new information emerges about the night of Strickland’s death. Blackstock’s intense and twisty story will please fans of her faith-grounded crime dramas. (Nov.)