Master of Morholm: A Novel of the Fenland

T. R. Wilson, Author St. Martin's Press $18.95 (349p) ISBN 978-0-312-00613-6
In his debut novel set in 18th century England, 23-year-old Wilson engagingly portrays some complicatedromantic entanglements. FollowingJoseph Hardwick's death, his cosmopolitan son George grudgingly relinquishes a life of self-indulgence and returns from London to assume control of the family's country estate, Morholm. Although perturbed by the odious responsibilities he has acquired, George is gladdened by Morholm's most cordial tenant: his cousin Mary, a girl of quiet integrity. Unfortunately, opportunistic Thomas Jarrett mesmerizes her and Georgejealously flounders in cynicism, frustration and dissipation. Simultaneously, George's gentle friend, Henry Milton, obsessively longs for a lovely but pretentious young woman who callously scorns him in favor of a wealthy suitor. When Mary and Henry realize that genuine love consists of more than infatuation, they finally find contentment with others of similarly noble character. Wilson intelligently explores class differences, morality and motivation, adding a dash of suspense to keep readers engrossed. (May 18)
Reviewed on: 01/01/1986
Release date: 01/01/1986
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