cover image There Must Be Some Mistake

There Must Be Some Mistake

Marian Babson, Author St. Martin's Press $13.95 (186p) ISBN 978-0-312-00693-8

The latest mystery by the popular British author is less engaging than its many predecessors (Weekend for Murder, etc.). This novel quickly becomes static, although the initial premise is intriguing. Karen Randolph hears that her husband John is missing, along with his secretary, Grace Stevens, and a fortune in bearer bonds that John is supposed to be carrying in his capacity as a director of Harding Handicrafts. The firm's prized designer, Karen is visited by a stream of company executives, who assure her that they will keep the situation from the police and prevent a scandal. Sustained by faith in John, Karen tries to find evidence of guilt in Harding associates: the clever accountant Simone, her wimpy husband Derek, the Livingstons, a couple who offer Karen a trip to America, and others. Although there are plenty of events, Babson fails to make the narrative move in her usually skillful style, and the potential thriller is only moderately entertaining. (July 20)