cover image Encore Murder

Encore Murder

Marian Babson, Author St. Martin's Press $15.95 (183p) ISBN 978-0-312-04964-5

Encore Murder marks the encore appearance of the comedic duo Trixie Dolan and Evangeline Sinclair, who first flung rapid repartee at each other and everyone in their vicinity in Reel Murder . Now, real arrows rather than witty remarks fly about with an effect at once literally deadening--for one flamboyant actress--and literarily light and lively. When aging actress Griselda von Kirstenburg, a longtime rival of Evangeline's, decides to liven up her career by writing her memoirs, their appearance is too close to the publication date of Evangeline's own memoirs for the latter's comfort. Meanwhile, Trixie's daughter Martha--an archery ace who is highly strung with prenuptial jitters--just happens to be within clear shot of the murder victim and holding the quiver when the victim is inpaled by an arrow. Was she really instructing a young actor in preparation for a role requiring such skills? Trixie has no doubts as she aims arch remarks at all and sundry during her quest for the truth. (Oct.)